Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's get happy about SWTOR again - tank classes

..Or I guess, rather, let's get me happy about swtor again.

There has been some snickering at bloggers who felt sour on this whole release date thing
@SwtorLife Cynical much? Sheesh
And I guess that indirectly hits me too. And I know it is a silly of me to feel weird about how they launched the whole release date news, considering the build up it had. Well, it is out of my system now. I'm done complaining.

Now I am just longing for some more in depth on the classes, how their mechanics work. For example, is the Sith Warrior -Juggernaut - immortal class, will it work like (dare I compare? Is it even fair? - Well It seems I dare rhyme) Wow's warrior class? building up rage to perform actions ect. - Will it have a shield?

I've heard that the Sith inquisitor's mechanics are very similar to a hybrid of the Blood-Death knight and rogue, dodging attacks... or maybe not, I hear lot's of things and they sometimes counter each-other. But I have no idea.
- Then again, I don't really have an interest in the inquisitor, because honestly, I find the idea of that class tanking and healing, to be very... odd, given the class is in my eyes a spanish inquisitor, remade. And they don't heal nobody, nor do they take any form of beatings for anyone. Maybe that's just me.

What I am concerned about, is how the two other tanks on the Empire side of things, and that is the immortal (sith warrior) and The Shield tech (Bounty hunter)

Start up, the best overview I've seen is from AskaJedi and it's coloumn 'The Bacta tank'
Not a whole lot, but enough to get an idea of what's what. So for me, my choice is between this guy (can't seem to figure out how to put in a video from youtube that starts at a specific point, in any other way than link)
They spiky haired little tween-boy's wet dream who's 'hate knows no bounds'.

OR the boring version of the trooper. Thats not true, bounty hunter tanks, tank with flamethrowers, so... Win.

Only thing is, that I can't tell the different spec of bounty hunter apart:

 Lore wise I like, no, I LOVE em both, so there is no problem there. I can certainly see myself enjoying both stories. As explained above, I am not sure that the Sith warrior, is designed for a player like me. So far, what they have released the Sith warrior seem to be a one dimensional teenage-angry-kid. Same kind of people who where a fan of He-man because he had such a huge... sword. It is the impotent kid, who finds a violence fantasy to relate to, in order to get the power-feel he is lacking in his daily life.
I am hoping they nuance this a bit (like they did in Deceived) but so far, no such luck - for me.

The bounty hunter on the other hand, seems to be made for someone without ego-problems (playing a star wars game and not being a force-user..) but still has some ego-issues (flamethrower, c'mon :D), and that is really me. I love being off-tank and that is what i read the bounty hunter tank to be; still the tank, but not a force-user tank. They guy who gets the job done, by any means necessary.

So until I get a better feel for how the classes work, I am picking the bounty hunter, and I am getting kindda psyched about too :D


  1. I still can't make my mind up which class to pick :/ I'm hopeless :( I want to try everything dammit :)

  2. heh, I feel the same way. Nothing is set in stone for me either.. but so far I think i just might have my #1 pick