Monday, July 11, 2011

Lots of afk stuff, plus; Why I am a tank

Let us start on a high note, and just keep going from there.

I just love that one.

Back in blac... ehm WoW
Anyway summer is here, and lots of stuff has happened, I've re-dipped my feet ever so slightly back into wow, and realised that although the Undead starting zone is a complete blast story-wise there are a lot of things that bother me, also I am a ui addict.

I think I spend more time tweaking my UI, downloading addons and tweaking them, than I did playing the game itself. I had fun doing both. However, without grinding, nor wearing any of the perky BoA gear, I still managed to outlevel every zone I played. That Sucks. Hard. Because now there is a direct and distinct story line, and whenever that story arc works, you want to follow it to it's conclusion. I want to know what happeneded to Johnny Awsome (although that whole "belfs are gay lol lol lol" joke sure got old fast. Like at the first time it was mentioned. How a multinational company like Blizz, who spends time ensuring that murlocks aren't mistreated, can be so outright hostile toward male characters who are not the bulging male orc figure, is beoynd me. To me this goes far beoynd sexuality. I think that Chas over at, the now closed righteous orbs said it best, when he discussed "menz" right... rant over)

To shorten all of the above a bit up; you outlevel the story, and when you move into a new zone everything starts anew. Last bit blew my immersion a little bit, but that is a side thing to the annoyance of watching a great arc get ruined by having to do grey quests. /sadface

Twitter n Star Wars ToR
In other cool news, I've made's top #SWTORsun tweet list. For more on what on earth swtorsun is, check out this link
I can honestly say that I spend way more time thinking up my tweet, than you will ever get me to admit. Twitter is a real hard nut for me to crack, since it's only 140 characters and I am a ramblin' type of dwarf! But it is great fun, and getting a mention (even though, let's be brutally honest, not all that many people joined in on the fun.. fingers crossed for next week) in a "best of" type of thing, does Oh so many good things for my lust for twitter and my vanity sucks up all the praise I can possibly get. Which is a great bridge to my last bit today

Call me Pappa (aka why I am a tank)
Yes it's true. Mrs Dwism gave birth to a little baby girl last week, when that happened someone turned on the "everything is crazy"- dial, and I've not been able to shut it off since. Everything is crazy! Fun...  But crazy. I am really digging the whole parenthood thing. I am very good at this. If I must say so myself, and while we are at it, I'll just add here, that from a completely objective standpoint I can tell ya'll that she is the most adorable smart, cute and greatest kid, you ever did see- Objectively speaking, of course.
             So now our little family has settled into our own little tri-fecta. Mrs Dwism is our healer, the little one (Mini-dwism) is our dps (poops her pants a lot, cries even more, and sleeps all raid... and yet gets all the attention and credit) and I'm the tank. There are lots of little ways this plays out for example; all the daily small problems my wife handles (like feeding), but whenever shit (litterally) hits anything, in comes the tank. Whenever any organizing needs to get done (aka, pull-order), in comes the tank. And whenever everything is fine, or there is no need for tanking. I'm away from the action in front of the pc, or sleeping. Just like any other tank.

Speaking of which. Ever since '08 when I first signed up for Swtor I have been longing for this game to come out. Now... Not so much. I've figured that, the longer it takes for this game to come out, the more independant will mini-dwism be, and the more game-time I'll be able to squeeze in!! (although I am still pretty sure that this game will be out mid-nov).
So I will most likely have way less time to post big blog posts, but look me up on @dwisms on twitter, where I'll be bugging swtor professionals and following all the cool people ;)



  1. Congrats to the three!
    So, did Mini-Dwism come with beard or not? :P

  2. Awww congratulations Dwism :) As for play time, from my experience, you get a tonne of time in til they can walk (I was an expert at playing one handed :P), then til they're about 3 and can amuse themselves they take a lot of attention. But once they're around 3, you just introduce them to Youtube, show them which buttons to press, and they amuse themselves for hours, freeing you up for lots of game time :P

    Loving the clip, and erm.. congratulations on the Tweet too I guess. *holds fingers up in a cross formation* :)

  3. @kurnak... well she sort of did! (loads of babies have some semblence of fur when they are born, something I did not know)
    @issy, atm loads of time are being spend just getting a rutine, when we get one, it will be Mrs Dwism who will benefit, while I -sadly- must work.

  4. Aww, congrats to all of you!!

    " I want to know what happeneded to Johnny Awsome"

    He showed up during the firelands dailies for me so clearly he sorted himself out to some extent.

  5. Many grats on the dwarfling! I hope you got an achi for that :)

  6. Thank you tam! No there where no achie on it. You see, when you become a farther all those days wasted in front the computer suddenly goes into perspective. You realise that no flashing light on any screen will ever make up for that whole new world... I'm pulling your leg, I almost got thrown out of the delivery room for screaming "DING" at the top of my lungs :)

  7. ACHIEVEMENT! Dwism has successfully changed 50 diapers

  8. ...A day!! It is amazing the amount of poo that such a little thing can create