Monday, December 12, 2011

To thine ownself be true.

You always, always say "Be true to yourself," but you never say which part of yourself to be true to! -Buddy/Syndrome to Mr. Incredible

The day before the big day, and as the above quote reveals, I am having doubts as to what part of myself to be true to. This is all about choosing a starting class in swtor - Of course.

I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately

When you choose a class in an mmo, you chose more than just mechanics and pixels. You are also choosing how you present yourself to your fellow gamer. This holds especially true in such a story driven game as Star wars the Old Republic.

As a sidenote, if you do not believe me, try rolling a night elf hunter in WoW and naming it some form of Legolas. have fun!

With every class in Star Wars, comes a set of caricatures. The counselor is the diplomat/healer, the inquisitor is the schemer/corrupter ect ect.

And this week. The week before launch of the actual game, I'm starting to doubt which me I want to represent me in swtor.

I've boiled it down to two.
Trooper Vanguard
Jedi Knight Guardian
So both are the fighting defenders of the Old Republic. Both can be the protectors of the innocent, and tanks for the groups. I want to play that. But where do they differ? Mostly in two aspects. At least where I am  concerned. 
One is the melee, getting into the brawl, using a effing lightsabre, the other using a big gun (and a vibroknife), and using the (new for mmos) ranged tank mechanics. 
So tried and jedi or new and trooper. At least when tanking. 
The other place they differ is in aesthetics. Look at em. Both are damn cool. 
One leaps into the middle of the fray, the other throws big damn grenades!

So far what I've done is this: I've flipped a coin. Like any true old pen and paper D&D gamer would. Allowing Tymora to help me. 

 Jedi Knight won. But I've decided to switch between em till I get to around level 20 before I make my final decision. How their stories evolve, how I feel about the type of responses my character makes, how their armor looks (yes I am that shallow) and how they feel to play will be the deciding factors. 
For example I really felt that the Imperial Agent got extremely clunky once I passed level 10 and chose Operative. Bare in mind, that I did not level the operative beyond level 14, so maybe there is hope that they work better later on. As another example, I really liked the bounty hunters story (well, it had promise at least) but I dreadded the way I read his responses, and the way he *said* em. Those are the pittfalls I am looking to avoid.
If they both end up being equally fun and exciting, I've already tossed that coin, because I do not want to repeat my WoW-mistakes of having more than one type of tank rolled. Gearing two tanks is a scenario I do not want to think about. Especcailly since I want a dps alt and a healing alt too.

I'll get more into this once the game launched.

Oh and there is a guild.
It's locked for launch, but if you find yourself in swtor and feel a bit lonely, Look a member up with the phrase "I am Dwisms biggest fan, I love him about everything else, show me to your leader".
Or, you know, just say hi.

See you in game!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

But O, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes

How DARE they?

Bioware, you are the scum of the earth.
We're happy to finally announce today that Early Game Access begins December 13th, 2011. This means that everyone who has pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic and redeemed their pre-order code will have up to seven days to play the game early.
 What is wrong with you? Did you ever stop to think that we players might have other plans? How am I supposed to be able to finish *both* Revan and my Republic commando series before launch? And what about my poor wife? HUH?? Now I won't have time to buy her a Christmas gift.

God Dammit. And my holiday doesn't start till the 16th, what if I get in on the 13th? then what? Did you guys just cost me my job? Thats just fantastic. Thank you sooooo very much, now my kid won't get any presents either because daddy's poor and unemployed. All thanks to Bioware. And you actually say you are "happy to announce" this? Damn you sadistic swine!

However, we still need to remain flexible during Early Game Access, and this led to the decision to notify people on the day that their Early Game Access begins.

Oh that's just great, so now I can't sleep either? Oh wow, brilliant. You are truly evil. Now I have to sit in front of my pc, clicking F5 constanly looking at my inbox. While I starve and soil myself? Are you happy now?

Damn you all to hell

OH OH OH and then IF I survive this launch, and survive playing 24/7 I'm going to run out of context in like 2-3 months?
Great. thanks.

Sourpuss neverhappy (MR.)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow

Yes I'm sticking to my plan to make all December posts start with a quote from the poet.

So, Beta ended
Not with a bang, not even with a fizzle, but with a "Server Maintenance will start in 1 minute". That was pretty close to the most un-epic gaming event I can ever remember having been a part of.
It was such a huge letdown that all day I've been asking myself "did I really get up early for *that*" (in the EU the testing ended Monday morning at 7 am.)
I know it's very entitlement-ish (that is too a word), of me to expect a whole end of beta event, a la what WoW had back when that beta testing ended. But c'mon at least end beta with "see you in game" or "thank you for participating" or something anything.... Other than "Server maintenance will start..." and then shut down.

So after beta ended I stared at the final server list, being offline and going "meh". Not really the feeling one should get for a game you are supposed to be excited about. Because there is plenty to be excited about.

Firstly, beta wen't smooth. Game looks to be rock solid and ready for the heavy load of live. Especcially when you include the headstart ease on the servers we will get.

