Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All the small things (that make for a grand mmo)

Let me start this post up front by saying that yes, this is me gushing over a game that has yet to be released. Specifically Star Wars the Old republic. Now said gushing will not be about how awsome the game will be, because - frankly - the bitches over at Bioware haven't given me beta-access. Erhhhhmm. It will not be about gameplay, but how their dev team has communicated with fans and how they have managed to keep my interest peaked.

All the things I wanted to know about mmo-development (But was too afraid to ask)

What got my mind working on this post, was that weird bird-thingy-thing. Some fellow fans are trying to get a buzz going about the game every sunday, and have thusly named the themed tweets about what they are looking forward to in the game: #SWTORsun, and it is great fun (although it could use more people tweeting about it).
One of those tweets where from Steve Docherty aka Roq777 who wrote
probably been said already, but I'm thankful for the transparency of the dev team and the way they're handling the community.
And that post started an avalanche within. So far I've enjoyed the friday updates, that swtor releases almost every friday immensely for... 2 years I guess. The great thing about the updates, where the posts about things you never assumed you'd ever care about. Like Maps, or how beta-players moved, or how you build up an UI.
It opened my eyes to the fact that mmo's are more than interesting classes, with exciting mechanics and the balancing of those (although I still think those are some core things, that just needs to be in order for a game to work), and I love em for it.
I imagine myself taking time out enjoying the work that has been put into all those weird nooks and crannies of the game, mostly because it has made me enjoy and see those same things in wow.
At the same time, whenever those things do not work, I also pay extra attention to it. Like in a cutscene in wow, where the camera-angle cuts of the dialogue or the action. Or when my map isn't giving me the information I'm looking for.
Specifically I spend the better part of 5 hours trying to not make my quest-givers text come out transparent. That time did not include all the messing around with clearing my addon folder and WTF and reinstalling the blasted game. Its all the small things, that make or break an experience (a great thanks goes out to 'Skinner' addon).

So looking forward to the next friday update (and weirdly enough I'm hoping it'll be about crafting windows or inventory setups.)...Oh and hoping that Comiccon will bring news of pre-order information (especially special edition) 

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