Monday, December 12, 2011

To thine ownself be true.

You always, always say "Be true to yourself," but you never say which part of yourself to be true to! -Buddy/Syndrome to Mr. Incredible

The day before the big day, and as the above quote reveals, I am having doubts as to what part of myself to be true to. This is all about choosing a starting class in swtor - Of course.

I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately

When you choose a class in an mmo, you chose more than just mechanics and pixels. You are also choosing how you present yourself to your fellow gamer. This holds especially true in such a story driven game as Star wars the Old Republic.

As a sidenote, if you do not believe me, try rolling a night elf hunter in WoW and naming it some form of Legolas. have fun!

With every class in Star Wars, comes a set of caricatures. The counselor is the diplomat/healer, the inquisitor is the schemer/corrupter ect ect.

And this week. The week before launch of the actual game, I'm starting to doubt which me I want to represent me in swtor.

I've boiled it down to two.
Trooper Vanguard
Jedi Knight Guardian
So both are the fighting defenders of the Old Republic. Both can be the protectors of the innocent, and tanks for the groups. I want to play that. But where do they differ? Mostly in two aspects. At least where I am  concerned. 
One is the melee, getting into the brawl, using a effing lightsabre, the other using a big gun (and a vibroknife), and using the (new for mmos) ranged tank mechanics. 
So tried and jedi or new and trooper. At least when tanking. 
The other place they differ is in aesthetics. Look at em. Both are damn cool. 
One leaps into the middle of the fray, the other throws big damn grenades!

So far what I've done is this: I've flipped a coin. Like any true old pen and paper D&D gamer would. Allowing Tymora to help me. 

 Jedi Knight won. But I've decided to switch between em till I get to around level 20 before I make my final decision. How their stories evolve, how I feel about the type of responses my character makes, how their armor looks (yes I am that shallow) and how they feel to play will be the deciding factors. 
For example I really felt that the Imperial Agent got extremely clunky once I passed level 10 and chose Operative. Bare in mind, that I did not level the operative beyond level 14, so maybe there is hope that they work better later on. As another example, I really liked the bounty hunters story (well, it had promise at least) but I dreadded the way I read his responses, and the way he *said* em. Those are the pittfalls I am looking to avoid.
If they both end up being equally fun and exciting, I've already tossed that coin, because I do not want to repeat my WoW-mistakes of having more than one type of tank rolled. Gearing two tanks is a scenario I do not want to think about. Especcailly since I want a dps alt and a healing alt too.

I'll get more into this once the game launched.

Oh and there is a guild.
It's locked for launch, but if you find yourself in swtor and feel a bit lonely, Look a member up with the phrase "I am Dwisms biggest fan, I love him about everything else, show me to your leader".
Or, you know, just say hi.

See you in game!


  1. During beta I tried the Smuggler role, but I'm not entirely sold on that character. I've been doing lots of reading, but still can't decide. I played a Rogue in WoW and that was fun.

  2. Try counselor, they (like smugglers) get to be sneaky and stealthy. AND the have lightsabers. Or if you prefer, Ive been told that smuggelers gameplay gets better later on and they get a blaster shutgun

  3. Hey :)
    I ended up darkside on Luka Sene - so if you fancy saying hi there, tell anyone in The Power Empire that you are a friend of Jayce/Banshee & Crunchy :)
    Otherwise, have rolled a couple of lightside characters on your server, and might say hi at some point if I´m not too shy :)

    *hugs* am absolutely loving the game so far :)

  4. My two mains are: Leadbelly and Washburne But any member of my house will do. Hope to see you!!