Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dwarves are classy!

I have a confession to make, for the last 3 months I’ve… done something.

 I've re-subbed wow. 

What got me back? The undead 1-20 experience.
 I read so many places about how great it was, story and quest and game-wise, that I got the free level play thing and went back in. Well before I had gone from 1-15 I had already resubbed and was back on the Alliance side on my Death Knight tank, testing out the new ZG.
Then our Retardin happened. I won’t name names here, suffice to say that he is a dick with arms. Arms that can type on keyboards. I hate him (not really, it’s supposed to be a funny intro to the next part). Mostly I hate him, because he knows me all to well, for someone who is supposed to only know me through my toons in raids.
What he did was this: He looked at our guilds achievements and noticed that we where missing two “classy” achieves. One for pretty-boring-jumpy-freaks aka night elfs, and one for Heroic-awesome lager-drinking-super-beings, aka Dwarves.
He then noticed that both where missing the Mage-component and then he scoured the guild-lists for suckers. What he did to convince one of our lovely healing priests to roll nelf mage, I’ll never know. I just pray that no unborn virgin-children or unicorns where hurt. But the fact was, that when I returned to Sempher fi, she was well into her 70’s loving fire in dungeons. Now what he did to me… That was just down-right diablolical. 
Oh disclaimer: the last two sentences are most likely completely made up, this is just how I imagined it. It may not even have been his idea, nor something he did consciously. As a matter of fact, I have no way of knowing that the priest herself didn’t get drunk of her face and decided to roll a smelly nelf.

Back to the story.
One day while playing on alts, I got a /w from our Retardin. “hey long time no see” It started. He then went on to talk about a mix of old times in raids. Good old times, fond old times. Times of when I had time to raid. He commented on that fact, that I did not raid any longer, and what a shame that was. And then it began.
Again, this is just to make an amusing anecdote, I doubt he is a scheming evul genius, but this way it just makes for a better story, and regardless, the important thing is, that this is how it *woked* on me.

-          Come to think of it, he did manage to play ret even back in Vanilla (sometimes) so he just might be an evul genius.   

Erhm hrrrrm. Then it began. “The guild sure could use that achievement for the guild perk it gives”.  ”Man if only we had someone who wanted to level a Dwarf mage, I guess it is because we don’t really have any Dwarf lovers left since Thorixus left the guild”.
 Okay I am actually 100% certain he didn't say this, but it adds flavor. Thor was a beloved guild member and Dwarf connoisseur who would battle me and a dwarf hunter in guild on who thought that Dwarves where the most awesomest race ever (we all won, when you play Dwarf, it is win for everyone. Never forget stoneform).
Well if nothing else, it reminded me of all the great times I had had with my dwarf alts, and Dwarf playing guildies. I remembered names like Brandi who I have not seen play since back in vanilla. So emotionally I was hooked. Who would defend the proud Dwarfes in guild, if not me? Whom,whom I ask?!?

And then came the final blow. The sucker punch. “it would really mean a lot to the guild and I know [raid leader] has been asking for it, for a long time.” Oh right, [raid leader], the guy who taught me to tank, and whom I feel I owe so very much to, in terms of learning to play, raid and love! Well at least play raid and tank… ehhm.
So I was emotionally hooked, I felt indebted-ly hooked, and I am and always will be a tank. So when I see a damsel in distress (in this case, my guild) and I can rescue her (my guild) I jump to it!
I know I have what has sometimes been described as the “white knight” complex. The biggest feeling I had when I stopped raiding was, that I felt like I let down my guildies. They had been there for me for so many years, and now this baby came and I couldn’t make any of the raid-nights, or weekend 10 manned raids any longer. I felt terrible. For months after I had stopped. I never really missed the game, itself, I missed my guildies. So when I got the chance to return the favor, to feel like we where square on me abandoning them to be an ugly boring adult. AND I got to help dwarves look good AND I got to feel like I was contributing to the guild and not just leeching of their guild-rank perks. Well, had I really any choice?
My old level 40-something human mage was deleted and dreamster  was born.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Well not so little, I think its sort of a big conspiracy. But I do believe that Warlocks will love this news: Mages are effing boring to play.

Frost is really a fun spec, if it wasn’t for that elemental being. Not only did it stand on top of me all the time (like I was a warlock or something), but it has little to no use whatsoever. At least on my hunter I could use my pets to something more than just a dot. Why Blizzard implemented that … thing, I’ll never understand. Now I get why they have been so uptight about no other classes getting a pet.

Fire. Fire is horrible. At lower levels you oneshot targets with fireblast, making all the dot mechanics useless, and at higher levels.. ugh. No control and combustion is just. Well anyone who claims to love combustion (with or without combustion helper addon) are… not me. It is a fighechty twitchy playstyle that just makes for so much un-fun. The aoe in dungeons is fun, at least compared to frost and Arcane, so just a little more fun than watching grass grow.

Arcane. Fun..ish. Id rather play my hunter or lock for ranged, but it beats shadow-priests imo. I never got that whole “burn/conserve” rotation in game, since solo, you never had that issue, and in dungeons I still topped the charts without worrying. But I could see that as a fun thing in raids.

So I am sort of sick of myself and proud of myself for making it to 85 (well before that smelly nelf, who had a 70-something level headstart on me). Decked out in Heirlooms and not playing very often (so I had rested bonus a lot of the time) it took me a combined 3 days and 3 hours 40 min to go from level 1-85


  1. Let me guess... it was Captin' who hooked you back? ;)
    Brandi joined TG after she left SF, but after some time stopped playing too.
    So Dreamster... a female dwarf? Can't believe it... no beard! Or maybe she's shaving... what a shame!
    Arcane spec may be faceroll, but it's great for topping the charts. And I've never had to worry about conserving mana... it seems endless.

  2. Capt. never was in any of my raid-groups. Cloud was (none ever reads the comments anyway ;)