Friday, October 19, 2012

minipost: Happy days

First off:
I am enjoying the Sh*t outta Mists of Pandaria. Both as a tank and as a (soon to be main) Monk-healing-mistweaver.

Drunkweaver (mah Monk .. see DW is my.. and my first main was a priest dreamweaver and well it seemed like a great Idea at the time. Untill my first dungeon, and everyone in the PuG called me "drunk"), as a great guy, with a fantastic attitude and an exciting playstyle.

What, don't tell me your different toons don't have different personalities. That's not just me, is it?
I wonder what he will be like once he hits 85 and turns into a dwarf.

Anyways, my paladin tonk is better than ever (and I am not missing my once beloved Death knight, which is kind of sad).

I'm enjoying dailies, Tillers farming. And I've not even had a chance to do very much Pet-battling. Something I wasted two weeks in beta doing.

in short: MoP - A huge hit.

And this is the best part
Such a huge hit is MoP that Mrs DWism has returrned to the game!! WOOOP
She does not play much, but her own account will soon be reactivated, and we will once again combo our way through the lower levels on alts, when she is not busy on her main.
We just need to get Mini-DWism to sleep, and a new place to live. So we actually have room for two players...
Ah well.

So the future looks both bright and promising, except for me raiding. I've finally let go of the dream that I'll ever raid again (at least in the foreseeable future). I am way to tied up in anxiety to ever ever ever join a pug-raid as a tank. But maybe this old racehorse will see content on the monk (who atm is level 60). So maybe this old racehorse have not seen it's last round, so to speak. But most likely, I have, though.

That was a really sad note to end this happy post. Ehm. DWARF MONKS.

There everyone is happy again

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