Friday, September 9, 2011

Lack of great class choices for Diablo 3

My biggest problem with the upcoming Diablo game, isn't that I am more excited about GoW (a frikking shooter) than a franchise I litterally spend my entire youth playing. It is not the fact that the only Beta-invite I seem to be able to get my hands on is in a mail asking me

To secure your place among the first of Sanctuary’s heroes,Please use the following template below to
verify your account and information via email.
* Name:
* Battle.account name:
* Password:
* Country:
* E-mail Address:
Thanks and see you all in the Burning Hells!
No, my biggest problem is the fact that none of the Classes hold *any* interest to me. None. I'd rather (much much rather) be playing any of the three followers 
Enchanter, Templar & Scoundrel

 Than I would the 5 classes. None of them seem at all interesting to me. 
Which Doctor
Looks like someone has seem one too many "vodoo is magic for black people" documentaries. They look daft and remind me of something out of 'Resident Evil V'. I could not see myself enjoying playing that for any amount of time.

Demon hunter

"It's a cross-bow thats a machine-gun, and we'll have two because reloading is for suckers". It would make the producers of Van Hellsing hide in shame. 

Wizard is the "We can't call them Mages anymore because we used that name in WoW, and we can't call them Sorceress no more because we want male options too". All I hear is 'You are a wizard Harry' whenever I see the name. Also, keeping with the negative, I've never enjoyed any form of casters in any game I can recall. So lets move on to some more likely candidates for the type of player I am. 

Would I have liked him more in full plate with a shield? yes. Do I like the idea that he reminds me of Logan nine-fingers? More than I can explain here. Unfortunately I fear that so many years ago in Vanilla, dealing with fury warriors wiping everything, has vanned me off any class that is all about wielding as big a phallus as possible. It does look as though he can dual-wield, but anything that class do will - in my eyes- just be a poor substitute for the old D2 paladin.

So that leaves me the


(He knows Kung-fu) Okay so I was a huge fan of the monk in the old games. Only thing that bothered me, was the fact that (as I recall it) they couldn't gear up, and there is something to be said about gearing up in a game all about item-drops. Well that has all been fixed now! So why aren't I overhyped for this class?
Why haven't I watched the trailer to bits? (Other than the fact that compared to some of the other classes, this one just looks plain stupid). I dunno, maybe it is because that whenever I look at swtors classes - and want to play each and everyone badly- or look at Diablo 3's frikking compaion classes and want to play them so much more than the actual classes. I'm left wanting.

I think the point of D3 is that I am no longer a teenager playing Diablo. Since the last game I've grown up. This game seems to be made for 12 year old boys (about the age I had when the first game came out). I mean, just look at this trailer
Clearly made for someone who is either a kid, or want to pretend to be one.

I guess that is fine. Not all games should be made for every demographic, and this time around, and I don't fit in with the target audience. Shame really. I grew up on these games. These games are the foundation for me still playing Blizzard games. I loved em, and it always saddens me to feel I've outgrown something.

Guess I'll keep an eye for Tobolds lovely blog and his talk about the Beta. If an old man like him can love (or even like) the game, then maybe I can too. For now, out of lack of better choices, I think I'll be playing the Barbarian. At least he looks my age...


  1. I also wonder why have they kept some classes from previous Diablo games while other have changed name.
    Barbarian hasn't changed, so that's ok. The sorcerer renamed to wizard (was that really necessary?). The witch-doctor just seems like the old necromancer without adds. Since I only played D2 and D2:LoD I can't say anything about the monk. And the demon-hunter reminds me of a cross between the amazon and the assassin plus some magic added here and there.
    The rest of classes are gone. Maybe they're saving them for an expansion.
    So if they wanted an all-new, fresh start (since the World Stone was destroyed) why keep the barbarian and not create the fighter or warrior, do at least a name change like the wizard?

  2. Re: the Wizard, I am pretty sure that is because a sorcerer traditionally is a woman (like a warlock/witch thing).
    I think the barbarian is supposed to be the same one from Oh so long ago, who is now an old man.

    now, why they did not make everything fresh (or ad my beloved templar/paladin) I don't understand. Especcially since every 'new' class -like you said- remind so much of the old ones