Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dragon's age II -demo

Things I've discovered since I've quit wow:
- Mythos online is boring
- Rift was good, but if you are tired of wow, this is not the place to go
- DC universe online, however, is a great change of pace. Loads of fun, but made for consoles.

...And I am continually amazed at just how much free time I suddenly have. Look at all those games I've played, and even though many of them where for a very very short while, I've had time to read books and talk to friends and my wife (and her belly).
And I know you all think you know where this is all heading: "thank God Im done with WoW, why did I ever spend so much time with that game."

Well, sorry to disappoint. I wish wish wish, that I was still having fun in WoW. I loved the people in my guild, I adored the Lore (and I'm still capable of showing a certain mage who's Lore ego has grown beyond his capabilities, just what is what!!)

But alas I do not miss playing wow, so I've gone back to my dusty old xbox to game. After a very failed experiment with Kinect (do you realise just how much space that thing requires?), I've gone back to my two old favorite past-times on the the little box that could: Drinking beer while playing gears of war coop with an old buddy, and playing the Bioware legendary series: Dragon age: Origins and Mass effect 2.
And it shouldn't really come to no surprise to anyone who love quality RPG's that I have been playing the Dragons age sequel demo.

In fact. I've played it a little too much I think. First I started playing it with the class combo I usually love (warrior, tank) then I went through every single variety you can play the class/gender combo.
So I have completed it as: male/female rogue with bow, male/female rogue with daggers, male/female warrior with two-hander, male/female warrior with 1 handed sword and shield, and female mage without healing spells, and male/female mage with healing spells.
So I feel pretty confident in giving out my advice on what to play.

Firstly Bioware has gone with their mother-company in the way of *horrible* marketing of the game.
(btw, if there is one link of mine you should follow and see, it is the one above, please please do not rob yourself of "Extra Credits" show on EA.)
And if you chose to play as a female, you get the promise of hot girl on girl action from the black chick, and if you play as a guy, you get the exact same offer. Good thing, she is not choosy. Bad luck of you are a straight woman playing this game.
Oh who am I kidding, at age 29, I am one year away from being to old to play games, because we all know that gamers are male, white, and between 8-29 years old. FUN FACT: Larissa is a fake, she does not really exist.
Secondly, they are marketing the game via facebook with an: copy this advert text to all your friends, and if one million gamers to that, you get an virtual sword.. or book, or something, at the start of the game.  That is not really how facebook works. At least not for me. I doubt any of my friends on facebook are friends with me, because I post commercials on their pages... Hopefully it is for the fun fun "click this if you want to see the scandalous Paris Hilton drinking contest" links that I send em....
I mean, I get the first competition: get a million to download and try our demo, and there is a community reward. That one rocks. The second: *complete* the demo, and you get a headstart weapon. Cool.... But "save us publicity money, by becoming our advertizing whore??? No thank you.

Where was I? Oh right classes. So female is out... or in, depending on whether you want to have naughty conversations with women... or with women. Ehm.
Point is, gender doesn't matter. At least they got that right.

Classes however are much more fun to chose between. But first, a spoiler alert: Depending on whether or not you chose a mage yourself or not, either your sister, the mage, will die, or your brother, the hot-head-warrior, will bite the dust. That way, the game ensures that you will always have a mage, but only one. So make sure that if you make a mage, for yourself, make sure that sis gets some healing spells, or if you are a mage, make sure *you* get some healing spells. Because healers, just like the first game, are extremely overpowered. So you want one in your group.
Secondly, the game hooks you  up with a tank early on. So don't bother rolling one yourself, because two tanks are dumb.
Thirdly: for me, rogues with daggers, do not work. They are not fun, they are underpowered and they do not seem to do more damage than the two-handed warrior (but they die more easily). Rogues with bows, however, rock!
This has as much to do with your groups initial setup, (a dps warrior, a mage [who will heal], a tank and you. This begs the question, are Bioware trying to condition you to roll a rogue? They are the only class with a build in, advantage: they can pick locks, and the group setup is made for bow-using rogues. Only weird thing about em, is that their first level ability is "backflip" out of trouble

And when you compare that to the mages first ability: "Blow an enemy's mind into blubber", it does not seem all that impressive.
But a lot of the class choices, like I said, build on how the demo is set up. I was dead set on getting myself a bow-shooting-baddarse rogue for when the game came out. Until I tried the game again as a warrior, and realised: I cannot hide from what I love, and I love having a big shield and slamming it.

The only great thing about rift for me, and this is a really really REALLY great thing: one ability that their Paladin got: Face slam.
Let me quote the ability description:

Slam a shield into an enemy's face for 175 to 179 Physical damage, modified by Strength, in addition to interrupting casting
I dunno about you, but I get a very vivid mental image, when I read that description. Take that puny spell caster!!

What did I think of the demo overall

Once I got over the fact that I did not need to worry all that much about the demos group set-up and could play what I enjoyed the most, I must say that imo, the game has taken everything right, from the first game, and kept it, and fixed everything *wrong* with the first game.
The "talking scroll wheel" thing works better. No more "I didnt click that" or "what *that* what that meant" moments, that I still have in both Mass effect games, and in the first dragons age.
Ai seems smarter. And I can choose much easier now, whether I want to be the field general and pause/give orders all the time, or just tank plouhg my way through the game, while the others in the group do their damn jobs!

The holy trinity of tank/dps/healer lives very strongly in this game, and I think that is a plus. overall I am looking very much forward to once again getting a game that can consume my whole non-working time.


  1. there are 2 romantic interests for girls who like guys, though if the rumor mill is correct - they are going to make them not so choosy as well (including the character that prior to that was only actively interested in women...sigh, I think they are overcompensating for Mass Effect's lack of gay options?)

    that said, bioware games are fun :) ever since I stopped playing WoW, I've been rediscovering all the solo rpgs out there (not just bioware either) and while I don't regret the time I spent in WoW, I'm pretty glad I finally gave it a rest. so many interesting things to do...

  2. I was only reffering to the demo, in regards to the love interest. That was me trying to be all mature and put myself in the stead of a gay male or a straight female playing the demo. If I was either i'd be disappointed tbh. But only with the romantic part of the demo, im sure the game will have plenty for every prefference. It is bioware after all.
    ...Wherent there gay options in mass effect?

    Please do recommend me som solo rpg's that can stand up to biowares ones :)

  3. oh right demo I kinda gave up on it, because it was so fragmented :/ I'd rather wait for an actual game to come out), I've been haunting the bioware social network, so I'm getting a lot of other info. word on a street is everyone is bi. it hasn't been proven yet, but its a distinct possibility judging by some of the developer comments

    there weren't official m/m options in Mass Effect, only a sorta f/f option with asari - people just mod their games to have their favorite option available, which I'm fine with, until they start campaigning for bioware to add their favorite options in that capacity into Mass Effect 3, I mean really after 2 games we're going to pull the "I wasn't, but now I am???"

    annnyways, there isn't much that comes close to bioware games and I've been mostly shifting between Mass Effects and Dragon age recently, but The Witcher is pretty nice (took me a bit to get into, but its not bad at all - and I've been hearing good things about Assasin of kings, I'm playing first one at the moment though), Metro 2033 (I'm a fan of the book, so I may be biased), fallout 3 and Stalker games are pretty cool and king's bounty games make for a lovely diversion (I did mention I've been catching up :) )