Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things that worry me about #swtor

Tobold talked a bit, this morning, about what he calls single-playerness. In short, it is all about whether or not it is good for an mmo to have strong single-player questing elements only (Me reading into what he wrote, most of his post is about how important it is to get in on the launch to see content when it's crowded or when the worlds have dried out).
And it got me thinking about a tid-bit of information - or rather two tid-bits combined, that really nags me about Star Wars the Old Republic.

Being separated, yet together.
What I mean by the above, is that on one hand you hear about the different types of quests you will encounter during your leveling, and end-game:
Quests will be the primary means of advancement for your character. In SWTOR, there will be several types of quests:
Class Quests: These unique quest chains are specifically related to your class, and are meant to be experienced alone, but can also be completed with a group. Those quests are extremely relevant to your character's story and only you can change their outcome and the finale. Each class has an unique chain, and none of it is shared with others.
Side-quests: These quests are not directly related to any particular chain, and they can be started and finished solo in a relatively small amount of time. They still do give rewards and will be important to the advancement of your character. Like all quests in this game, they will have different outcomes depending on your choices.
Being a MMORPG, SWTOR also focuses heavily on multiplayer interactions. Many quests will have you looking for a group of other real players. The group size is slightly smaller than in most similar games (4 players maximum), and the game will feature a soft trinity system that allows players to pick their favourite role while still mantaining a certain flexibility within the group.
World Quests: World Quests are the multiplayer version of side-quests. They will feature single quests or very short chains, built for easy pick up and play, and meant to be played with a group. Your choices will still matter, but only one player will be able to pick a choice per dialogue. A random dice roll decides which player is allowed to talk (This mechanic is true for any kind of quest that is being played within a group, exception made for your personal Class Quests).
World Arcs: These epic quest arcs range from four to ten quests -sometimes even more- and feature epic storylines, big decisions, hard fights, and may have you playing them multiple times on different playthroughs in order to complete them, due to their length. Like World Quests, World Arcs are meant to be played with a group of players.
And on the other hand, you hear about how the various classes will start of and level through, not only different areas, but different *planets* alltogether, and when they are on the same planets, (as seen in the above qoute) the different classes will be doing their own unique and glorious class-specific quest-line.

We have seen how the agent, moves from planet to planet, infiltrating Hutta camps and seducing innocent, while it's starting planet best buddy, the bounty hunter is busy with 'The Great Hunt'.

Examplified from these two previews from PC GAMER The Imperial agent and The Bounty Hunter
and like Tom playing the bounty hunter said
Rather than run between my story and Josh’s Imperial Agent one, it made more sense to team up with a fellow Bounty Hunter.
By the way, those two previews are a great read, so if you haven't already, go read em :)
Anyway, the Imperial agent and his real life friends (well colleague) the Bounty hunter, are on the same frikking planet, and even *they* cannot find an incentive to coop. Imagine if one of em had chosen the Sith warrior!
So you can team up with other people playing your class, because you will be going the same places. Will that only be for the Class quests? How will the side-quests add up?

RL example; I've talked Mrs Dwism into getting the game too. We will be goodi two-shoe Republic peeps. I'll be the no-bs-trooper, and she'll be the smart-well-spoken Jedi-mage.. ehm consular. How will that work out? Will we be able to go off for two hours and do our class-stuff, then meet up at three-fifteen on Alderaan for some world-quests? Or will she be spending 45 minuttes waiting for me? Or will she have to go with me on my "learn to throw grenades" schooling, while I have to grudgingly attend a hearing on the treaty of xyloligguuu 15, because that is where her class quest takes her? so that instead of teaming up, we will be dragging each other down taking twice as long to level?
By the looks of it (at least the way I see it) we will have to level to max, then go around doing stuff together, so our class-quests progression do not get neglected, since we have been told that abilities, speeders, unique and super important stuff, lies within those class-quests.

And another thing
Did you see the class trailers? Especcially the EFFING Sith warrior part??  That is *my* future class Bioware, and he looks like every 12 year old jackass-adhd kids wet dream. "OMG leik wow cool, a mohawk and he likes has two liteswords, and his hate nows no bunds!"

That is *not* the class I want to play. That is something, Nelson Muntz wants to play. Ugh. Look at that Vid. He jumps all over the place. Everything else looks so damned great in that trailer, except that red-skinned devil-lookalike with a mohawk. Looks like what some 57 year old childless PR agent would make up, if he wanted to create an evil-cool guy that "kids theese days" would think where "aw33sum".

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