Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In an mmo-vacuum

So earlier today I was browsing my old guilds website (they are the best WoW-playing 25 manned raiding guild out there, if you need a friendly place filled with really nice leaders, in the EU they are looking for boomkins (25 raid) rogues and dps (10 raid) Think they are 4/13 heroic nowadays).
And I started to miss playing an mmo again. Specifically WoW. Then I browsed some of the achievements they have been knocking of, and the whole time/grind rinse repeat we-have-done-this-for-too-many-years-over-and-over-again feeling hit me, and I let the thought, of returning, go.

Thing is, I miss playing an mmo, but I really do not have... that something needed to play wow again, but I do miss playing an online adventure game.
So far bulletstorm/portal2/the orange box, have been able to satisfy my gaming lust, but I'm really starting to miss the online interaction (and there is noway I'm going online in a shooter on a console... I still have a will to live) and adventure and sense of grandure, that is typical of an mmo. So what to do? Play another mmo?
As some of my readers may have noticed, this blogs focus has shifted towards one MMO in particular, but with no beta in sight for eu players, and while the game does not seem to have an 2011 release, that leaves me in a vacuum between me gotten fed up with wow (unfortunately, I really do wish I still wanted to play that game), and SWTOR being released.

I could start a new mmo, or reboot an old one I've played before, and there are loads to choose from: DC universe, champions online, WARhammer, Conan, Rift, Aion, City of heroes, guild wars and LORTO... And those are just the ones *ive already tried*

... Oh my, that is a lot.

I did boot up WAR again recently, and while I do adore the mechanics and the lore surrounding the green-skins ["hit em" (good plan) "Oi, hit em again" (great plan)], a quick look at their website reveals a game that (apart from the 'free to play to level 10 thing',) seems very dead... unfortunately, because out og that very long list of mmo's above, WAR, was the one i liked the most.

So I am stuck in a mmo vacuum. The empty nothing space between burning out on an old favorite, and the release of a (hopefully) new favorite.

Fingers crossed for an early release!! and mayhaps that mini-dwism will take some of my attention away from missing an mmo... but honestly, if Mrs Dwism couldn't, I don't see how a tiny little thing that sleeps eats and poops and nothing else, ever could! (famous last gaming words)


  1. I have been playing Rift very casually.. but I do consider it a gap filler.
    Patience, young Dwism *giggles*

  2. Good to hear from you again! Glad your up and running again. (wanted to post on your recent blog, but didn't have anything but "nice desk I have that same thing with a mini-chair")

    Anyway, I've done something possibly horrific and signed up for Aion. I only played an early beta, so I figured why the hell not. its a pretty game, and I think a butload of mindless grinding is just what I need.

    Let us know how Rift works out!

  3. Magika. couple of online friends got me into it - it is the most hilarious fun silly game I played in a while - you can either go for solo campaign or play with up to 4 friends. pretty cheap on steam and as I found out recently - you can actually chat with voice on steam O_O I don't know if it will satisfy your cravings, but its worth a try if you have a few people who might also be interested :)