Oh and how do you ensure that you will get in early? You write spammy twits to @rockjaw where you call him a wide variety of colo(u)rfull names and bonus if you insinuate that his SO has male genitalia. Seriously, I've seen people do this. Try and look at the @rockjaw posts sometime. I'm glad i am not a CM some times.
But in relevant news

No, #SWTOR CE owners do not get more Early Game Access: 30 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto
(I ofc wrote him 52 tweets telling him to suck it! Suck it hard trebek!)

Sad new perhaps, but relevant.

What did I get to do?
Other than fall in love?

I got to try classes out. I got every single class of it's starting planet, bar 2: Smuggler and Trooper, my two mains come launch.
I am not spoiling even a fraction of their story (well that's not true, but i'll get to that) and I loved all of them. Some more than others. And some for other reasons than others. For example the Imperial Agent. Loved the story, hated the class.
Maybe it was the "pew pew with some healing at level 10-13 in instances" -mode I was in that night, but it was an extremely clunky experience. Nothing flowed, nothing clicked. it was just a desperate do some damage, but never any REAL damage, because you have to save energy for heals. Not very fun in my book. So I am considering leveling my smuggler as long range pew.
Also, like Spinks, I loved both the Jedi Knight and Sith warrior, probably more than I really ought to. I am a sophisticated man (no, really) and the whole dual-wielding power-fantasy thing, should be well below me. (thihihihi below me,.... DAMMIT).
Okay so I had fun. So much fun in fact, that I had to cheat. I had to roll a Trooper to make sure I really wanted to play one of those tanks over the JK for launch. Because honestly the bounty hunter left no impression on me, whatsoever, other than the fact that Meko was cute and fun. Anyway, I only needed to play that pretty pretty awesome Trooper for 3 levels and I knew I'd made the right choice.

That left me with Jedi Counselor and Sith Inquisitor, both classes that made up in story, what they lacked in gameplay. Perhaps the shadow tank or the shadow rogue will be better, but for the first 10 levels I was not blown away by them.
Also, when did throwing pebbles at someone equal hurling lightning? Win for the baddies right there.

I got a very limited glimpse at pvp too. Seemed interesting, but I'd have to try more to make any other comment than "seems interesting".

Then I got to spend one glorious Saturday night playing through Black Talon with two old WoWfriends. One of them being the soon to be active again blogger Calli of PewPewlazors (dunno if this is in fact true, but I will punk him to start writing again.)

And apart from Calli pointing out -glaring- plotholes. I loved it. It had everything one could hope for in a low level instance. Great pace, fun, lovely story (apart from the GLARING plot holes... make Calli explain em, I was in a shock and awe state), great twist (did you know that there are two very distinct dungeons in there, depending on whether or not you let someone live or die.. glorious).

AND as an added bonus to me and my other friend who was not Calli: after 20 runs (give or take) Calli had yet to get *any* loot on any of his alts.
And I'm not sure whether I should tell this or not, but very late, at the very end, a chestpiece did drop that he could use. There was an awed silence over mumble. then the following happened: 1 pass, 2 greed rolls. One player won his greed, the other was Calli.
Turns out it does matter if you click on need or greed, even if the item is for you. So much fun.

Something worrying
All in all, the game holds great promise in my eyes. And even if end game proves to be a dud, I still got 8 great stories to try out before I run out of things to do. So I am happy. They didn't make kotor 3, they made kotor 3-10!! So single-player RPG'ers rejoice.
Yet, end game looks to be at least slightly fun, so it is win all around.

But something about the beta ending, worried me. How do you have a big blowout at the end of beta? this is the first mmo (not counting Star Trek online) I've played where the two factions can't really 'reach' each other. How do you raid the Empires capital? How does the Mandalores spread fear in our hearts by attacking our homes, when it's a city in space, and not a castle that can be laid to siege? And other than the reunited Mandalores (face it, they will come) what enemies exists? Except Empire and republic? That was at least something WoW had going for it. Combined stories, bigger threats. ect ect.
I am curiously awaiting how expansions will handle this.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A rose by any other name. My Legacy

My guilds name is "House of Montague", so I am going with titles following that genre all December long!

I am of course talking about The Legacy System.
In short, when your first toon completes chapter 1, you get the option of choosing a Legacy name. It is a sort of surname/title that you can use on all toons on your server. So you can have "[name] Rosebud" or "[name] Of the Rosebud Legacy" on every character you make.
The idea is fantastic. First of, it shows people who know you, that you are you, even on alts. If you become known as the bestetst crafter, nicest guy, bad-ass tank or whatever, you can still play on alts and have business come your way. Or if you want peace, you can turn it off and be a nobody.
It's one of those things I never knew I missed in wow. Especially since all pvp and pve in swtor will be server only. No cross-server anonymity.

Server reputation matters again
This is back in the vanilla wow days, where you spend months building up a rep. Where if someone acted like a complete jerk you could pm his guild master and ask if that was really what the guild wanted to protray itself as, and you knew he would get booted or get reprimanded.
No more internet fuckwad theory.

Sure instances takes a bit longer, when people have an actual need to be polite to eachother. But then again, people act polite to eachother, and that actually also (imo) means that if you are not an anonymous body, you care about playing well, and not just be "there for the loot, going afk lol", because you could very soon end up without people who want to run dungeons with you.
And for pvp, oh pvp. Nothings better than running an battleground and meeting your arch-nemesis on the other side of the field, and screw any and all objectives to hunt that motherfucker down and hurt him. Huuuuurt him. 

