Monday, April 22, 2013

How the most adorable wow-icons, made me sad

So i stumbled upon
Disciplinary actions two posts (dunno how i'd ever missed em in the first place) on twitter-wow'icons or Twiwowcons as I call em... in my head, when all the voices only whisper to me... Ehh..

HERE are the Icons

And they are just adorable. And cute. And then I get to my class Icon.. which is. Ehh which one is it?
Oh Right, imma shaman now.


And well. Ehm
Please don't get me wrong. I really dig her (your avatar is a female nelf, so you are an her. Deal w'it... ALSO Night elf priests? Please. Dwarf priests are the only priests. I'll sponsor a race-change. Once you go shorty you'll never go a-courting.. for another race!)

Whats in a class
The thing about the shaman avatar is two things. one: totems... They don't really play that big a role anymore do they? So I guess the crying one is really fitting. But for me, I don't miss totems. AT ALL. The reason I didnt like shamans playstyle was partly due to those damn totems.
And well. maybe that is it. I just dont have all that much love for totems, so I am not connecting with the avatars.
Or maybe it's the class? I still have my viking LEGO as my avatar. Because once upon a time, it fitted really well with my dwarf death knight (whom the old blog was named after). Before that, I had a dwarf priest (you know... the *real* priest!!) And whenever I see images like this:

I am soooo there again. Love that priest. Look at him! Whats not TO love??
But when I see dwarf Shaman pictures... I just wish that dwarf druid would shapeshift!

I don't mean any disrespect to any shamen out there. I just don't yet *get* shaman as a concept. Where do they differ from druids? apart from the shapeshifting? I've read most of the warcraft books, and I've never really understood how those books' (the shattering comes to mind) shaman- the earth spirit controllers- translate into the shaman of the game.

On top of that (or perhaps because of this) I just cannot see myself as a shaman. I was a librarian who turned into a dwarven priest at night. Later I was a librarian who turned into a dwarf Death knight. And lately I was turned into a beer loving monk dwarf.
The Shaman. Not so much. yet.

I love playing the class in game. I just hope that I'll learn to embrace the class too. For now. The cute and fantastic class Icons, made me realise that I am an class-main-less wow-player. And that made me sad.


  1. I have a level 86 Shaman, and I find myself randomly putting totems down and wondering if they're actually doing anything! I remember when Totems were a HUGE part of game play, windfury and so forth. I like my Shaman, the old chain quests to get your totems were good, opening up each element. Made you feel more like you were an old spirit caller type class. But now it's like "Lawl look at me *healing rain* *riptide* weee!! WATER" Some times I miss vanilla wow. lol

    Great thought provoking post! :)

  2. Thank you for the kind words.
    They do do (thihihi) stuff now I guess, but rather as a short cooldown more than a permanent thing.
    And like I said, I prefer em that way. the whole "put totems down, fight, move, remove totems, repeat" annoyed me. So i prefer the ability to move about and around freely :)
    Having said that. The old totem quests where great. I did em in vanilla and boy did it take a long time to get them all :)