Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SWTOR is the future game for me...

...But it might not be for you. 

I am committed to Swtor. It holds everything I could wish for in a game. Or at least the promise of...
No matter how much I appreciate Blizzards next expansion, I am still cancelling my WoW sub, next month. I've preordered the CE (although I've discovered today, that I've lost my receipt).
I've pulled in my remaining vacation, for the first weeks of the games release. And I've explained to my 3 month old daughter, that "When Daddys game is coming, the two of us will be on a break, it's just something daddy's gotta do". To which she replied "aggggwhaagyy prrrhhhffff" while giggling. She has known me her whole life. She gets me.

Mrs Dwism on the other hand, has not known me her whole life, so she is somewhat less happy about the thought of me, playing a video-game over x-mas. Leaving her alone with a newborn. So there are still a few potholes left in my plan.
Oh and I'm guessing my family will want to see me over the holidays too - But frankly after Mini-Dwism came to this world, nobody really bothers talking to me, just as long as she is there. So maybe I could just arrange for someone to deliver her around the extended family for the holidays... hmm ponder more on this I will.

What is it I like, and why you may not like this game

Notice how I avoided the whole "this is not the game you are looking for", I am very proud of not falling into that pit.. fall.

Story will matter. You will care about story. If you do not care about story, but just want to pwn some n00bs. Then maybe this game is not for you. Because if you skip something as important as story in this game. You will quickly discover that the quests are not roller-coaster rides of mini-plants vs zombies games, or dance dance mania or weird escorts with someone riding a spider. This may be fun, but for now, by most accounts, quests are used for two things: driving the plot forward (aka story) and letting you get to learn how your class works. So whattayaknow, there are a lot of "kill this" "pick up that" quests. This is an mmo. Did you really hate playing Gears of War 3, because there was too much shooter in your shooter?
If you are going to skip story, and aren't into pvp, then this game might not be for you. Go play with pandas.

The holy trinity (maybe the big four is more appropriate) 
There are tanks, there are dps, there are healers. That is the working formula for mmo's and that is repeated in SWTOR. I like the trinity. It lets me play the role I like, and I've not ever seen any other mmo with a formula other than the big four  (ranged dps, melee dps, tank, healer). And if you hate that way of playing pve, then maybe swtor is not for you.

One of my favorite passtimes in mmos have been with crafting. I love it, and SWTORs looks to be grand. If you hate crafting, then don't do it! SWTOR might still be for you, just don't go whine if those who do craft make more credit and earn better gear easier than you.

If you hate pvp, then don't pvp. But I do think that you should give swotors pvp a chance. It looks to be a blast, and the way they let tanks play an important part too, combined with pvp with story and Huttball - Whats not to be intrigued about? Give it a go, if pvp is still not for you, then there are loads of other things to do in swtor.

If the only reason why you grind dailies or do "stupid" mini-games in other mmos is for the gear, then maybe swtor isn't the game for you. The only known mini-game (that I know of) is spaceship combat, but that won't bring you epic gear. Space-combat will only grant you space-combat stuff. Also, I'll bet that pazaak is coming up soon..ish

If you are gaming the system with darkside/light side companion points and social points, then swtor is not the game for you. Stay away.
Those points are meant as a reflection of the type of character you play, not the other way around. Please stop whining about that you "have to" chose to kill the orphan, because you need the dark side points. You don't. You don't need to kill any orphans you do not want to, and you don't *need* any points. The points will get there, if you want to look dark and seedy. And there is no gear withheld from you, if you do not max out your light side points. There are gear-looks, withheld from you, but "cape of über power" that requires +72 dark side points, will have a counterpart with same gear-stats but which is made for neutral toons. So stop gaming a system, only thing you will achieve is you will ruin the game for yourself.