What I'm saying is, that server reputations will matter again, and I think that is great. Legacy system helps with that, if you have a good reputation on your server. 

What's in a name?
I have two problems with this system: What if I (and the odds here are really really good), pick a name I'll grow to hate? Case in point, my username on was made in a hurry when the site opened up, and I jumbled the letters from rampage around. Seemed like a good idea at the time. 3 years later, and 'Pamrage' is an eye-sore to me, and I can't effing change it. 
Secondly. What name would fit an honest upright Trooper, an morally challenged smuggler and a battle-hungry Jedi knight all at once? For the longest time I was thinking about rethinking Skywalker, for example into Sunrunner, Clouddancer, Raincrawler ect ect. But beside these being sort of silly names, none of em really could embrace 3 such different characters. Not to mention if I decide to give Empire a go.
So now I'm stuck. Maybe I'll go back to rosebud. Or ill find some cool Shakespearean reference, that seems inventive and funny at the time, but in six months will make me want to throw up. 

I hate names.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A look back at the SWTOR stress-test weekend

I sure hope Bioware got their servers stress-tested hard. Because I honestly did not feel much of it.
Sure there where some queues to get in queue to the servers. And one of the in-game stress tests of searching for lightsabers in the knowledge base, went kindda fubar, but other than that... wow. [No never use that word..] other than that... impressive.

The game itself
Looked amazing, felt great, and i did not for a second regret pre-ordering the big CE. As a matter of fact, I think I just might have to get two copies, because mrs. Dwism was very horrible to me, using her feminie wiles to secure the computer (and the game) almost what felt like the entire weekend. Almost.
It was incredible for a seasoned gamer and mmo'er for me to play, but almost just as gratifying to watch a game semi-newb like my wife, having a go at it. And watching her play, made something very clear to me:

This game will never beat wow, it was never meant to either, but it will never get the subscription-numbers that wow does. If it gets 15% of wow's max playerbase, I think the developers are thrilled.

Why? well this game is tailored for a very small and very specific playerbase: mmo gamers who care greatly about story and preferably love star wars. I don't think there are 10 million of us out there tbh. The starting zones are filled with these expectations about the players. You know what a quest looks like, you know how the accept quest - do quest - turn in quest - find sidequests, thing works. You know to be looking at your skills searching for the rotation/mechanics. You know to ignore things like "kinetic damage" and you care about what your answers to questions like "please show those flesheaters justice Jedi" will be and will do.
My wife, did not.

And she has played wow for many years. Some of the stuff above she did know. But as soon as that dialoque wheel turned up the first time, she was ready to turn the pc off. "If they want to tell me an epic story or an interesting story, then I want to know what *they* wanted to answer to these dialogues." She said, when I told her how fantastic it was that you got to decide for yourself what you wanted to say.
I had a hard time arguing with that.

And it wasn't just her. I had to spend way to long figuring out how where and when to select my advanced class. Not which class. But where the trainer was, at what level and how to find the guy who gave me the quest to get the advanced class options.
That is all fine and good, if you knew that at level 10 you had to look for a trainer. Non-mmo gamers won't know to look for that, and I honestly doubt that they will read that crummy little 'clues' scribble on the side. Because who bought *this* game to read quest-texts??

And after I finally managed to find the damned trainer for my Sith Warrior, and trainer the dualweilding talents. I spend a good 30 minutes looking for a vendor that would sell me a second lightsabre. Then I spend 20 minutes finally finding a forum post telling me to first: a) talk to trainer, b) look in mail and c) open inventory to find new item hidding within all those greys, that you can open for your second lightsaber.

That is not taking the player by the hand.

Do I sound angry? I am not, I love this game. I am just coming to terms with the fact that this will most likely be a niche game. Thats fine too, as long as the xpacks won't suffer from it. It is just something we have to keep in the back of our heads, if you ask me. WoW was a great game in taking in new players and getting them to actually learn to play their game. From betas starting zones, this is not the same type of game.
I had my dad try it out. He is an old school Star Wars fan, so he wanted to play as Han Solo (ofc, my mom loves Harrison Ford), it started of great! While I was cooking dinner he threw himself at it.

Histoy lesson; my dad bought me my first Super nintendo, and gameboy. Later playstation 1. And we played loads of games together. he isn't one of those "lets sit grandpa in front of the pc and laugh" types. So when he gave up after 5 minutes, because they where shooting at him, and he coulnd't aim at them (think he thought that since they had blasters it was a shooter), I knew. This game is not for beginners. It is for Gamers.

For us gamers, and those beginners with patience and a drive to get to learn it dammit, it is a great game. It just won't suck you in after 5 minutes of gameplay like one certain other mmo.

Before we get to stuff I like 
And while we are at the whinging: WHY oh why did you have to put light/dark requirements on my gear?
There was a great post on the beta tester forum, that summed up said: Why did you do this? min-max players will skip dialogue, quests and story will not be important. Again.
I cannot kill this npc who rubs me the wrong way, because then I won't have light 5 and I won't be able to wear my belt.
FU... count to ten.
All of a sudden your character goes from being either a) an extension of yourself in the star wars universe or b) the type of character to want to be in the star wars universe to this: I don't care about what they are talking about. Just give me my damn light-side/dark side options and points.

