Saturday, December 29, 2012

From #secretsanta with love

So @discopriest ran a secretsanta thing on twitter. Loads of hard loving work went into that, and I want to share what I got... and also apologise to whomever... NO not apologise, I got a great gift - I just, ehm. Ill explain in depth later. First

WHOA to my secret santa. You really made Christmas very christmassy. Hope you get to read this and know how happy I was.
First pictures!

A package arrives (back)

A package arrives (front)

The silver  writing says "secret santa" (if its unclear)

Not shown: a custom burned album of xmas songs and two lovely pieces of chocolate

Have not read em yet. Fraid  that the book on the right would turn me into even more of a "well actually..." type of person, and MRs DWism would not want that :)

Needless to say, I was blown away by this. There where little smilelies and neat packaging on everything. Love of detail, clearly is love.
The album was filled with xmas  'themed' songs, and where very British'ish. This is meant in the most positive way, when I was younger I spend a year working in a small town west of Reading, and xmas in the UK is in my mind a magical and fantastic thing to experience. Now, how my Secret Santa knew this.... I'll never know. Maybe im reading too much into the album, but it really hit a nerve. Just an amazing gift.

Getting that gift, and especially unwrapping it, really made a great experience, and a fun evening.
And it also gave me a realization: before getting this gift, I was very much of the persuasion that it was the thought that counted. As long as the gift  where well thoughtout it could cost 50p or be wrapped in a newspaper and it would still be great.
I've since learned that getting great gifts is a lot easier if you spend on it - but that is beside the point here.
Only after unwrapping this gift, did I truly apriciate a gift greatly wrapped.
Dont get me wrong, I think that my secret Santa did a great job with the gifts too, it's just that from now on, I will take great care to wrap my presents in lovingly too. Thank you secret santa.
The wrapping really made this the best present I think I've had in years. Ehm, that and the drawing my 1.5 year old made. pretty. pretty pretty pretty drawing.

To my secret santa'ee
So to the secret guy out there getting a present from me.. I'm sorry.
I really did put hours and hours into searching the internet for the appropriate - yet fitting, gift. Only thing is, after I found it, I saw that they had it on amazon. So I ordered it there, and had them wrap it and mail it.

It was an easy way of handeling it, and I hope that the content made it up for it. (two books... but from the profile I think they will make for great reads, I am an effing Librarian, its a work hazard thing.)
I just did not know how much wrapping can do for a gift. I know better now.

Hope you all had a great xmas.



  1. Merry Christmas, and I'm really glad that you enjoyed your gift. It was a lot of fun to wrap, and I'm glad the songs were stuff you liked :D

  2. whoopsie, missed your comment here, but caught you on twitter. Ahh all those social media outlets!