What I am not trying to say

Is to stay away from this game. What I am trying to say, is: Don't go into this game with the hopes of it being something it is not going to be. Hell, the things I like now, may even change before release. Maybe you will be required to have x amount of light/dark side points to be able to enter Flashpoints. Look at what the game offers or hopes to offer, and not what you want it to offer. I read somewhere about some players wanting to try out Star Wars Galaxies first in order to see if they would like swtor. That's not good. Hopefully what I've written here, will get you excited for the game, I know I am. And if you are, I'll see you in game, where I will tank n spank n pvp ya'll as a... well so far as a Bounty hunter, but hopefully I'll get into some beta first to see how it all plays out.

Until the holidays and launch. Have fun, and pray with me for pazaak!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pandaren - Just what the Doc ordered

Before this weekends WoW announcement of pandarens misty Expansion, I wrote this in a comment over on Spinksville:
[In regards to the new expansion] preferably not one with pandas in it. If they do announce mists of Pandora, to me, that would mean they have gone back on one too many promises.

What I would hope for is one last expansion, where they fight of Sargeras’ Burning Legion, holding them of Azeroth permanently. Thus ending the saga of WoW with a bang, rather than having it fizzle out due to fewer and fewer subscribers. To alas, that will never ever happen
 So why am I now claiming that MoP (Mists of Pandaria) is just what the Doc ordered? Well mostly because the rumors I had read about what the expansion would hold, where mostly unfounded. But what does the expansion hold, that I think will save WoW?
Let's take a look at what it has to offer (and what it, thankfully, does not)

New Class
- Gone is the adult themed dangerous DeathKnight, the (let's face it) Emo-class of WoW. And in comes the ninja. Sure they call him a monk, but to kids, that's just a mysterious Ninja. And kids is what WoW is all about. There are no complicated "father raised me to be a king, but i killed him and has myself become death incarnated" -themed Arthas. There are drunken pandaars, and... pretty landscapes.

New race.
They are cute, they are fun. That is something the Horde has been serverly missing. A non-brooding proud warrior or seedy undead'ish race. Alliance have both Gnome and Dwarf already, but still in my optics that is a race-choice that will be popular. So popular in fact, that they skipped it for The Burning Crusade as the new Alliance class, and instead Gave em to both Horde and Alliance. That - to me- speaks volumes on just how popular the Pandaars are out there.

Something for the kids
Like I mentioned before, WoW has had it's fair share of adult themes. Incest, patricide, Corruption ect ect ect. Now there will be Pokemon-ish combat where cute pets battle it out. There will be Public Quests (took em long enough) that gives you easy access to grand heroic type of stories. And like I said, a cool class, and a cool race. Not necessarily a deep class or race, but cool easygoing and fun.

Something for pvp
The whole expansion is about the war between the alliance and the horde, there isn't a big bad pve boss. So yea, pvp players will be happy

Something for pve
Challenge-mode dungeons, World bosses, Scenarios. Note that non of the new stuff is deep, but instead easy going and fun.

Something for the casual players
Look above, all the new things are for casual players. They even made the talent-system even easier. Historically there has really not been all that much for casual players to do, once they hit level-cap. Dailies, professions and digging, and that was pretty much it. Now, however, dungeons are made to be even shorter. So you "won't have to do just one per night". Any non-casual gamer would frown at that qoute, because not since vanilla have gamers felt like there was only time for one dungeon per night. But for casual players (and speaking as one since I got my baby-girl) finding time for ONE heroic per WEEK, is a hard job. So I can definitely see where they are coming from.

Still dark themes
The Mantid are ready to get more fleshed out. Oh there will be dark and cool and oh-wow things also.

Point is
Blizz have realised that hardcore gamers will always find plenty things to do. They will raid, they will pvp, they will raid with alts, so they can swap for perfect group setups. They will spend 50 hours camping a spot for a world boss spawn. Hardcore, are like that. So why cater to them? Now the casuals will be like Tobolds wife (and to some extend me, these days) They will level an alt from 1-85, look around. and reroll class. They can only do that so many times before they cancel their sub. With this expansion all of a sudden casuals will have plenty of stuff to do, other than leveling.