This is horrible. This is why I won't raid. Please don't keep this in game. I want my character to only chose dialogue options based on what my character wanted to say or do, NOT because otherwise his boots will suddenly fall of.
Can't we change this? How about one one type of boot exist, but it changes looks depending on how many ranks in dark/light you have. You know, as a reflection of your action instead? It is so easy to solve. Why do Bioware insist on keeping it this way? /sadpandaface

Also, can't we do something about dialogue wheels? How about if you mouseover an answer you get the whole thing, your character is going to say? Too many times in beta did I click something and he said something else. As the best of my recollection one options read: "It might be dangerous for you" and what my goodietooshooe inquisitor said was: "If you oppose me, I'll kill you." ... Yea not really what I wanted to say there really. I was hoping more of the protection sort of way that it could be read. So mouseover and I see the whole thing.
Then you can not do it, when you do not care all that much. Just a thought.

Allright good stuff
This is sort of good in a bad way, but I loved way too many classes to ever justify having a life. I want to see all the stories. I want to see all the places. The weekends biggest video (starfleet Dentists, how I love thee) was one of the things that got me hyped the most. Look at those locals. I want to go there. I want to live and play in this game. Target of target will come very soon. So will addons. Don't worry. Everything will be fixed later. Classes will get fixed so that they are all equally powered. But those locals, are set, and they are awesome. The story is set, and it is awesome.
I bet right now, actors are voicing the next two expansions. Ever thought about that? And we don't even know what the emperor looks like.

For me, this is looking to be an incredibly great game. I love story, I care about lore, I am a mmo veteran. Even at one point I raided at a semi-top level. I've been there, I want that joy again. And star wars seem to bring it.

Biggest problem I have is ristricting myself to one toon at first, and hopefully only 3 in the end. But what order?
Trooper first! I think

If you are on the fence about this game. Please note at the things I am getting upset about. Gear and dialogue-misunderstandings. and none are even major issues in those areas. Conversations DO work. It's just that sometimes not how I wanted them to. Maybe that is actually real life for you right there. You want to tell your prisoner that you fear his life is in danger, and all he hears is "ill kill you" hmm.

But please, fix dark side/ light side ranked gear. Because that sucks.

December 16 see ya'll there (or later)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our goal in this weekends beta-test for #swtor - pound those servers

As our kind and generous overlords at Reddit points out, it is important to keep our eyes on the main goal of this weekends beta-test: To pounce on the servers, and hit em hard. The harder the beating they take, the better the actual launch will be (that is my summaries of this text ... that has since been [deleted] for reasons I don't get... Anyway I think the point is solid, the more we bang on the servers, the more Bioware can get good data on the stress launch will cause em, and give them a chance to make launch as smooth as possible.

Here are the talking points as I remember them
 * If you are stuck at authentication or cannot log in. Don't give up. Keep retrying to log in. bang hard on the door, and keep banging
* Report lag, even if it seems obvious, they need to know where the lag-spots are (I acn imagine that the first trading post will be a tough spot all weekend
* Don't log out, ever. Be cruel to them, they harder we are now, the better launch (where it really matters)
* But be forgiving, this is a beta-stress-test NOT a "let me see if this is a game i'll buy" -test. That means that lag will happen, you will disconnect and spend many hours doing so. If you are going to judge a game on those terms you are too stupid to game. Turn off PC, go sit in a corner. Please.

In summary, be happy if you can't log in and keep disconnecting. You are helping to ensure that it won't happen when the game launches.

Be happy that you won't be able to game... yea it's a weird cookie to swallow, but I know it is a mantra i'll keep telling myself over and over and over, when I disconnect or lag or or or.

Happy Betaweekend

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Talent calculator for the trooping tank

Not knowing anything other than a) what abilities do and b) what the talent calc looks like, I've decided to go out where the ice is at it's thinnest and make this build for mah

Shield specialist Vanguard Trooper

If you are not planing to roll trooper the torhead calculator is a great place to toy around with talents for your class/specc - of all the calculators I've seen (three) this one is my personal favorite. Polish is polish, and it looks so very much like the Wowhead calculator im used to (go figure)

Monday, November 21, 2011

How to spend yor time in beta the best way (for yourself)

So let's disregard the main reason we are all going to play beta: stresstesting servers and finding bugs, so launch will be fantastic!
And let us pretend that we are also selfish beings. What is the best way you could spend this weekends beta the best way possible?

Here are my answers to that:

Find your class/race combo

adaram is here to help you out

For those wondering about #SWTOR class/race options. It's not pretty, but it gives you the information from the beta. 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Find out what your main will look like, copy down those face/hair/tatoo ect scale numbers (aka face type 3, hair style 17, body size 15 ect ect)

Give the classes you are interested in a go! Remember, dps/tps/hps doesn't matter, numbers can be tweaked easily.
For me, Ill be looking at how two tanking classes are feeling. Do I prefer the Jedi knight or the Troopers way of engaging mobs and controlling the battlefield. At least I hope to get an initial idea of where I want to start.

