Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How fanboy'ism crept up on me

So Tobold made a post. A post about something completely different. He made a post about solo-endgame progression. A great post. But in the end he wrote the words that will ensure that he burns on the righteous fires of Truthness and rightfullness and Game'isms!
[Talking about wow] And with patch 4.2 still being months away, this might well be a case of too little, too late. But then, lots of players might be back in WoW at the end of the year, if SWTOR is really such a dud as some previewers claim.
 Then he linked to a preview of Star Wars ToR that was... Less than favorable.
Now, some of you might think that this quote wheren't all that bad, you might even say: "Hey Dwism, based on that preview, the things he said where very balanced and seemed very objectively true." Oh yea?

Well you would be Completely... right.
And that is the weird thing, because, it did seem to stand to reason, that if the game is as horrible as the preview indicates, then SWTOR will be a dud and people (ie me) will return to wow.
My response to him (via buzz) was something along the line of: "OH YEA??? well those people who wrote that SUCKED ASS!!"
...At least that was my first draft. Then I took a deep breath and rewrote it, so Tobold wouldn't block me forever for being a Gevlon-esque type of moron. What I did attack, and what I still stand by as being a fair and even critique: The previewers ragged on the following
- Spawntimes
- The fact that a ranged class stood still and "only" did ranged damage
- Quest-chains in an epic storyline took you on many smaller quests leading up to the grand arc
- The plot was not as fast-paced as the other Bioware games, and there where KILL Quests (how dare they??? Kill quests in an action MMO? The sky is indeed falling)

What our discussion lead to this excellent post from Tobold about what people are expecting from SWToR. Because most of the stupdity of that preview post stemmed from (imo) that websites expectations that SWTOR would be the second comming of mmo's. I don't think it will. For me, the game has succeeded if it has the class balance nearly of wow (as opposed to the class balance Bioware has in their single-player games... mage in dragons age anyone?), combined with a story almost as good as that of normal Bioware hights and loads and loads of things to do!

Back on point
What disturbed me the following day, was not the discussion as a whole, but rather my reaction to it. Why did I flare up about a stupid gamesites stupid preview of a game I've not played? I've never been much of a fanboy (although I do prefer Dr peppers over Coke, and Puma over Nike... and Celtics over that crap team from L.A.), no really... Ive never been much of a fanboy, but all of a sudden there I was, getting steamed over this silly preview. It was kindda really a scary experience. I had indeed fallen to a low I'd never thought I'd reach. Still today, in the aftermath, I can reread that preview and get all "morons, what did you expect" over it.
But hey, at least an opinionated preview is better than this stupid thing from over at IGN Their premise is good enough: "what would a non-mmo player and non-star wars fan, think of 48 hours of playing the games starting area?" but the result... I feel like I've just read the abstract of an article. Wheres the meat?
Anyway I, Dwism, have learned a lot, and I solemnly swear to never nerd-rage and fanboy defend something I haven't even tried yet myself... unless the author is a moron...


  1. It is easy to get lost in the hype of some games. Remember Paul Barnett hyping WAR and how forums were ablaze with people thinking that game too was going to be the second coming. Well... everyone can see how that turned out.

    Hype can be a strong form of viral marketing, simply because people do tend to start snowballing as groups members become interested in something different.

    Everyone at some point gets sucked into the hype machine.

  2. I DO remember the WAR vids, and I am one of the diluted few, who thought that the game lived up to everything promised by him (at least the vids I saw). Ive said it before and I'll say it again, what killed WAR was the lack of money spent on it after release (and maybe they should have waited 3 more months to get some details done). I've no idea if they wasted their time and money, but if the game had had the amount of updates and added material WoW had the first 4 years, I think it would have been a success.
    But I digress, hype is great fun, there is after all no greater joy than the joy of expectation (as my parents always told me on xmas eve), I just never expected myself to get all defensive in such a way over a preview of a game I've never played :)

  3. I did enjoy Tobold's post on expectations. And I do think that's a major deal. I'm not expecting SW:TOR to be a WoW breaker. I am expecting it to be fun for me to play.

    If you look at something like Rift that WoW players are playing - it has very many aspects of WoW. But the classes need balancing, it's even more linear - Level 7, do this zone, level 20, do this zone, level 38? do half of this zone, then half of this other zone, then go back and finish it off. What I'm trying to say (badly) is that there is not going to be a game out there, or a new game, that is as polished, or as big, as WoW is. They've had years to fine tune it.

    BUT. Even if SW:TOR never gets a good review from anyone, I am still going to try it. I will be _extremely_ surprised if I don't enjoy it, and that might be for 2 weeks, a month, 6 months or years. I don't care. It's _my_ fun.

    But hey, I'm also not the sort of person who compares my new bf to past lovers :P I just enjoy him for what he is :P

    (Hopes husband isn't reading this & doesn't realise it's an analogy)

  4. I think what you are trying to say, is that you find new lovers over various MMo's, can't see why he'd have a problem with that!

    Kidding aside, this is the attitude I am *trying* to enter sw:tor with, but I know from previous experience, that I cannot help but to compare, especcially if a thing I like is lacking (or different, like the camera-setting in rift, ugh)

  5. lol Dwism (*blocks on husband's PC*)

    It is hard to get out of the comparing mindset, but I think it makes hell of a difference if you can :)