Friday, November 25, 2011

Our goal in this weekends beta-test for #swtor - pound those servers

As our kind and generous overlords at Reddit points out, it is important to keep our eyes on the main goal of this weekends beta-test: To pounce on the servers, and hit em hard. The harder the beating they take, the better the actual launch will be (that is my summaries of this text ... that has since been [deleted] for reasons I don't get... Anyway I think the point is solid, the more we bang on the servers, the more Bioware can get good data on the stress launch will cause em, and give them a chance to make launch as smooth as possible.

Here are the talking points as I remember them
 * If you are stuck at authentication or cannot log in. Don't give up. Keep retrying to log in. bang hard on the door, and keep banging
* Report lag, even if it seems obvious, they need to know where the lag-spots are (I acn imagine that the first trading post will be a tough spot all weekend
* Don't log out, ever. Be cruel to them, they harder we are now, the better launch (where it really matters)
* But be forgiving, this is a beta-stress-test NOT a "let me see if this is a game i'll buy" -test. That means that lag will happen, you will disconnect and spend many hours doing so. If you are going to judge a game on those terms you are too stupid to game. Turn off PC, go sit in a corner. Please.

In summary, be happy if you can't log in and keep disconnecting. You are helping to ensure that it won't happen when the game launches.

Be happy that you won't be able to game... yea it's a weird cookie to swallow, but I know it is a mantra i'll keep telling myself over and over and over, when I disconnect or lag or or or.

Happy Betaweekend

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