Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dragon age 2, forced team-mates

(this contains a semi-sort of spoiler)

in this opinion-piece I'll talk a wee bit about dragon age 2. This will assume that you have played the first game, or at least know of it... or the gaming term: holy trinity.

There is one person in Dragon age 2 that I do not like: Anders. More on that little whiny sourpuss later.

First Spinksville has a very accurate writeup about this game that very much is on the same wavelength as my initial impression is... on. Read that if you want positives. Because the game is fun. If it was not for this little whiny prick
"Ugh, do we have to do stuff, can't we just mope around?"

 Argh, I hate you Anders. Stop ruining my game.

"But Dwism" you might say "why not just ignore him and play with another group setup?"
Because he is the only frikking healer available, since I rolled a warrior. Nobody told me, I'd only have one mage available who had healing powers. And you *need* a healer with you, at all times. Maybe unless you play at the easiest mode. But otherwise, you will need a tank and a healer with you, in order to make it anywhere.
This is why the "we only have one mage with healing options" pisses me off, so much.
How come I don't get a say in who I want with me?

Just look at him. Ugh.

But otherwise the games great.


  1. I've always found this uncomfortable tension in Bioware games between party mechanics and story. Inevitably I end up feeling pressured to take a certain class synergy for the combat despite just wanting to take what characters I like the most. I agree, it sucks.

    On the other hand, I find Anders far more tolerable than the painfully dark and emo Fenris. It's like he was designed by a 16 year old girl with a crush on Sephiroth from FF7.

  2. Oh, I should have mentioned, in *my* Dragon age 2 game, there is no Fenris. For two reasons: I'm the warrior and.. well your reason :)

  3. Silence, fatty! You WILL respect the mages' authoritah!


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  5. I agree with you about Anders ... what a toolbag. But you completely need a healer and Merrill (my fave, of course) doesn't come equipped with healing. And I sure as hell ain't rollin' no mage.

    I found most of the companions this time around to be very "blah" save Merrill and Varric.

  6. I've rolled a mage for my second play through, and it's fun.
    IMo every character has their own value, and are great fun (not counting Anders), you just need to sit around with them and watch the fun conversations run amok!