Remember that there is something called mirror-classes There is no need to ruin the story for yourself, if you are looking at the Bountyhunter, roll a trooper. If that Jedi sage is looking like awesomesauce, try out the sith Inquisitor. No need to spoil anything you do not have to.

stuff I liked since nda got lifted (swtor links)

In no particular order:
Outlaw's den

The very unofficial trailer/teaser of the Smuggler... colour me interested! Second class I'll roll now. Hot diggety

Legacy system (all my waking hours are dedicated to finding a great legacy name.. So far: hasaboner, I chose that in order to motivate myself to finding a truly epic one, knowing that otherwise all my toons will have a boner)'s streams. Some bad some great, but boy did I spend many an hour this weekend watching.

The fact that Im now downloading the game for this weekend!! nuff said

Also r2db ( ) is looking good, it didnt have the same bug, that torheads talent-calc have. However, you can tell that they are not as polished as the guys behind wowhead are. Its like chosing the polish of apple, versus the plentyfullness of andriod. I like both.

Edit: forgot the Red Rancor series of showing dungeons. Cannot wait for pt 3

pt1 of the awesomeness that is directive 7 

part 2 starts kicking things into gear 

and pt 3... is here nau

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Short news: beta weekend confirmed for 25th-28th!/SWTOR/status/137114739221340160

What more to say?
Oh, yea i'm getting more and more confused as to what class I'll roll.
Now I'm up to 3: smuggler healer or trooper tank or Jedi knight tank. Must be a positive sign.
Hopefully this weekend will help me a little bit to decide, because i am CERTAIN that a stress test doesn't mean constant lagging and chrashing server. Never ever ever

No real update... yet

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Faction change in SWTOR...? unpossible

The people want what they want. And my people (the massive 3 of em in my swtor-guild) want to play Republic.
And since those who insisted we went Empire, or they would not play, have decided not to play either way, we did a quick poll and the votes where in two camps: "I couldn't care less" and "immagoodguyyesREPUBLIC" (my paraphrasing).
So that part was easy. Then came the harder part. faction changing on the website. Could not be done. So I had to delete our guild, created on guild-launch-day, and make a brand new guild with the same name. And the same people. Only, Now I'm set to be a trooper with a really really big... gun

That got me thinking, should old friends decide to stop, and new friends emerge who where Empire, what could I do? In many other games (wow), there is an option to pay some money, and change to the other factions mirror class (or same class for the other faction) - in swtor, that option seems to not only not available, but it does not seem to even be considered.

Q: Can you have a Twi'lek dancer in your starship?
 Daniel Erickson: No, but if you have the CE, you can have a holo of a Twi'lek dancer in your starship.
 Q: Faction change?
Daniel Erickson: NO.

 I intentionally left in the question just before the one about faction change to show how they usually answer a (more or less dumb) question politely and calmly, every question except the faction change one. NO.

This makes sense. This game is not WoW, it is not aimed at people who could care less about story, factions, morale-questions. The crowd who only want to play the game and have fun, are welcome, but it is not catered to them. At least not how I read this.

This is not a game that aims to please as many people as possible, this is a game that wants to tell 8 character specific stories and 1 grand story-arc in the most exciting time in the star wars universe; the time of the old republic. And I hope to the higher powers that I'll only get to play with people who get this.

Think back to the first Old republic game, some parts of the game-play was sub-par, some things where downright frustrating. Same can be said about the Dragon Age games or Mass Effect (DUNEBUGGY YOU*LL BE THE DEATH OF ME), but the story made you keep going.
This is what is being attempted to be made into an mmo. Every Operation, every Flashpoint, every Scenario plays a part in that grand story Arc. (Okay, so Huttball probably pays a smaller part than some of the other scenarios, granted.)

And I do hate. I really really do

For me, this means three things: I'll get to play a Trooper with a really really big gun, and that trooper, will never become a bounty-hunter. Unless I start anew with a bounty-hunter with a frikking flamethrower.. and I just might.
It also means something else; It means that even though I won't have time to grind out gear, or spend weeks raiding to see end game content, I can still feel a purpose in leveling a new toon, because the leveling has a point of it's own, and not just to get to endgame where the real game starts, asap. I love that.

But thirdly, it also means that, for now, I'll have nightmares about the general chat being clustered with old wow-players going "why do I have to kill that guy, lol" "where am I supposed to go nau?" "NO I didn't see the cinematic im trying to get to max level fast, not lol about in n00b zone plox"... /sigh
If I'm lucky they will all roll super evul bad guy Sith, and leave me and my Trooper the hell alone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SWTOR is the future game for me...

...But it might not be for you. 

I am committed to Swtor. It holds everything I could wish for in a game. Or at least the promise of...
No matter how much I appreciate Blizzards next expansion, I am still cancelling my WoW sub, next month. I've preordered the CE (although I've discovered today, that I've lost my receipt).
I've pulled in my remaining vacation, for the first weeks of the games release. And I've explained to my 3 month old daughter, that "When Daddys game is coming, the two of us will be on a break, it's just something daddy's gotta do". To which she replied "aggggwhaagyy prrrhhhffff" while giggling. She has known me her whole life. She gets me.

