Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mass effect 2: Arrival - [Spoiling]

After having cleared my evening (and reserved the house tv, so Mrs dwism was banished to do other things) I was all set for an evening of Mass Effect hype.
This was to be the last DLC before the big and final ME:3 chapter hits the stores. Ohboyoheffingboy!

An hour and a half later later I was starring at a black screen. Game over. My brain was left processing two thoughts: "Did I just pay 560 MS points for an extended commercial for Mass effect 3?" and "Did I just pay 560 MS points for something that lasted an hour, tops?". It wasn't so much the price-tag, more than the feeling of letdown. There was no real story here, that I could not have gotten from watching a 35 seconds add for the game. This was not a game, so much as a "aren't you hyped for the 3rd game" type of deal. And if my frikking *commercial* had been free, I'd been euphoric about this. I enjoy a good hype now and then. But to have payed for no content what-so-ever (Well some content, there was one firefight where you had to survive loads of waves, that was a great deal of fun... if only I'd have a chance to replay it), but in fact have payed for an advertisement, has left me a little sour and feeling a lot of resentment for having voted for Bioware in the March Mayham competition on the escapist.

Because, honestly, what kind of a complete tool would ever vote for a company shitty enough to have their costumers pay to watch advertisements?´

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