Monday, November 21, 2011

stuff I liked since nda got lifted (swtor links)

In no particular order:
Outlaw's den

The very unofficial trailer/teaser of the Smuggler... colour me interested! Second class I'll roll now. Hot diggety

Legacy system (all my waking hours are dedicated to finding a great legacy name.. So far: hasaboner, I chose that in order to motivate myself to finding a truly epic one, knowing that otherwise all my toons will have a boner)'s streams. Some bad some great, but boy did I spend many an hour this weekend watching.

The fact that Im now downloading the game for this weekend!! nuff said

Also r2db ( ) is looking good, it didnt have the same bug, that torheads talent-calc have. However, you can tell that they are not as polished as the guys behind wowhead are. Its like chosing the polish of apple, versus the plentyfullness of andriod. I like both.

Edit: forgot the Red Rancor series of showing dungeons. Cannot wait for pt 3

pt1 of the awesomeness that is directive 7 

part 2 starts kicking things into gear 

and pt 3... is here nau


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