Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Star wars ToR release date, yet again!

Last thing: we absolutely know that some of you feel we should have announced a date, or at least narrowed the release window, already. That's your opinion. Our opinion is until we're ready to commit to a narrower window or a specific date, we're not going to do that. When we commit, we'll commit in a big way. 
From a rather lengthy forum thread about the release date, where Stephen Reid gets... well no, he doesn't *get himself* anything. He uses x-mas as an example on how long in advance we will know the game will come out (just like you know that x-mas will come way before december), and morons thougth that meant that he was confirming a december release.
Regardless. The above quote was how he ended his input, and that sort of saddens me.
Just like the release of both the Lich king, cataclysm, and even TBC I used to have a tiny bit of holiday/overtime set aside, for when a game was released, so I could make sure I'd get to really have a good solid 'go' at it.

For Star Wars, however, it seems I won't get that chance.

If the game is released (and that seems to become a bigger and bigger *if*) in 2011, My workplace simply does not have the flexibility to give me days of within a certain amount of time, and that is slowly running out for this year (plus in 2 months the baby is coming, and I am honestly starting to have doubts as to whether I even *want* to lock myself in a room for a week once she's here... Let alone Mrs Dwism will allow me to :D)

I hate growing up


  1. Ah. Before they're mobile it's actually quite fun to MMO while you hold and rock the baby, so long as you're not raiding. You stay amused, the kid gets to be held and feel close to you. Once they're mobile you have to pay a lot more attention to them and they get sneaky.

  2. heh, back when I was working on my bachelor degree, I spend way too much time playing wow in the a.m. and my guild (and my server) pretty much only had moms on maternity and students like me (and prob some kids skipping school too). Had a blast duo'ing with a young mother, although there where a lot of "have to feed" or "baby woke up" sudden afk's :D