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On Diablo 3 beta aka #D3

First off, a shame-filled plug: (Dude... Where is his Bantha??) is a new blog from my absolute favorite blogger Calli.
He was the guy responsible for getting me to start blogging in the first place (please, don't send him any threatening emails, he has publicly denied responsibility). And he is a genius of a blogger (especially now that Righteous orbs stopped blogging). And he is young. And has all his hair. And is very muscular. And manly. Even if he only plays female toons. Which makes him even more manly.

He is also my guild leader in SWTOR. Biased? I don't know the meaning of the word. Literally, I don't, I'm not a native Britishspeak language.

Anyways, here's hoping that his new blog will do just as well, and be just as fabulous (in a manly way), as his old blog

Diablo 3 beta
So thanks to twitter and the @blizzardCS account. I am in the D3 Beta. How do I like it? First let me set the scene:
The year was 1996, Quake had released earlier that year. So had Tekken 2. (not to mention Duke nukem). But those games paled in comparison to what would be released that christmas: Diablo.
Before Diablo, I was a teen who liked games. After Diablo, I was a gamer who liked Diablo. I still remember me and my little brother spending the weekends on 3 hour rotation shifts playing the game. Before WoW, this was the game that I sunk the most hours into (combined with the sequal). I still think that the reason why my mouse hand creaks is after that long summer with D2s expansion 'Lord of destruction'.

In so many words, Diablo - for me- was where it all began.

So I was pretty excited to get into this beta. Even if I knew that Blizzard North where in no way involved. And all the key personnel from Diablo 1 and 2 are now on Torchlight (more on that later)
Even if I knew these things, intellectually, emotionally I was - and still am- in love with Diablo.

From the moment in 2008 when I was at the Blizzard Worldwide invitational in Paris and heard that guitar play those chords (great moment, all the kiddies went "huh" and all the elderly gamers started weeping.) I have been looking forward to this release.
However, the more info that started to pour in, the sadder I got.
No, I am not one of those "it's too bright and colourfull" morons.
 I actually *remember* the old games, and not just the Hell parts of em.
To me, it was the playable characters. None of them stuck to me.
Sure the good ol Barbarian is there, and he looks better than ever. But the reiteration of the Monk? meh. The wizzard? shrug. And I really don't want to talk about the witch doctor or the demon hunter.

None of the lore, nor the mechanics really did 'it' for me. I talked about this back in September, and after having played the game I'll stand by this post:

The "oh no a click to another article- not reading that" short version: The Companions look way more attractive to me, than the playable characters.

Especially now that Torchlight 2 has released their playable characters

Sure the Engineer looks a little silly compared to the serious tone set by the barbarian above. (and this is Blizzard throwing away their cartoony looks of WoW and following the gritty look of Diablo, so it fits, its not the style i'm moaning about)
But C'mon, a *steam* powered tank! Every class in Torchlight looks like something I want to try, none of the classes in Diablo are something I and gagging to throw days upon days of played time into.

Gamewise, Diablo 3 is fantastic. I've completed it twice now, and think i'll go through it on at least one more class, so if any of the Diablo 3 characters looks awesome to you - get the game. Me, I think i'll be waiting on the first expansion with new playable characters before I buy it.

But I am giving it to my brother for his birthday. You know, for old times sake.

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