Monday, September 24, 2012

Tis the night before Mists

And throughout the land not a soul did stirr

...At least not on servers!

Because as of writing this, my twitter feed is abuzz with excitement over launch (something I have yet to see from Blizz themselves, more on that later).

And what do I do on this Night (well okay technically day) before wow's 4th expansion? I am getting less and less certain that a) this is even something I can get into any longer, and b) what will I do first.

So yea, I guess B sort of answers partly my problem A, but let's take em in order.

Is this whole gaming even something I like doing, or something i'd like *to* be doing

I like gaming. It's partly my profession, but it is also the way I have spend my free time for most of the last 20 years (i'm 30 btw). I mean, I've done other things, but there has always been gaming. Lately however... Not so much.

After Mini-dwism came into this world, I have seen my weekly gaming hours dwindle away.
The first sign that something was very amiss, was when the 2nd batman game came out. I never finished it. I think I've played 2 hours in total. Mass effect 3? haven't even bought it yet. Those two where two of my favorite x-box franchises.
But the xbox is in the living room, and so is everyone else in my family so there is always some shuffling and planning, which makes it so much easier to just go sit in front of the PC and play. So I put it out of my mind, since it wasn't gaming, but logistics.
in the same train of thought, I've put WoW out of my mind, since cataclysm was not a good expansion, and I had burned out from wrath and just just and when pandaria comes everything will be better. I really MISS raiding. Not so much the raids, but overcoming challenges as a team. The guys and girls, the bosses, everything. I also miss having the free time for this.
I should note that my d&d pen and paper group have dissolved recently because, between the 4 of us, we where unable to find one night per fortnight to meet. So instead we have turned it into a "once a month we will play some boardgames" - we are struggeling to find that date too (thank god for Doodle).

I think what I am saying, is that when my weekdays consist of getting up, getting mini-dwism up, getting her to daycare, getting to work, going home playing with her, getting dinner putting her to sleep. And THEN having 1-2 hours of free time to do whatever. Is a lot different than before, where me and mrs Dwism would pretty much do whatever we wanted. So I've effectively gone from having 4-5 hours of potential game time, to 1-2.
Not that I am complaining, mind you. It is only with the looming of pandaria, that I've even noticed. Time just went into practical daddy-stuff.
And since most days where so jampacked, I usually used those last hours before sleep to watch shows with Mrs. Dwism on hulu or movies. Because then we actually got to talk, and we had discovered Supernatural (along with the fact that all our other shows, are starting up again these days).
What I am getting at here, is that I've bought the humble bundle, and so far have only played any of em for like 20 minutes.
Gaming has suddenly turned into something I just never got around to. I decided against getting the amazing "the secret World" after having tried it for a week, because I just never logged in and played.
I do not miss gaming. I do, however, miss the idea of gaming, for a lack of a better word.

So I am trying to give it one last shot, before I simply turn off my pc for a forseeable time. Because I feel like I owe it to gaming to not get more into fantasy football or trying out working in photoshop OR (dare I think it) turn the route of Larissa, who decided to give up a promising career as a wow-blogger in order to waste YES LARISSÄ *WASTE* her time reviewing and watching movies! Movies!!!  
Why someone like her would waste her time on a fad, rather than devote her talent to a lasting art, like gaming, is well beyond my comprehension. [Yes, I am hoping the linkback will get her to read this and come to her senses, where the fuck else, is my toons going to go drink, than the pink pigtaill inn??

Where was I?

Oh right, my toons and their drinking habits. Because I am getting very much in doubt which one of my toons should drink, and which should stay in bed. aka who to level.

Once Pandarias mists are revelaed. Relented? lifted? ehh

What will I do in mists of Pandaria first?

 I've once again gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. Between what I want to do (level all the things), ans what I realistically have time to do.
I have managed to narrow it down to two things. But I know in my heart of hearts that I should probably settle on one of em, since I want to have a toon that is useable, and not 2-7 classes that are 3 tiers behind.

