Monday, January 9, 2012

3 weeks in: So how’s the game?

Can you believe that tomorrow Star Wars the ol’ Republic has been out for 3 whole weeks (not including early access).

So how’s the game? In a word: great

 So that is it? Silence for a month and this is your post? Really? And I even /w you in game telling you that you where awesome, just to get an invite to your guild, that is bt to the w AWESOME! 

Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate. Besides being great, the game has 4 themes of flaws, besides the bugs and UI, which will always be problems for new games, I'm not fussed nor worried.

 First flaw: the game is too damn great.

My alt-a-holicism, which used to be manageable, has blown out into full hardcore indecision’O’rama.
Yep, I’ve switched mains – and rolled new ones- more times than I care to admit. So far I am sticking to my Jedi Knight Guardian (currently questing in Balmorra), but my Trooper (vanguard), my jedi knight sentinel, my Smuggler gunslinger/scoundrel are all begging for attention and to - yet again – become my main. I’ve managed to stick to my JK for now, because a) I have to get something to 50 at some point, and b) my guild is in dire need of tanks atm.

 Soon they will need dps, and then I’ll be stuck again. Most likely I’ll level… I’ve no idea. Alright if it was not abundantly clear, I really like this game. So this flaw is more of a praise. Lets look at what is not working.

There are too many Goddamn abilities.

 I’m sorry but 2 bars filled with active abilities at level 30, is too many. You can’t log out for more than a day and still remember em all. At it get’s in the way of any kind of flow. At least for me. Especcially when; There is no notice when proc abilities… proc. Staring at your ability bar, waiting for Riposte to proc is not fun. Let me look at my game, not my bars.

Action house This might be rough, but the galactic trade network makes me think that no-one on board of this game, has ever played an mmo before.

There should have been 8 mirror classes at launch, not 4.

This one might take a little while longer to explain. No, I don’t need more alts to take up my time. Nor new stories. But I think that part of the reason why there are too many abilities per class, is because each class is essentially 2 classes rolled into one. And two – I might add – that are nothing alike. Vanguard and Commando play very differently, one is basically melee dps/tank when the other is ranged heal/dps. Why not be up front: We have 8 classes, but 4 stories.

Why does my scoundrel even have cover and cover abilities? He does not seem to have any talents (at least in healing) that supports this, at all. Yet he has abilities that in early game does support this, and does fill up my ability bar. Same with Every class I've played. They have plenty of cross-abilities that both use, but loads that you do not. It gets in the way of flow. It blocks class uniqueness. And it *seems* like this is only in place so as to cover up that there is “only” four unique stories per faction. In wow there is only 1 quest per class. And the only one still active of those, are the new rogue legendary. It is pretty effing AWESOME that there are 4 completely unique stories per faction. Just be up front about there being 2 classes to each story. OR take some abilities away when we chose class at level 10. Anything but this halfhearted clusterF… That is the current ability/class system.

 It would give a better prio/rotation system. It would give a clearer class distinction, everything would be better. At least from where I stand.



  1. Too many abilities? Yes! Ability bloat is horrendous in this game. Reminds me of WoW, circa 2008.

    As for the core classes; they've always said that the game's advanced classes were basically classes unto themselves. This isn't really supported in-game by, as you mentioned, the amount of crossover abilities between the two ACs. Why does my Sniper need an Eviscerate ability when Headshot (which is shares a cooldown with) is better for me?

    But other than that, this game is flat-damn awesome. Folks bicker about it being repetitive, but seriously? Look at WoW. That's the same quest chain for every single character. This game has 8 different quest lines with voiceover, story, plot, and emotion. It's great. And here's a nugget for your contemplation ... Daniel Erickson on classes, and the possibility of classes perhaps crossing over at some point ...

  2. Oh a developer blog post I've missed. Cool, thanks

  3. Actually, I believe your sabre will flash blue when riposte becomes available.
    Otherwise you'll have to stare at the buff bar (like I did on my inquisitor, where I couldn't find any similar graphical cue).

  4. Finally got around to testing it, and yes indeed... its kinnda hard to see tbh, especcially if you are doing other moves at the same time and/or if there are other party members doing stuff, but it is there... i'd still rather have a popoutappear