Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This just in: Blizz hates mages! (and locks and big ugly moonkins)

So the brand spanking new Legendary staff has been revealed, and not a damn was given.


Because it is the most boring Legendary Item in the history of wow.


Because it does not -do- anything.
(from mmo-champion)

What do you mean, it does not -do- anything? It has Spellpower comming out of the Wazoo!!

It does, and nothing else. Legendary weapons always* used to have some component that made it interesting. Remember Thunderfury? with the lightning effect? It made all the difference in the world to tanking. More recently Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings made cool bubbles, that made our resident tree-hippy-druid think he was a real healer (you know, Disc priest).

And then here comes Dragonwrath and adds NOTHING to the mix except moar sockets n SP...
The reason for that is twofold: Casters are boring, so they get a boring staff, and Blizz hates Mages (especcially -you, yes you-)
..You might argue that the same thing could be said about Warglavies 

Yes I would say..

But you would be ugly and wrong and ugly, and look like a mix between a gnome and a female human, just wrong and ugly!

I don't see how that was called for, besides you didn't explain the difference

There is two of em!

Oh and am wrong and ugly

yes Calli mage, you are

*disregard Atish... uhm because it ruins my argument


  1. Except they said the 'proc' is coming soon, it's just not in the PTR files yet...

  2. Turning into a dragon doesn't count (mostly because it goes against my argument ^^).