Thursday, December 1, 2011

A rose by any other name. My Legacy

My guilds name is "House of Montague", so I am going with titles following that genre all December long!

I am of course talking about The Legacy System.
In short, when your first toon completes chapter 1, you get the option of choosing a Legacy name. It is a sort of surname/title that you can use on all toons on your server. So you can have "[name] Rosebud" or "[name] Of the Rosebud Legacy" on every character you make.
The idea is fantastic. First of, it shows people who know you, that you are you, even on alts. If you become known as the bestetst crafter, nicest guy, bad-ass tank or whatever, you can still play on alts and have business come your way. Or if you want peace, you can turn it off and be a nobody.
It's one of those things I never knew I missed in wow. Especially since all pvp and pve in swtor will be server only. No cross-server anonymity.

Server reputation matters again
This is back in the vanilla wow days, where you spend months building up a rep. Where if someone acted like a complete jerk you could pm his guild master and ask if that was really what the guild wanted to protray itself as, and you knew he would get booted or get reprimanded.
No more internet fuckwad theory.

Sure instances takes a bit longer, when people have an actual need to be polite to eachother. But then again, people act polite to eachother, and that actually also (imo) means that if you are not an anonymous body, you care about playing well, and not just be "there for the loot, going afk lol", because you could very soon end up without people who want to run dungeons with you.
And for pvp, oh pvp. Nothings better than running an battleground and meeting your arch-nemesis on the other side of the field, and screw any and all objectives to hunt that motherfucker down and hurt him. Huuuuurt him. 

What I'm saying is, that server reputations will matter again, and I think that is great. Legacy system helps with that, if you have a good reputation on your server. 

What's in a name?
I have two problems with this system: What if I (and the odds here are really really good), pick a name I'll grow to hate? Case in point, my username on was made in a hurry when the site opened up, and I jumbled the letters from rampage around. Seemed like a good idea at the time. 3 years later, and 'Pamrage' is an eye-sore to me, and I can't effing change it. 
Secondly. What name would fit an honest upright Trooper, an morally challenged smuggler and a battle-hungry Jedi knight all at once? For the longest time I was thinking about rethinking Skywalker, for example into Sunrunner, Clouddancer, Raincrawler ect ect. But beside these being sort of silly names, none of em really could embrace 3 such different characters. Not to mention if I decide to give Empire a go.
So now I'm stuck. Maybe I'll go back to rosebud. Or ill find some cool Shakespearean reference, that seems inventive and funny at the time, but in six months will make me want to throw up. 

I hate names.  

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