Mrs Dwism on the other hand, has not known me her whole life, so she is somewhat less happy about the thought of me, playing a video-game over x-mas. Leaving her alone with a newborn. So there are still a few potholes left in my plan.
Oh and I'm guessing my family will want to see me over the holidays too - But frankly after Mini-Dwism came to this world, nobody really bothers talking to me, just as long as she is there. So maybe I could just arrange for someone to deliver her around the extended family for the holidays... hmm ponder more on this I will.

What is it I like, and why you may not like this game

Notice how I avoided the whole "this is not the game you are looking for", I am very proud of not falling into that pit.. fall.

Story will matter. You will care about story. If you do not care about story, but just want to pwn some n00bs. Then maybe this game is not for you. Because if you skip something as important as story in this game. You will quickly discover that the quests are not roller-coaster rides of mini-plants vs zombies games, or dance dance mania or weird escorts with someone riding a spider. This may be fun, but for now, by most accounts, quests are used for two things: driving the plot forward (aka story) and letting you get to learn how your class works. So whattayaknow, there are a lot of "kill this" "pick up that" quests. This is an mmo. Did you really hate playing Gears of War 3, because there was too much shooter in your shooter?
If you are going to skip story, and aren't into pvp, then this game might not be for you. Go play with pandas.

The holy trinity (maybe the big four is more appropriate) 
There are tanks, there are dps, there are healers. That is the working formula for mmo's and that is repeated in SWTOR. I like the trinity. It lets me play the role I like, and I've not ever seen any other mmo with a formula other than the big four  (ranged dps, melee dps, tank, healer). And if you hate that way of playing pve, then maybe swtor is not for you.

One of my favorite passtimes in mmos have been with crafting. I love it, and SWTORs looks to be grand. If you hate crafting, then don't do it! SWTOR might still be for you, just don't go whine if those who do craft make more credit and earn better gear easier than you.

If you hate pvp, then don't pvp. But I do think that you should give swotors pvp a chance. It looks to be a blast, and the way they let tanks play an important part too, combined with pvp with story and Huttball - Whats not to be intrigued about? Give it a go, if pvp is still not for you, then there are loads of other things to do in swtor.

If the only reason why you grind dailies or do "stupid" mini-games in other mmos is for the gear, then maybe swtor isn't the game for you. The only known mini-game (that I know of) is spaceship combat, but that won't bring you epic gear. Space-combat will only grant you space-combat stuff. Also, I'll bet that pazaak is coming up soon..ish

If you are gaming the system with darkside/light side companion points and social points, then swtor is not the game for you. Stay away.
Those points are meant as a reflection of the type of character you play, not the other way around. Please stop whining about that you "have to" chose to kill the orphan, because you need the dark side points. You don't. You don't need to kill any orphans you do not want to, and you don't *need* any points. The points will get there, if you want to look dark and seedy. And there is no gear withheld from you, if you do not max out your light side points. There are gear-looks, withheld from you, but "cape of über power" that requires +72 dark side points, will have a counterpart with same gear-stats but which is made for neutral toons. So stop gaming a system, only thing you will achieve is you will ruin the game for yourself.

What I am not trying to say

Is to stay away from this game. What I am trying to say, is: Don't go into this game with the hopes of it being something it is not going to be. Hell, the things I like now, may even change before release. Maybe you will be required to have x amount of light/dark side points to be able to enter Flashpoints. Look at what the game offers or hopes to offer, and not what you want it to offer. I read somewhere about some players wanting to try out Star Wars Galaxies first in order to see if they would like swtor. That's not good. Hopefully what I've written here, will get you excited for the game, I know I am. And if you are, I'll see you in game, where I will tank n spank n pvp ya'll as a... well so far as a Bounty hunter, but hopefully I'll get into some beta first to see how it all plays out.

Until the holidays and launch. Have fun, and pray with me for pazaak!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pandaren - Just what the Doc ordered

Before this weekends WoW announcement of pandarens misty Expansion, I wrote this in a comment over on Spinksville:
[In regards to the new expansion] preferably not one with pandas in it. If they do announce mists of Pandora, to me, that would mean they have gone back on one too many promises.

What I would hope for is one last expansion, where they fight of Sargeras’ Burning Legion, holding them of Azeroth permanently. Thus ending the saga of WoW with a bang, rather than having it fizzle out due to fewer and fewer subscribers. To alas, that will never ever happen
 So why am I now claiming that MoP (Mists of Pandaria) is just what the Doc ordered? Well mostly because the rumors I had read about what the expansion would hold, where mostly unfounded. But what does the expansion hold, that I think will save WoW?
Let's take a look at what it has to offer (and what it, thankfully, does not)

New Class
- Gone is the adult themed dangerous DeathKnight, the (let's face it) Emo-class of WoW. And in comes the ninja. Sure they call him a monk, but to kids, that's just a mysterious Ninja. And kids is what WoW is all about. There are no complicated "father raised me to be a king, but i killed him and has myself become death incarnated" -themed Arthas. There are drunken pandaars, and... pretty landscapes.

