Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Faction change in SWTOR...? unpossible

The people want what they want. And my people (the massive 3 of em in my swtor-guild) want to play Republic.
And since those who insisted we went Empire, or they would not play, have decided not to play either way, we did a quick poll and the votes where in two camps: "I couldn't care less" and "immagoodguyyesREPUBLIC" (my paraphrasing).
So that part was easy. Then came the harder part. faction changing on the website. Could not be done. So I had to delete our guild, created on guild-launch-day, and make a brand new guild with the same name. And the same people. Only, Now I'm set to be a trooper with a really really big... gun

That got me thinking, should old friends decide to stop, and new friends emerge who where Empire, what could I do? In many other games (wow), there is an option to pay some money, and change to the other factions mirror class (or same class for the other faction) - in swtor, that option seems to not only not available, but it does not seem to even be considered.

Q: Can you have a Twi'lek dancer in your starship?
 Daniel Erickson: No, but if you have the CE, you can have a holo of a Twi'lek dancer in your starship.
 Q: Faction change?
Daniel Erickson: NO.

 I intentionally left in the question just before the one about faction change to show how they usually answer a (more or less dumb) question politely and calmly, every question except the faction change one. NO.

This makes sense. This game is not WoW, it is not aimed at people who could care less about story, factions, morale-questions. The crowd who only want to play the game and have fun, are welcome, but it is not catered to them. At least not how I read this.

This is not a game that aims to please as many people as possible, this is a game that wants to tell 8 character specific stories and 1 grand story-arc in the most exciting time in the star wars universe; the time of the old republic. And I hope to the higher powers that I'll only get to play with people who get this.

Think back to the first Old republic game, some parts of the game-play was sub-par, some things where downright frustrating. Same can be said about the Dragon Age games or Mass Effect (DUNEBUGGY YOU*LL BE THE DEATH OF ME), but the story made you keep going.
This is what is being attempted to be made into an mmo. Every Operation, every Flashpoint, every Scenario plays a part in that grand story Arc. (Okay, so Huttball probably pays a smaller part than some of the other scenarios, granted.)

And I do hate. I really really do

For me, this means three things: I'll get to play a Trooper with a really really big gun, and that trooper, will never become a bounty-hunter. Unless I start anew with a bounty-hunter with a frikking flamethrower.. and I just might.
It also means something else; It means that even though I won't have time to grind out gear, or spend weeks raiding to see end game content, I can still feel a purpose in leveling a new toon, because the leveling has a point of it's own, and not just to get to endgame where the real game starts, asap. I love that.

But thirdly, it also means that, for now, I'll have nightmares about the general chat being clustered with old wow-players going "why do I have to kill that guy, lol" "where am I supposed to go nau?" "NO I didn't see the cinematic im trying to get to max level fast, not lol about in n00b zone plox"... /sigh
If I'm lucky they will all roll super evul bad guy Sith, and leave me and my Trooper the hell alone.


  1. Oi! Stop sending them all over to my side. I want the silly max-level-now-players (MLNPs *nodnod*) to stay on the Republic side. Where they can gain lightside point after lightside point and not once wonder which dialogue option actually makes more sense.

    Keep them.


  2. Then Bioware should not have released that Sith Warrior spiky haired "IAMEMO" trailer.. don't blame me :)

  3. bur... but... can we just not have them at all?

    <--wants to play both sides, and in particular Fallen Jedi consular and a repentant Sith inquisitor (which was the character I absolutely fell in love with, when playing last Beta weekend)

    and the bounty hunter... and the smuggler.. and.. and... too many fun options to chose from! /flails.

  4. P.S. I HATE THE MAKO. there, I said it. my squadmates must hate it too, considering the regularity with which I flip it over >_>

  5. Yea, I'm getting drowned in the many fun class choices too. Love that that is my biggest issue with the game so far :)

    Who DOESN*T hate the Mako? It is the most horrible invention in gaming since QTE, and the sole reason I never completed me1

  6. I loved the MAKO and I miss it dearly. The MAKO could drive vertically and, unlike the Firewalker, it could take some hits and dish out its own damage.

    SRV Normandy/MAKO destruction.

    -Never Forget