Thursday, May 5, 2011

May the fourth be with us indeed!

Boom, went Star Wars. Apart from the obvious like: Blu-ray versions of the films announced, there where heaps of interesting new tid-bits in relation to the important things (...the game!)

Best news ever
European testing may have started. I signed up for that nearly two years ago, so "hell its about.... ect"

Also best news ever
Game to be released in second half of 2011, so my predictions of april 2012 seem to be way off (thank you Jebus)

Interesting news.. ever
Space combat was discussed. I am actually looking very very much forward to this. I like action games too, and a bit of variety (*real* variety, not like the move your toon to pick up stuff or hit stuff or talt to stuff or pick up stuff to talk to stuff you will hit on - type of deal) in my dailies will be a welcome change. I'm also a kid of the Arcade-halls, so I like rail-shooters, so I just might be a bit biased on that one :)

Weird news that turned out to be really interesting news... ever
Lore time!! This time around... dun dun dunnnnn Humans!
And it's an really interesting article!

All in all May the fourth was a neat day!

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