Friday, August 19, 2011

Huttball, my new favorite sport

I've never been one who went nuts for pvp. This Vid changed my mind (go to source and see it in high def and on full screen).

Also I really love the reasoning behind adding what some people call an 'immersion breaking' game-type.

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Why the **** are Imperials and republicans playing a game of football against each other?

That's the question I have for Daniel Erickson and his writing staff.
Hey Folks,

Totally fair question. I wrote Huttball personally and gave it my big stamp of approval. Huttball came from a request by the pvp team to have a mode that could mix sides in the event of unbalanced factions. So it's not Empire vs Republic playing insane death sports, it's anyone who wants to win some prizes and flex their muscles going to Nar Shaddaa, gambling center of the galaxy, and blowing off some steam. Story is important but so are alternate, setting-appropriate activities that give some depth and variety to the world and the gameplay experience. There is a crazy Hutt that likes running huge arena events for his amusement. Your choice if that's the way your Bounty Hunter enjoys spending his downtime.

Hope that helps,
Daniel Erickson
Lead Writer
Star Wars, The Old Republic
I'm honestly okay with this. Just look at the latest soccer world cup. Plenty of countries who do not really like each-other square of. Or remember back to the olympics of the cold war era? Russia and the US had some of the most memorable games during that era. And the republic and Empire are in a cold war, there is a peace treaty, so imo everything looks good!

Beta-weekends, now in Europe too!/Rockjaw/status/104602048481341440

It never even occurred to me, that Europe might get screwed yet again on beta (I've no numeric proof that 'we' got screwed over the first time, but I hear about Americans in Beta, and I'm not, so there is that!), but good to  know that we will get some semblance of beta-access as the US. It is important for me, for mainly two reasons:
1) I want to try out the different classes before launch, to get a feel for them, so I don't "waste" my limited play time on rerolling, and thusly falling behind my other friends playing.
2) I want to have my not-so-commited-yet friends over and frikking show em the game. There is only so much the gameplay vids can do for people who are not yet sold (at least those of my friends who are not yet). So I figured that showing em actual gameplay (not letting em play, because thats not allowed as I understand it), would do wonders. So Bioware, if you want more sales, gif beta-weekend access. thanks

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