Friday, March 1, 2013

Legendarily to me

This post is sparked on the background of this interesting post on wow.joystiq's site

It asks the qustion of what Legendaires meant in wow to the developers, what they mean now and asks us, what legenderies mean to us.

Also I think i'll try and see how many ways I can misspell Leganderies in this post.

I have never owned a legendary. 
This is despite me having played wow since it's early European Launch. I've always been very happy with the decicions in guild to award those awarded with the.. ehh awards. Because every time it has been people more deserving than me.
...Perhaps with the exception of wrath... But in wrath i only felt deserving it due to my efforts in our 10 manned group and... well in wrath Legendiearies where reserved for 25 manned only.

But dammit, Im level 90 now. So my two mains (Monk and Death knight - because I cannot stand to solo on my paladin, and thusly he is useless as a tank, see last posts) will get the Legendary items at the end of Pandaria, because i won't level anymore toons (maybe one horde for the achie) and only focus on them two and their dailies and pet battles.

And I will get my death knight dekked out and into old content.
THATS RIGHT Redux will get his Shadowmourne!! I've been looking for guides and Much0dinaros has a short short guide on how to

It'll take time, but time i have.

Also I started the quest back in wrath, but I cannot for the life of me remember how long I am in the chain.
Atm I am not near a pc with wow access, but I am pretty sure I am at a point... No nope, have no clue. Exciting days ahead!