Friday, April 8, 2011

Swimming in SW:ToR

Torocast lead the way in my bloggroll of blogs ranting on just how horrible the announcement made by Bioware, that there would be no swimming in SW:ToR.
And it worked, I got all huffed and bothered and very very annoyed, and had halfway written a rant on how this kills everythign everywhere, and "won't somebody think of the immersion", untill i did some - you know- research, and digging.Before, I was in line with forum commentator Shobu:

 No multiplayer space combat, no controlling your ship's flight, no swimming, all races have the same body, non-customizable companions that you can't use at endgame...... This had better have one heck of a mindblowing story
Then I was reminded that this was Bioware, and I found this 

There's no rigid wall in the game at this point. You walk in shallow water, it becomes deeper as you progress, and at some point you start getting the message that you should turn back. You can continue on and ultimately drown (then respawn) or move back.

In order for swimming to be actually worth the implementation and time, we'd want to do it right - meaning content built around it, maybe a water centric planet, etc. Absent that content - there are no water worlds in this game - we've decided to focus on other things that are more important to us.

I can definitely see why people like swimming (or any other feature for that matter), however, the decision to put a feature like that in the game cannot be solved with a simple yes/no poll. In reality, the question is more like “Do you want swimming or 'feature X'”. In this case, we chose feature X (or Y, or Z) for a number of reasons - one being that just adding a very basic version of swimming without building proper content around isn't something we wanted to focus on for launch. 

We'll definitely look at this again later, after launch, but if we were to decide to do it, it'd be accompanied with proper content and mechanics themed around it.
Is this in any way, shape or form worse than the 'Fatigue' you get in WoW? Not in my optics. Faith in game restored, body at ease, exhale... ahh, all is once again right in the universe, and we can continue to look forward to hearing all the gory details of the UK event!

Now, give me a release week, so I can start planning my vacations, dammit!

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