New race.
They are cute, they are fun. That is something the Horde has been serverly missing. A non-brooding proud warrior or seedy undead'ish race. Alliance have both Gnome and Dwarf already, but still in my optics that is a race-choice that will be popular. So popular in fact, that they skipped it for The Burning Crusade as the new Alliance class, and instead Gave em to both Horde and Alliance. That - to me- speaks volumes on just how popular the Pandaars are out there.

Something for the kids
Like I mentioned before, WoW has had it's fair share of adult themes. Incest, patricide, Corruption ect ect ect. Now there will be Pokemon-ish combat where cute pets battle it out. There will be Public Quests (took em long enough) that gives you easy access to grand heroic type of stories. And like I said, a cool class, and a cool race. Not necessarily a deep class or race, but cool easygoing and fun.

Something for pvp
The whole expansion is about the war between the alliance and the horde, there isn't a big bad pve boss. So yea, pvp players will be happy

Something for pve
Challenge-mode dungeons, World bosses, Scenarios. Note that non of the new stuff is deep, but instead easy going and fun.

Something for the casual players
Look above, all the new things are for casual players. They even made the talent-system even easier. Historically there has really not been all that much for casual players to do, once they hit level-cap. Dailies, professions and digging, and that was pretty much it. Now, however, dungeons are made to be even shorter. So you "won't have to do just one per night". Any non-casual gamer would frown at that qoute, because not since vanilla have gamers felt like there was only time for one dungeon per night. But for casual players (and speaking as one since I got my baby-girl) finding time for ONE heroic per WEEK, is a hard job. So I can definitely see where they are coming from.

Still dark themes
The Mantid are ready to get more fleshed out. Oh there will be dark and cool and oh-wow things also.

Point is
Blizz have realised that hardcore gamers will always find plenty things to do. They will raid, they will pvp, they will raid with alts, so they can swap for perfect group setups. They will spend 50 hours camping a spot for a world boss spawn. Hardcore, are like that. So why cater to them? Now the casuals will be like Tobolds wife (and to some extend me, these days) They will level an alt from 1-85, look around. and reroll class. They can only do that so many times before they cancel their sub. With this expansion all of a sudden casuals will have plenty of stuff to do, other than leveling.

... also, Tauren Monk? Win! (or gnome monk)

What I am trying to get at, is that you can't compare Lightsabers with Pandas. If you do, you dont get it.
Wow has become a game for *everyone*. There are so many types of people playing this game. There won't be in swtor. WoW has an incredible wide appeal, swtor won't. WoW will with this expansion ensure that players like me, will return if swtor turns out to be yet another Conan/Aion/Global agenda/WAR ect ect game. A game that promises a lot, but do not deliver.

In fact, in order to ensure that I won't play swtor for very long, It only needs to fail at ensureing that I have plenty to do at end-game other than raids/dungeons/space-ship minigames.

So WoW has done everything right, in making sure that people who like or liked wow will continue to play, or return. and it has done a whole lot to ensure that new gamers will give it a go. Try selling wrath to your 12 year old Niece. Fat chance.
Try selling MoP to either a niece or a nephew. Won't be hard. Because it is a much wider game now, than both Wrath and Cata was.

Friday, October 21, 2011

60 days (or 8 and a half week) left until launch

So there is less than 60 days left, when this post airs. Loads of news have hit the web since my last post. But if you are looking for a swtor news site you are better of asking a jedi, or giving in to your inner darth hater.

This blog has (until I get to do some actual class testing) changed focus from sith warrior tank to Bounty hunter tank. Hot damn, theres aoe, there is fire, there is funsies!
And as I've posted earlier, the Sith warrior seems to be all about teenage angst and spiky haired morons screaming at each other. Unless I find some complexity in that class, I think they are not for me. And so far, I have not. Only redeeming aspect of Sith Warrior is the (greatly recommended) swtor book Decieved. I really like the moral questions and  - balance that Darth Malgus deals... or tries to deal with. But that is one drop in a sea of "no, I don't want to play that", I'm afraid. The final nail in the deciding coffin was *the* trailer. You know the one.
This one The one where the bounty hunter says: "You will realise what a complete Idiot you are" - after a Jedi tried to mind-trick him. I love love love that.

Since my last post, the Embargo for game magazines got lifted, and loads of previews have swarmed the web.

(Darth hater has gathered most up)

Nice timing, right on top of BlizzCon. Honestly it couldn't have waited a week, so you didn't seem as petty as you do right now Bioware? No? Okay then. Maybe this Fridays update will be "free betas for everyone who cancels their sub to you-know-what!!"

So what is a guy to do for the next 60 days? I'll tell ye: Batman Arkham City, casual wow - taking my time to say goodbye to friends in game and the world itself. And then of course there is this.

The two biggest thing to hit your speakers since 2008

Firstly the biggest love of my life, Mr Tom Waits (musically, of course... then again, He wouldn't have to sing many songs to me to not get kicked out of my bed... erhmm) has released a new album, telling us we are just the same kind of bad as [him] me. The reviews I've read so far, indicate that this is -if not *the* best- one of his best albums to date, and one of his most important ones to boot. If you have not listened to Tom Waits before, you have like 17 albums to get through, and a world of joyment. I recommend you start here. Because that is the song my daughter got named after 

Secondly Maynard James Keenan launched a new record from his side project "Pusicfer", and the previews i've read suggest that this one is.. just awesome. If you have not heard of him yet.. Well I recommend you start with some of the later Tool and then begin loving Pusicfer. But honestly, if you have neither heard of Tool, Tom Waits or Puscifer, Then I don't think we could ever be friends.

