Friday, April 19, 2013

How Mistweaver healing could be improved

I've written at (some) length about why I've stopped healing on my monk

Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt1) &
Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt2) The mechanics

I'll give the extremely short short: Fistweaving has since those two posts gone as a serious healing alternative. I can't decide if parts of it is still viable to use. But personally Im so glad it's gone. But the core of those posts remain; for tank healing and dungeon healing Monks work great. It's fun it's different and there is a lot of interesting challenges to be had. (if only mana wasn't so much work).
But for AE healing (especcially in 25 manned raids) Monks just suck. You need to build up Renwing mist (on an 8 sec cooldown) on as many raid members as possible, because Uplift on heal those with Renewing mist on them. And when you get to generate Chi in AE situations.. well you have to do a lot of single target healing. And that feels clunky, weird and silly.


I've decided to spitball a lot of ideas (well *some* ideas) which I think would make monk healing work. I dunno if they have been made before, or if it rips of other classes abilities. And I don't care. Monks need better AE capabilities.

Without further Adeuoii:

Idea A
Make uplift heal without requiring Renewing mist on the target. Maybe for a lot less, and then have it give a significant bonus to players with mist on em. Just give me something to push that heals AE without a mandatory 36 second warmup

Idea 2
Chi-building AE ability "puddle of water" or "floating mist" for example? heals for x, prolongs Renewing mist and has chance to build 1 chi on healing (with a limit of 1 per 5 seconds)

Idea X
Give Jade statue  more of a reason to exist. Give it a pulsing heal that heals for more, the closer you are to it, have it be channelled and give chi, so I dont have to single target channel to build chi?

Idea Delta
"get the raid drunk" Some sort of weak staggering ability on raid.

Honestly I'm pretty proud of these. I think each (or more) could prove fun, intersting and workable.

For now, My monk is enjoying some well-deserved beer and waiting for better times, while I level my Shaman for raiding.

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