Monday, November 21, 2011

How to spend yor time in beta the best way (for yourself)

So let's disregard the main reason we are all going to play beta: stresstesting servers and finding bugs, so launch will be fantastic!
And let us pretend that we are also selfish beings. What is the best way you could spend this weekends beta the best way possible?

Here are my answers to that:

Find your class/race combo

adaram is here to help you out

For those wondering about #SWTOR class/race options. It's not pretty, but it gives you the information from the beta. 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Find out what your main will look like, copy down those face/hair/tatoo ect scale numbers (aka face type 3, hair style 17, body size 15 ect ect)

Give the classes you are interested in a go! Remember, dps/tps/hps doesn't matter, numbers can be tweaked easily.
For me, Ill be looking at how two tanking classes are feeling. Do I prefer the Jedi knight or the Troopers way of engaging mobs and controlling the battlefield. At least I hope to get an initial idea of where I want to start.

Remember that there is something called mirror-classes There is no need to ruin the story for yourself, if you are looking at the Bountyhunter, roll a trooper. If that Jedi sage is looking like awesomesauce, try out the sith Inquisitor. No need to spoil anything you do not have to.

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