Monday, July 25, 2011

Morale choices in SWTOR, looking damn good!

After reading yet another fantastic Darth-hater live blog coverage transcript. I stumbled over this neat qoute
And my favorite moment actually I think was quite early on when I was playing the Jedi Knight on Tython. And there's a quest pretty early on where you come across two padawans who are obviously involved in a romantic relationship and you basically get the choice of essentially turning them in to the Jedi Council or leaving them be to go about their romantic business. And Jedi Code would suggest that you should go and inform the Council cause this is not something that's allowed. And I think the minute that I found that quest and had my first moment of what do I want to do, because it was a genuine moral choice. And also for me, it was a point of which it said, you know what, you can roleplay your character here. So in my case, as I recall, I chose to let them go and told them I wasn't going to tell the Council, and then I went and told the Council anyway. So that was the kind of Jedi I was playing.
It's by Community Rep Stephen Reid aka Rockjaw and it sets the game up better than any video-trailer or beta-pie leak ever could. THIS is why I am looking forward to this game. If we can get this kind of story, and class-mechanics/boss-mechanics/balancing of WoW this will make it my all time super favorite game of forever.
And I'll name my Girl after whoever they damn well want me to*

Like Rockjaw said, that is a real morale choice. From the Jedi-code there is no real good answer.
- Report them? Ain't that kindda a douchy thing to do, so you are betraying them, and that leads to the dark side!
- Not reporting them is a strict violation of the Jedi-code, and leads to the dark side!

Loving it :)

In other -not loving it so much- news: I've caved in (like the proverbial $5 whore when her plastic teeth meets a baseball bat) Just like I knew I would, and pre-ordered the CE version of the game. From Gamestop. Because where I'm from that is sort of the only place to get it from. Needless to say, I've not recieved any codes (and by the looks of it I never will). Because all they wanted to talk about in the store, was that I would DEFINITELY get the Collectors Edition sometime around launch. 100% for certain.
"But when will I get my pre-order code?"
"You WILL get the Collectors Edition, we swear!!"
"eh yea but.."
"Do not fear citizen, you will get that Collectors Edition that you payed $213 for!!!!"
/leaves store

This of course is all Rockjaws fault! It really really is
But at least he was kind enough to calm me down. Firstly by stating that the codes "early access first sign up, gets first in" thing, was more of a matter of who used their codes in the first month, rather than the first hours. AND in replying to my question (I am such a sucker for when that happens) he assured that the pre-order codes do not have any effect on getting into the beta-weekends in September. So I am not all to fuzzed if my store gets my codes this week or the next. For now I am just happy that I haven't payed for the damned thing yet, plus that I will get the box and when I get my codes I won't be severely handicapped in comparison to those who ordered the game from a retailer that knows what they are doing.

* I don't actually have any say in her name. Mrs Dwism does.


  1. I'm starting to get all bouncy about it all over again. I got my pre-order code (on my birthday, yay), although, I has ordered the standard edition (do you know how much wine I could get for the cost of the SE?? :P)
    I _still_ can't decide what class I'm going to play.. I think they've done such a fantastic job of making _everything_ sound appealing.

    *is bouncing with excitement*

  2. SE should have read CE of course.. I'm too bouncy to type properly :)

  3. Just be sure to play Sith Issy! I'm setting up so that friends and friends of friends start on the same server (aka a pre-launch guild). PM me if you want in

  4. Sith=Empire ofc, there is no requirement to play a force-user.. quite the contrary in fact :)

  5. I read somewhere (I think Penny Arcade) that they had to think more about their character as a person in the first ten levels than they did during their entire WoW experience. That's what sold me, too. I want the games to be MMORPGs again, not the MMOGs they've evolved in to that are more about numbers than stories.

  6. It was Penny Arcade. Loved that article :) (And I completly agree)

  7. Yeah, I loved that article :) I will of course be playing Sith (like anything else was ever an option). I'll be playing on the same server as my multi-guild guys - the ones I'm playing DDO with while we're waiting - let me know where you end up and I'll hope they align :)
    Though, actually do let me know where you end up - I can always roll a spare few characters there if it's not where my guys are (will ping you as soon as they've picked) as it'd be awesome to meet up in game :)