Monday, April 22, 2013

How the most adorable wow-icons, made me sad

So i stumbled upon
Disciplinary actions two posts (dunno how i'd ever missed em in the first place) on twitter-wow'icons or Twiwowcons as I call em... in my head, when all the voices only whisper to me... Ehh..

HERE are the Icons

And they are just adorable. And cute. And then I get to my class Icon.. which is. Ehh which one is it?
Oh Right, imma shaman now.


And well. Ehm
Please don't get me wrong. I really dig her (your avatar is a female nelf, so you are an her. Deal w'it... ALSO Night elf priests? Please. Dwarf priests are the only priests. I'll sponsor a race-change. Once you go shorty you'll never go a-courting.. for another race!)

Whats in a class
The thing about the shaman avatar is two things. one: totems... They don't really play that big a role anymore do they? So I guess the crying one is really fitting. But for me, I don't miss totems. AT ALL. The reason I didnt like shamans playstyle was partly due to those damn totems.
And well. maybe that is it. I just dont have all that much love for totems, so I am not connecting with the avatars.
Or maybe it's the class? I still have my viking LEGO as my avatar. Because once upon a time, it fitted really well with my dwarf death knight (whom the old blog was named after). Before that, I had a dwarf priest (you know... the *real* priest!!) And whenever I see images like this:

I am soooo there again. Love that priest. Look at him! Whats not TO love??
But when I see dwarf Shaman pictures... I just wish that dwarf druid would shapeshift!

I don't mean any disrespect to any shamen out there. I just don't yet *get* shaman as a concept. Where do they differ from druids? apart from the shapeshifting? I've read most of the warcraft books, and I've never really understood how those books' (the shattering comes to mind) shaman- the earth spirit controllers- translate into the shaman of the game.

On top of that (or perhaps because of this) I just cannot see myself as a shaman. I was a librarian who turned into a dwarven priest at night. Later I was a librarian who turned into a dwarf Death knight. And lately I was turned into a beer loving monk dwarf.
The Shaman. Not so much. yet.

I love playing the class in game. I just hope that I'll learn to embrace the class too. For now. The cute and fantastic class Icons, made me realise that I am an class-main-less wow-player. And that made me sad.

Friday, April 19, 2013

How Mistweaver healing could be improved

I've written at (some) length about why I've stopped healing on my monk

Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt1) &
Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt2) The mechanics

I'll give the extremely short short: Fistweaving has since those two posts gone as a serious healing alternative. I can't decide if parts of it is still viable to use. But personally Im so glad it's gone. But the core of those posts remain; for tank healing and dungeon healing Monks work great. It's fun it's different and there is a lot of interesting challenges to be had. (if only mana wasn't so much work).
But for AE healing (especcially in 25 manned raids) Monks just suck. You need to build up Renwing mist (on an 8 sec cooldown) on as many raid members as possible, because Uplift on heal those with Renewing mist on them. And when you get to generate Chi in AE situations.. well you have to do a lot of single target healing. And that feels clunky, weird and silly.


I've decided to spitball a lot of ideas (well *some* ideas) which I think would make monk healing work. I dunno if they have been made before, or if it rips of other classes abilities. And I don't care. Monks need better AE capabilities.

Without further Adeuoii:

Idea A
Make uplift heal without requiring Renewing mist on the target. Maybe for a lot less, and then have it give a significant bonus to players with mist on em. Just give me something to push that heals AE without a mandatory 36 second warmup

Idea 2
Chi-building AE ability "puddle of water" or "floating mist" for example? heals for x, prolongs Renewing mist and has chance to build 1 chi on healing (with a limit of 1 per 5 seconds)

Idea X
Give Jade statue  more of a reason to exist. Give it a pulsing heal that heals for more, the closer you are to it, have it be channelled and give chi, so I dont have to single target channel to build chi?

Idea Delta
"get the raid drunk" Some sort of weak staggering ability on raid.

Honestly I'm pretty proud of these. I think each (or more) could prove fun, intersting and workable.

For now, My monk is enjoying some well-deserved beer and waiting for better times, while I level my Shaman for raiding.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Changes -turn and facing the strange

I have given up.
I do not like the way Monk healing work. At least not currently. I stuck with Death Knights in wrath, through some horrible and awkward iterations. But no more.

I Still enjoy the Windwalker, and I am thinking of giving Brewmaster a try out. Only thing is, I adore my Death knights Blood, and I cannot see myself using two tanks.

As I've covered earlier, None of my healing able alts covered what I wanted: fun healing and soloable in a way I enjoy.
So I dug deep and found McDreamy. The long lost Shaman. I left him in TBC (as I recall) at 40'ish. tried him again in Cata and got him to 60, and now I've dug him up again.
I love the responsiveness of how healing works (although i miss an "oh-shit" healing cooldown.)

Plus Enhancement is fun.. enough. I am at level 70 atm, and it seems to get better the more I play it.

I've LFR'ed all parts of the Throne of Thunder, just to see em. And the fights are fun, but nothing more than that.

Turning down a notch 
My goal this spring is to gear up my shaman, and do the LFR's on him, and then pretty much only that. I want to have fun in game, and I think my fun will be higher if I don't get into the whole "must do this every day" routine, and instead just play whenever I want to or whenever Mrs DW doesn't want to watch a movie.

My goal is to have a geared healer and dps to step in and help the guild out if they are short raiders, but apart from that it's pet battles and lfr's only for me.