Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Halp I'm being blackmailed!

...Or at least that is what it feels like.

A couple of weeks ago The Escapists magazines "extra credit" team launched a fab vid called 'An open letter to EA marketing' I've briefly touched on this in regards to how Biowares Facebook page demanded its fans to share facebook updates to all their friends in order to unlock special in-game items.

It felt weird. It did not work.
They, however, kept going. Here is the latest attempt:

Take note of my twitter profile, I talk even more gibberish there so ofc you have to follow me too!!
...First off: Mass effect 2? You have a frikking teaser trailer out on ME3. again, weird.

Secondly, shouldn't we *want* to retweet stuff, that is interesting? and secondly, why are you taking your fans hostage in order to get em to advertise your games for you?

Most of my Facebook friends, do not give a flying bat-shit about mass effect images. Seriously, my 85 year old grandma' isn't going to go out and buy an xbox and play ME... although that would be grand.

Point is, the people who could care about this, in my social circles, are either already aware of this, OR i'll make damn sure they are, without your pressuring me to do it.
I am not a facebook or twitter slut, selling my identity and friends over free stuff. Please please please Bioware/EA THINK.

Right now, I am considering stopping to follow you on any social network *because* of these sort of tatics.
If you want these sort of "social media" type of things work, you have to stick with appealing to the fans, not force em into slave labor.
Make me *want* to tell my friends about your games, not thinking "oh well, I want to see more about your games, but first I have to soil myself in order to get more images, info stuff". Get the difference? In star wars you released a play through of the PAXeast of the Flashpoint "Taral V", *that* i did share with my friends. That was cool, that was something to show, that was something I wanted my friends to see.

Stick to that, and you might get hype on your games without that sour aftertaste.


  1. blackmailing BSN members into twittering/facebooking sucks. however - ME2 teasers..well....you haven't been to mass effect forums lately, have you? the last bridging downloadble content between ME2 and ME3 is big thing. there are support groups, several miles long speculation threads, everything from giddy excitement to wretched despair (that would be me, btw - personality changes they wrote into pretty much the entire cast of returning characters from origins and awakenings, not to mention ME2'a own personality changes... lets just say I'm not holding my breath for return of the characters I like, while they retain their original personalities - and then there's a tone of the DA2)

    to summarize? upcoming DLC is a big deal

  2. True, I have not been browsing their forums very much, however I am spending a lot of my time reading gaming news (as a part of my job) and there, the bridging dlc is nowhere to be found. Such a weird way to present it. Oh well.
    But hey, that is good news, looking forward to it, even if they do mess up my ME favs :D

  3. hmm, its weird that you haven't heard of it..the arrival was mentioned with several gaming news before release of DA when it accidentally leaked, through PS3 achievement screen. Bioware pushed the announcements off until after DA2 came out and was reviewed - I guess they don't like to advertise more then one thing at a time?

    P.S. I hate hate hate hate, did I mention HATE what they did to Anders? I used to like him, but his DA2 version? burn it with FIRE! ugg. the angst that half your group exhibits is starting to seriously get on my nerves :/