Friday, May 11, 2012

Gone back to #wow

So ehm. two months ago I got a resurrection from one of my favorite guildies and top paladin healers ever.

I took it. Logged back in. Did some questing. did some dailies. Chatted with some guildies. And in between each thing, I slept, or fed my daughter or something else.
And I never felt like I had to start everything over.
That is the big difference between swtor and wow. In wow, you can break your game up in very tiny bits if you want to. I never felt like that was possible in swtor.
When levelling I had to keep track of story, get into the combat rythm. get used to the theme of a class. Every time I logged in. And I never knew if id' have 12 minutes to play, or 3 hours. That is the life of parents of newborns.

And that life fits very well with wow. Not so much with swtor... nor blogging it seems, when you look at my posting frequenzy as of late - or lack thereof.

Plus... well you just can't ignore the huge headstart wow has, in building a community. I've got many old friends still playing. People whom's names brings smiles and fond memories. Granted the list has grown short since back in 05 when I started playing, but still there are plenty names left in guild, I remember from since then, when I joined.

So I have not raided, not even dared try out lfr, but I have fished, digged for treasures, tried out pvp (disc pvp is FUN, haven't done that since season 1 of arena), I've levelled toons, raised faction rep. hunted for transmog sets, or rare mounts.
I've honestly had a blast. I've been listening to Ricky Gervais guide to... or radio or whatever I was in the mood to do, while I bumbled about.
For the first time, ever, i played without any long-term goals, other than what I fancied doing that day... and what Mini-Dwism allowed me *to* do.
I've even held back on doing dungeons. The few runs I did, was either filled with dps that did 7k dmg, or I had a kid that woke up in the middle of the run.

So after a month of this, I signed up for the 12 month sub thing, got d3 for free, and a cool mount that goes well with my old pet. And I got into MoP beta.
Going to go back to healing, going to try out which healing class I like the most: priest or Monk. ATM I am leaning towards monks. since I've never liked any ranged dps... and you gotta dual-specc if you want to be a healer and play 10 manned dungeons. And boy do i want to run dungeons again.