Case one: The tank. I love tanking. And I love tanking on my paladin. So easy choice right? Not so much. Because I used to be a pretty hard raider in my days, I have gotten used to having gear that is way above the curve, when I PUG.
Now that I do not play so hardcore I am finding myself with an old hated enemy: social anxeity. I really takes me an hour of doing nothing in game, before I can queue my paladin to an heroic dungeon. His Ilevel is around 350, so it is not spectacular, but not horrible either. And yet... I hate people who do not carry their own weight in a dungeon, because I plan and work so hard every time myself. And the thought of someone doing an /inspect on my tank (which, lets be honest here, is the only class anyone ever does that on) and saying "/p dude no way you can tank this /leave" is just... I cannot bare it. So I find myself reconsidering plus:

Case two: The healer. I am really getting into the idea of returning to heal. It has all the responsibility of tanking, without any of the pressure. And I used to be really good at it. Once or twice I even lead the healers in 40 manned, and 25 raids. And I used to love healing.
And Monks look great. And feel fun to heal with... plus, new class.
Only thing i did not love though, (as I experienced when reintroducing my priest to dungeons) was the fact that healers are CONSTANTLY the downers of the group.
"please don't pull so many"
"please don't pull before I am within healing range"
"mana, wait"
"I said wait"
"I said mana. How do you THINK healing works, warrior? Think healing just comes from outta mah frikking ARSE? I need mana. Wait wait... *sigh* I am NOT ressing you, run back"
So after 5 runs in a row of continuassly typing "wait manna" (even in groups with thinking tanks), I feel myself turning into a 60 year old grumpy man, and log out.

Alternative: dps. I love my hunter and rogue. It is pure fun, relaxed -turn brain off, fun. I feel myself getting dumber by the second. And in raids, you need to be so effing sharp and alert all the time, the whole time. Those rotations/prios need to be perfect or else you drop down, and let your team down. So no typing, no doing non-combat stuff. thanks.

I don't have a conclusion here. I really don't know who i'll level. Most likely I'll switch between paladin and Monk untill one of em turns me on more than the other. Or I will settle on switching between em and constantly being behind.
Or just stop gaming for a time. Tomorrow will tell.

Have fun in mists.


  1. It's the night before? I knew it was incoming, occasionally dipping my toes into my dear old blogging friends waters. But I haven't had the exact date clear to me.

    You know what? No one could be better prepared for this expansion than I: I have absolutely no idea about anything, apart from that there will be pandas. No beta testing, no previewing, no reading of news, nothing.

    So if I joined you guys, I'm sure I'd have an absolute blast. And I figure it's not too hard nowadays: Blizzard should be keen enough to have a loyal customer back in the herd.

    But for how tempting it is... and it IS, believe me! ... I think it would be wiser for me to stay away. Film blogging may be time consuming, but I'm always the one in charge. I never have to take other peoples habits into consideration.

    Still: I loved that you thought of me and poked me. And if something revolutionairy happens to me - like I got ill and confined to my bed for a year or so with eaons of time to use in whatever way I wanted - I would definitely join you in a heartbeat.

    Cheers and hugs!


  2. You are wasting your time on that whole movie thing. It'll never take off!!
    I... I miss your voice in the blogging (wow blogging that is, your movie one has found a place in my feed^^)
    And I miss my damned Inn!
    Fuck it, ill brew my own beer. I don't need no stinkin gnomes.. *sobs

    1. Awww. But the world of movies needs more gnomes. I've got a mighty plan you know! Just wait and see! Before you know it we've replaced those pesky dwarves with gnomes in the next Hobbit film. (oh wait, you weren't supposed to know that...)

      On a serious note: I miss you too. But I don't think I want to enter the world of grinding again. It was hard enough to cut the rope once.

      Been there, done that... you know.

      I still love to pop in though once in a while and have a fictional pint in your compay over the webs. Cheers!

  3. I was in the same boat as you quite some time ago (launch of WotLK). I'm a parent (many times over) and family commitments deserve the bulk of your time particularly now.

    They're only young once.

    1. I have this nagging feeling that the older she gets, the more she will need my attention.. .and the less she'll *want* it.