Friday, February 8, 2013

Unsure if Mistweaver is for me (pt1)

As a matter of fact, I am starting to doubt whether mistweaver (healing specc for outsiders) is really for anybody.

Thing is as a class the Monk has a lot going for it. I love love love how Windwalkers mechanics work. It makes my former favorite melee, Rogue, seem dull.
But I am having a lot of issues with how Mistweaver works. Especially since in my eyes nobody seems to have a clear notion on how Mistweavers mechanics are supposed to play out.

And worst of all, this also ties in with what I think is Wow's biggest problem these days is.

in short

I have alts. I love my alts. I love tanking on my Paladin, I love healing on my priest and I am having a blast soloing on my rogue, and my monk and warrior and to some extend my lock. 
Problem is, there are no overlapping classes. I do not enjoy soloing/dps'ing on neither my pala nor my priest. And the way wow works now, that is a major problem. because you HAVE to select one class you love doing group content with, doing dailies on, doing pet battles and level professions on. And I do not have one class I enjoy every aspect of the game on. 

In depth

You can't share pet-trinkets, you cannot share coins, rep rewards most professions can't be used for much unless you get to max level and grind reputation (leatherworking and tailoring, I am looking at you). 
So my paladin has pretty much everything a dungeon tank can get without spending all day hunting for the rare drops, or having had reputations grinded out so I can spend my JP.
My priest is stuck on 86 untill I can bother to a) do a billion dungeons, because the xp arent all that good there any longer, or b) get bored enough to specc shadow and *force* myself to solo to 90 so I can heal which I think is fun on a priest. 
I will later get into why I think that the Mistweaving monk has a lot of issues, but suffice to say, I am not having all that much fun healing on him because - IMO - there are too many good ideas on how mistweavers could work (a LOT of things that seemed to have survived from when they where supposed to be a melee healing class with energy) and those ideas trip eachother up, so it becames very confusing to get how they are supposed to be played to get the most out of them.
Getting anywhere on my paladin is on pause untill I play ret on him and do dailies. And i don't like playing ret. It is a playstyle that just isn't for me. 
So my problem is that I do not have that one main I enjoy ALL the things on, and the way wow is set up now, I am worse of for it. I am (or at least feel I am) being punished for this. 
If I had one main that I loved doing everything on, i'd have it a lot easier. 

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