Monday, April 8, 2013

Changes -turn and facing the strange

I have given up.
I do not like the way Monk healing work. At least not currently. I stuck with Death Knights in wrath, through some horrible and awkward iterations. But no more.

I Still enjoy the Windwalker, and I am thinking of giving Brewmaster a try out. Only thing is, I adore my Death knights Blood, and I cannot see myself using two tanks.

As I've covered earlier, None of my healing able alts covered what I wanted: fun healing and soloable in a way I enjoy.
So I dug deep and found McDreamy. The long lost Shaman. I left him in TBC (as I recall) at 40'ish. tried him again in Cata and got him to 60, and now I've dug him up again.
I love the responsiveness of how healing works (although i miss an "oh-shit" healing cooldown.)

Plus Enhancement is fun.. enough. I am at level 70 atm, and it seems to get better the more I play it.

I've LFR'ed all parts of the Throne of Thunder, just to see em. And the fights are fun, but nothing more than that.

Turning down a notch 
My goal this spring is to gear up my shaman, and do the LFR's on him, and then pretty much only that. I want to have fun in game, and I think my fun will be higher if I don't get into the whole "must do this every day" routine, and instead just play whenever I want to or whenever Mrs DW doesn't want to watch a movie.

My goal is to have a geared healer and dps to step in and help the guild out if they are short raiders, but apart from that it's pet battles and lfr's only for me.

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