Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking forward to E3

As always I'm looking forward to the big gaming conventions. I know myself well enough to know that I enjoy waiting for most games, as much as I enjoy playing them (this holds true for more than 80% of games released, case in point: Brink, way better in theory than in actual game). So release dates, new exciting games and dreams of hours of extreme fun and frustration! Love it.

So no surprise that I'm looking very much forward to this years E3. This year in particular for loads and loads of reasons: Last year was the first year for E3 out of its self-imposed "for developers and press only" weird idea, and it was a huge success, gaming (imo) really needs that one big blow-out show where the winters big releases gets lined up against each-other. Its like the Oscars but in reverse (that makes plenty of sense, shut up).

Another reason I am so very much looking forward to this years E3, is that I am willing to bet loads of pence, that this is the event where Bioware will release a release date!
... What do you mean, "for what?"?
Star Wars The Old Republic, ofc

Also, I am hoping for release dates for D3 and partly for Heart of the swarm. I liked the solo-part of SCII, so I am hoping for more of that, plus a fixed story-line where I didn't skip between story-parts if I chose another planet than what Blizz had expected. Aaanyways.

I am also looking forward for more info on Torchlight 2, GoW 3, Skyrim, Arkham City, Mass effect 3 And Guild Wars 2.. It is going to be a sweet year!

Also, I am considering starting in WoW again, playing dungeons only on my Paladin. I really burned my fingers on Aion and my very pregnant wife, has taken our couch (and by extension my Xbox) hostage from now on, so I can't really waste time there. For now, I got chores and reading, but I think that eventually I'll have to get a game for my PC that I can get excited over, and Swtor seems a long way away still (fingers crossed for that beta!!)


  1. Another bearded little dwarf coming? Or it's just the first? (can't remember now)
    I knew you'd return some day...

  2. Same one, first one, she is going to be the prettiest bearded little dwarf you ever did see (photoshopped pics will be posted asap!)

    We'll see, so far i'm plenty busy building IKEA furniture for her and dreading diaper-changes!