Friday, October 21, 2011

60 days (or 8 and a half week) left until launch

So there is less than 60 days left, when this post airs. Loads of news have hit the web since my last post. But if you are looking for a swtor news site you are better of asking a jedi, or giving in to your inner darth hater.

This blog has (until I get to do some actual class testing) changed focus from sith warrior tank to Bounty hunter tank. Hot damn, theres aoe, there is fire, there is funsies!
And as I've posted earlier, the Sith warrior seems to be all about teenage angst and spiky haired morons screaming at each other. Unless I find some complexity in that class, I think they are not for me. And so far, I have not. Only redeeming aspect of Sith Warrior is the (greatly recommended) swtor book Decieved. I really like the moral questions and  - balance that Darth Malgus deals... or tries to deal with. But that is one drop in a sea of "no, I don't want to play that", I'm afraid. The final nail in the deciding coffin was *the* trailer. You know the one.
This one The one where the bounty hunter says: "You will realise what a complete Idiot you are" - after a Jedi tried to mind-trick him. I love love love that.

Since my last post, the Embargo for game magazines got lifted, and loads of previews have swarmed the web.

(Darth hater has gathered most up)

Nice timing, right on top of BlizzCon. Honestly it couldn't have waited a week, so you didn't seem as petty as you do right now Bioware? No? Okay then. Maybe this Fridays update will be "free betas for everyone who cancels their sub to you-know-what!!"

So what is a guy to do for the next 60 days? I'll tell ye: Batman Arkham City, casual wow - taking my time to say goodbye to friends in game and the world itself. And then of course there is this.

The two biggest thing to hit your speakers since 2008

Firstly the biggest love of my life, Mr Tom Waits (musically, of course... then again, He wouldn't have to sing many songs to me to not get kicked out of my bed... erhmm) has released a new album, telling us we are just the same kind of bad as [him] me. The reviews I've read so far, indicate that this is -if not *the* best- one of his best albums to date, and one of his most important ones to boot. If you have not listened to Tom Waits before, you have like 17 albums to get through, and a world of joyment. I recommend you start here. Because that is the song my daughter got named after 

Secondly Maynard James Keenan launched a new record from his side project "Pusicfer", and the previews i've read suggest that this one is.. just awesome. If you have not heard of him yet.. Well I recommend you start with some of the later Tool and then begin loving Pusicfer. But honestly, if you have neither heard of Tool, Tom Waits or Puscifer, Then I don't think we could ever be friends.

So what does all this mean

It means that until the game hits, and this blog -most likely- starts focusing on Bounty hunters tanking, things just might get a tiny bit quieter than readers are used to. Only thing I could see changing this, is if I get some access to some beta, and change my main.
What I have planned is trying to see what sort of official info I can find, about how the different classes work - especially Bounty hunter tanking and Sith Warrior tanking- and writing about that. There is no shortage of more-or-less legal and NDA breaking posts, and movies in the seedier parts of the internet, talking about this. But I am trying to keep my hands as clean as I can. (So far I've managed to stay clean when posting... But I just may have spend a crackload of time reading and watching stuff from certain cake-oriented sites).

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