Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How things are looking for SWTOR (after E3)

Sorry this post got a little delayed. I spend all my weekend closely studying BioWare (see pic below, and note this is actually me at a music festival... Not just a interweb foto I found.)
"Things are looking juuuuust right for Bioware"´

Anyways, the interweb has been brimming with comments about the game. Most of them incredibly stupid. I mean, "why isn't this and that class balanced against each other at mid-level??" Blizz did not even fix that untill, what... 3 years into launch?
I even read someone complaining about them not "revealing" the raid-sizes. Is this a breaking point for anyone before a game is launched? Whether or not there are 13 or 15 people in raids?
The whining, and moaning has gotten so bad that Spinksville felt the need to create a post entitled "why I still want to play this thing."

I don't get it. Thing is not even in open beta, and so far - as far as I can tell, what is standing between the game being finished and now is number tweaking.
Yes, quests are fetch/kill/find/gather/escort mostly. Did I miss an announcement claiming otherwise? I am honestly confused about some of the complaints. Maybe it's just me, but a game very similar to wow, with a new twist on dailies (spaceshooting), in a star wars Old Republic setting, with the Bioware approved story-based.. ehh everything, does not sound like a bad game. In fact it sounds just the game I've always wanted to play.

So yea, I'm sticking with my happy cap.
Oh and take a look at this hands on preview/impressions piece from massively, where 4 of their writers talk about their experience. It sounds very well-adjusted. Not beating on the game, nor hyping it. Personally I think that Shawn Shusters ending comment, was very fitting for my expectations:
SWTOR will attract fans of BioWare's unmatched storylines, Star Wars franchise fans, and traditional MMO followers. It will not, however, revolutionize the genre. 
Oh and, that razer keyboard looks ehh OF THE FRIKKING HOOK FO SHIZZLE... yo

Rounding off, I think my friends comment after I linked him the launch trailer, was very fitting "Meh, its sort of a letdown compared to the other two you sent me earlier" I then explained that this was supposed to be the launch trailer, and setting the game up, and introducing us the world and setting of the game, where the other two where more fluff and hype and supposed to get people excited for the game before an actual launch. He then replied, that after having seen it a couple of times, it did grow on him. And maybe that is where the game is now, Setting the tone of the actual game, now that we are hyped and excited enough.

this just in: Massively has found two "17 Hours with..." previews from PC gamer, one of ... Bounty hunter and the other ...imperial agent. Just like the hands on above, there is not one answer to the "is it good" Question. It is, as always it seems, in the eye of the beholder. (After reading theese to... Yea my happy cap is still on).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Short: Here is what is bothering me about that whole release date thing

Very short post, I'm going to be writting a big-ol huge "Dwism LUBS E3" post later*. For now.

Here is what Bioware has to say about the release date of SWTOR

There will be no release date announced during E3 2011, and no pre-order details either. Our release date window has not changed. We are still aiming to release Star Wars: The Old Republic in the second half of 2011.
While I know many of you believed a release date announcement was going to happen - which is understandable - as I've said before, an announcement of that size will effectively be 'pre-announced', and we will not 'bait and switch' you. We aren't going to lay a trail of subtle clues that lead to a release date announcement. We'll be obvious. We're just not there yet.
Thats all fine and dandy, but in comparison... how can they know this date already??

Ehm, I know they claim to stick to the "fall 2011" schedule, but personally I'm getting a wee bit worried