Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SWTOR is the future game for me...

...But it might not be for you. 

I am committed to Swtor. It holds everything I could wish for in a game. Or at least the promise of...
No matter how much I appreciate Blizzards next expansion, I am still cancelling my WoW sub, next month. I've preordered the CE (although I've discovered today, that I've lost my receipt).
I've pulled in my remaining vacation, for the first weeks of the games release. And I've explained to my 3 month old daughter, that "When Daddys game is coming, the two of us will be on a break, it's just something daddy's gotta do". To which she replied "aggggwhaagyy prrrhhhffff" while giggling. She has known me her whole life. She gets me.

Mrs Dwism on the other hand, has not known me her whole life, so she is somewhat less happy about the thought of me, playing a video-game over x-mas. Leaving her alone with a newborn. So there are still a few potholes left in my plan.
Oh and I'm guessing my family will want to see me over the holidays too - But frankly after Mini-Dwism came to this world, nobody really bothers talking to me, just as long as she is there. So maybe I could just arrange for someone to deliver her around the extended family for the holidays... hmm ponder more on this I will.

What is it I like, and why you may not like this game

Notice how I avoided the whole "this is not the game you are looking for", I am very proud of not falling into that pit.. fall.

Story will matter. You will care about story. If you do not care about story, but just want to pwn some n00bs. Then maybe this game is not for you. Because if you skip something as important as story in this game. You will quickly discover that the quests are not roller-coaster rides of mini-plants vs zombies games, or dance dance mania or weird escorts with someone riding a spider. This may be fun, but for now, by most accounts, quests are used for two things: driving the plot forward (aka story) and letting you get to learn how your class works. So whattayaknow, there are a lot of "kill this" "pick up that" quests. This is an mmo. Did you really hate playing Gears of War 3, because there was too much shooter in your shooter?
If you are going to skip story, and aren't into pvp, then this game might not be for you. Go play with pandas.

The holy trinity (maybe the big four is more appropriate) 
There are tanks, there are dps, there are healers. That is the working formula for mmo's and that is repeated in SWTOR. I like the trinity. It lets me play the role I like, and I've not ever seen any other mmo with a formula other than the big four  (ranged dps, melee dps, tank, healer). And if you hate that way of playing pve, then maybe swtor is not for you.

One of my favorite passtimes in mmos have been with crafting. I love it, and SWTORs looks to be grand. If you hate crafting, then don't do it! SWTOR might still be for you, just don't go whine if those who do craft make more credit and earn better gear easier than you.

If you hate pvp, then don't pvp. But I do think that you should give swotors pvp a chance. It looks to be a blast, and the way they let tanks play an important part too, combined with pvp with story and Huttball - Whats not to be intrigued about? Give it a go, if pvp is still not for you, then there are loads of other things to do in swtor.

If the only reason why you grind dailies or do "stupid" mini-games in other mmos is for the gear, then maybe swtor isn't the game for you. The only known mini-game (that I know of) is spaceship combat, but that won't bring you epic gear. Space-combat will only grant you space-combat stuff. Also, I'll bet that pazaak is coming up soon..ish

If you are gaming the system with darkside/light side companion points and social points, then swtor is not the game for you. Stay away.
Those points are meant as a reflection of the type of character you play, not the other way around. Please stop whining about that you "have to" chose to kill the orphan, because you need the dark side points. You don't. You don't need to kill any orphans you do not want to, and you don't *need* any points. The points will get there, if you want to look dark and seedy. And there is no gear withheld from you, if you do not max out your light side points. There are gear-looks, withheld from you, but "cape of über power" that requires +72 dark side points, will have a counterpart with same gear-stats but which is made for neutral toons. So stop gaming a system, only thing you will achieve is you will ruin the game for yourself.

What I am not trying to say

Is to stay away from this game. What I am trying to say, is: Don't go into this game with the hopes of it being something it is not going to be. Hell, the things I like now, may even change before release. Maybe you will be required to have x amount of light/dark side points to be able to enter Flashpoints. Look at what the game offers or hopes to offer, and not what you want it to offer. I read somewhere about some players wanting to try out Star Wars Galaxies first in order to see if they would like swtor. That's not good. Hopefully what I've written here, will get you excited for the game, I know I am. And if you are, I'll see you in game, where I will tank n spank n pvp ya'll as a... well so far as a Bounty hunter, but hopefully I'll get into some beta first to see how it all plays out.

Until the holidays and launch. Have fun, and pray with me for pazaak!


  1. It's funny, I had no interest in this game for the longest time... then I saw a gameplay video that intrigued me, and by now I'm actually quite excited about it. I try not to expect too much, but right now it looks like it's going to tick all the right boxes for me. :)

  2. It does look to do so many things right. Especially with story. I've missed story. I always try to read the quest-lines in WoW, but when it is so painfully obvious that not even Blizzard cares about the quests that doesn't have a cut-scene, then I'm having a hard time caring too.

    Only thing is, and I'll touch on this later. With all that dialogue, how am I supposed to be listening to all my podcasts and or music??