Friday, February 11, 2011

It's not you, Its me.

Listen... I've been super busy at work lately. Your awsome, you really are. Listen, Its not you it's me.

Im going to break up with you wow. I think we have both changed. Quite a lot to be honest. It is not anybodys fault. But we just don't really match up together any more.
Like I said, its not really anybody's fault. We both tried hard to make it work. You tried and turn our relationship really casual, and that was cool. I even claimed you where the best you had ever been. But we both know, that was not the entire truth. There where a lot of factors, that played in.
My life fitted so well around you, and your around me, back then.
Things have changed.
I'm not the player you knew, and you aren't the game I fell in love with. We where both trying to pretend to be something and someone, we are not.
I pretended I was still the hard-core raiding type of player. When in fact, I had not really raided anything seriously since back when Lich king hardmode was something we spend the summer doing.
You, on the other hand, kept promising to change, to become cataclysmically different, and interesting.

Let's face it, you never did.

When you went Cataclysm, and threw on one new dress, you really didn't change. You just dazzled me for a short while. 
I'm not blaming you, you tried to be what I thought I wanted. You aren't any longer. And I'm not what you want, either.

You want tanks, and healers that are willing to put up with whining and moaning from strangers. It's really a SICK fetish you have there. I thought I could be that, but in reality I just stuck with the people I knew. I was not as outgoing as you had hoped I would be. On the other hand, you claimed that staying with the same people where what you wanted, but you didn't. You may have given me bonuses for doing stuff with my guildies but you had not changed. You still wanted me to PuG.

I realise I was not easy to understand. I claimed I wanted hard new content, you tried and make your dungeons hard. Then the others you where seeing, started to bemoan that the dungeons where hard.

You where caught in a tough situation, and tried to make the best of it. unfortunatly - in the end- you ended up cutting me off entirely.

But there where other things too. Stuff, that you could do nothing about. Me. I changed. I was no longer happy, spending 7-8 hours a day in front of the computer. I couldn't do that any longer. I've grown old, and tired. Now-a-days when I get home, I don't have the energy and time, you demand of me, at least not what you demand of me, so I can get what makes *me* happy.

And then there was Mrs Dwism. You remember her. You two used to have a casual hanging-out- sort of relationship. I was cool with that. Anyway. Mrs Dwism and me.. ehm well...
We've gotten pregnant. Mostly her, but i'm a guilty party too. That has done a lot to take my focus away from you. And i know this hurts now, but I am very happy that im going to be a daddy-dwism. Its a gurrrl!!

Hopefully someday, me and mini-me will pick up your latest version and we will play together the three of us. For now, other stuff is on my horizon.
Stuff like baby clothes
baby toys

And other stuff.

I loved every second of our 5 year relationship, and I would not trade the years of /played  time for ANYTHING. But I've changed, and its time to realise, that the two of us have grown apart.