... also, Tauren Monk? Win! (or gnome monk)

What I am trying to get at, is that you can't compare Lightsabers with Pandas. If you do, you dont get it.
Wow has become a game for *everyone*. There are so many types of people playing this game. There won't be in swtor. WoW has an incredible wide appeal, swtor won't. WoW will with this expansion ensure that players like me, will return if swtor turns out to be yet another Conan/Aion/Global agenda/WAR ect ect game. A game that promises a lot, but do not deliver.

In fact, in order to ensure that I won't play swtor for very long, It only needs to fail at ensureing that I have plenty to do at end-game other than raids/dungeons/space-ship minigames.

So WoW has done everything right, in making sure that people who like or liked wow will continue to play, or return. and it has done a whole lot to ensure that new gamers will give it a go. Try selling wrath to your 12 year old Niece. Fat chance.
Try selling MoP to either a niece or a nephew. Won't be hard. Because it is a much wider game now, than both Wrath and Cata was.

Friday, October 21, 2011

60 days (or 8 and a half week) left until launch

So there is less than 60 days left, when this post airs. Loads of news have hit the web since my last post. But if you are looking for a swtor news site you are better of asking a jedi, or giving in to your inner darth hater.

This blog has (until I get to do some actual class testing) changed focus from sith warrior tank to Bounty hunter tank. Hot damn, theres aoe, there is fire, there is funsies!
And as I've posted earlier, the Sith warrior seems to be all about teenage angst and spiky haired morons screaming at each other. Unless I find some complexity in that class, I think they are not for me. And so far, I have not. Only redeeming aspect of Sith Warrior is the (greatly recommended) swtor book Decieved. I really like the moral questions and  - balance that Darth Malgus deals... or tries to deal with. But that is one drop in a sea of "no, I don't want to play that", I'm afraid. The final nail in the deciding coffin was *the* trailer. You know the one.
This one The one where the bounty hunter says: "You will realise what a complete Idiot you are" - after a Jedi tried to mind-trick him. I love love love that.

Since my last post, the Embargo for game magazines got lifted, and loads of previews have swarmed the web.

(Darth hater has gathered most up)

Nice timing, right on top of BlizzCon. Honestly it couldn't have waited a week, so you didn't seem as petty as you do right now Bioware? No? Okay then. Maybe this Fridays update will be "free betas for everyone who cancels their sub to you-know-what!!"

So what is a guy to do for the next 60 days? I'll tell ye: Batman Arkham City, casual wow - taking my time to say goodbye to friends in game and the world itself. And then of course there is this.

The two biggest thing to hit your speakers since 2008

Firstly the biggest love of my life, Mr Tom Waits (musically, of course... then again, He wouldn't have to sing many songs to me to not get kicked out of my bed... erhmm) has released a new album, telling us we are just the same kind of bad as [him] me. The reviews I've read so far, indicate that this is -if not *the* best- one of his best albums to date, and one of his most important ones to boot. If you have not listened to Tom Waits before, you have like 17 albums to get through, and a world of joyment. I recommend you start here. Because that is the song my daughter got named after 

Secondly Maynard James Keenan launched a new record from his side project "Pusicfer", and the previews i've read suggest that this one is.. just awesome. If you have not heard of him yet.. Well I recommend you start with some of the later Tool and then begin loving Pusicfer. But honestly, if you have neither heard of Tool, Tom Waits or Puscifer, Then I don't think we could ever be friends.

So what does all this mean

It means that until the game hits, and this blog -most likely- starts focusing on Bounty hunters tanking, things just might get a tiny bit quieter than readers are used to. Only thing I could see changing this, is if I get some access to some beta, and change my main.
What I have planned is trying to see what sort of official info I can find, about how the different classes work - especially Bounty hunter tanking and Sith Warrior tanking- and writing about that. There is no shortage of more-or-less legal and NDA breaking posts, and movies in the seedier parts of the internet, talking about this. But I am trying to keep my hands as clean as I can. (So far I've managed to stay clean when posting... But I just may have spend a crackload of time reading and watching stuff from certain cake-oriented sites).