Monday, March 12, 2012

finished Jedi Knight story (and ding, 50!)

So there is going to be some major spoilers.. because this post is about the last part of the Jedi Knights storyline. I'll mark em /spoiler and /end spoiler 
If you just wanted the tl:dr version: I liked it, I didn't see the ending coming, it was obvious, but I could not believe they would end the story line where they did. That is also what I'll complain about in the following

We start of at the end-planet of Corellia, where you... wait. Am I assuming you've played through? Umm. Okay short short up until now: you got to be part of an elite Jedi super team, you faced the emperor, and lost. Half the team got killed the other (incl you) got mind-raped by the emperor and are now fighting for him. With the help of Lord Scourge you are freed and run of to battle the emperor again. okay?
So you are on Corellia figthing the last of the empires troops there. They are lead by the old Jedi master -now sith- Warren Sedoru - You find him. Defeat him and he tells you where you can find the emperor in a weekend state. You travel there face the emperor again, and... kill him.You've killed the emperor. game over?
I've killed the emperor. What's left to do in game? The Sith, as I've been told several times, are nothing without him. He directed most of them via mindcontrol. So we've won the war. What a weird weird place to start of an mmo.
He wasn't even a raidboss. I've killed him. Me, alone (okay t7 helped a bit).

/end spoiler

This underlines a greater problem I have with this game in particular, and mmos in generel. I can't just be a cog in the machinery. I *have* to be the headlining moviestar in an blockbuster celebrating my awesomeness. Not even when I started as a lowly trooper. You know troopers, they are the dime-a-dozin soldiers, who can't aim. EVEN then, I am the most special unit in a super-special unit and (at 20-something) It is once again on my shoulders to save everything. Read Calli.
I honestly think that storylines like these, where everyone thinks that they are the greatest and only hero - leads directly to more selfish gamers.
If you had been (or at least started as) an complete nobody, constantly being shown and told, that you needed a greater team, that you where a small part of a greater war - would you not feel more inclined to team up, to enjoy and respect your fellow (N)PC? Instead you are getting americanisized into believing that you are the greatest thing that ever lived and that everyone else admire the very ground you walk, even if you play with one hand and point'n'click everything.

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