So what does all this mean

It means that until the game hits, and this blog -most likely- starts focusing on Bounty hunters tanking, things just might get a tiny bit quieter than readers are used to. Only thing I could see changing this, is if I get some access to some beta, and change my main.
What I have planned is trying to see what sort of official info I can find, about how the different classes work - especially Bounty hunter tanking and Sith Warrior tanking- and writing about that. There is no shortage of more-or-less legal and NDA breaking posts, and movies in the seedier parts of the internet, talking about this. But I am trying to keep my hands as clean as I can. (So far I've managed to stay clean when posting... But I just may have spend a crackload of time reading and watching stuff from certain cake-oriented sites).

Friday, September 30, 2011

the Swtor beta mail gate or the swtorgate

So that was a new way for me to wake up. Checked my phone, saw two mails from bioware. Something about beta.


Turned on pc, logged into saw nothing new. Got confused. Read email more in depth than just the header. Oh fyi this is what the mails looked like

And this is what the headers looked like (those are taken from Reddit)

Turns out it was all a huge mistake, because I am still not in any beta

Earlier today, two e-mails were sent to members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. These e-mails were sent to a larger group than intended, and have caused some confusion in the community. We can confirm that these e-mails were from EA and BioWare and apologize for any confusion they have caused. Please note that receiving these e-mails does not affect your chances to be invited to test the game. Thank you all for your understanding! 

Some people are (and I am not kidding here) threatening to cancel their order of the game over this. Personally, something like this doesn't bother me. It was a human error and not anything deliberate. Bioware has made it clear that this means nothing to the beta-testing status of those who received me mails (aka we are not flagged as having participated and will therefor not be eligible for another test). Those of us who received this erroneous mail are neither better or worse of than anyone else. We where just lucky to get this years best wake-up call.

I am still looking forward to the game, very much so. And I am still very much hoping to get into beta (either testing or a weekend) so I can honey-pot lure more of my friends to start playing this.

You can do it guys, get that Swtor

 So in short: Got a fun email, doesn't affect anything. Still looking forward to the game.
Happy escalated f5 day everyone (aka friday-update day)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let's get happy about SWTOR again - tank classes

..Or I guess, rather, let's get me happy about swtor again.

There has been some snickering at bloggers who felt sour on this whole release date thing
@SwtorLife Cynical much? Sheesh
And I guess that indirectly hits me too. And I know it is a silly of me to feel weird about how they launched the whole release date news, considering the build up it had. Well, it is out of my system now. I'm done complaining.

Now I am just longing for some more in depth on the classes, how their mechanics work. For example, is the Sith Warrior -Juggernaut - immortal class, will it work like (dare I compare? Is it even fair? - Well It seems I dare rhyme) Wow's warrior class? building up rage to perform actions ect. - Will it have a shield?

I've heard that the Sith inquisitor's mechanics are very similar to a hybrid of the Blood-Death knight and rogue, dodging attacks... or maybe not, I hear lot's of things and they sometimes counter each-other. But I have no idea.
- Then again, I don't really have an interest in the inquisitor, because honestly, I find the idea of that class tanking and healing, to be very... odd, given the class is in my eyes a spanish inquisitor, remade. And they don't heal nobody, nor do they take any form of beatings for anyone. Maybe that's just me.

What I am concerned about, is how the two other tanks on the Empire side of things, and that is the immortal (sith warrior) and The Shield tech (Bounty hunter)

Start up, the best overview I've seen is from AskaJedi and it's coloumn 'The Bacta tank'
Not a whole lot, but enough to get an idea of what's what. So for me, my choice is between this guy (can't seem to figure out how to put in a video from youtube that starts at a specific point, in any other way than link)
They spiky haired little tween-boy's wet dream who's 'hate knows no bounds'.

OR the boring version of the trooper. Thats not true, bounty hunter tanks, tank with flamethrowers, so... Win.

Only thing is, that I can't tell the different spec of bounty hunter apart:

 Lore wise I like, no, I LOVE em both, so there is no problem there. I can certainly see myself enjoying both stories. As explained above, I am not sure that the Sith warrior, is designed for a player like me. So far, what they have released the Sith warrior seem to be a one dimensional teenage-angry-kid. Same kind of people who where a fan of He-man because he had such a huge... sword. It is the impotent kid, who finds a violence fantasy to relate to, in order to get the power-feel he is lacking in his daily life.
I am hoping they nuance this a bit (like they did in Deceived) but so far, no such luck - for me.

The bounty hunter on the other hand, seems to be made for someone without ego-problems (playing a star wars game and not being a force-user..) but still has some ego-issues (flamethrower, c'mon :D), and that is really me. I love being off-tank and that is what i read the bounty hunter tank to be; still the tank, but not a force-user tank. They guy who gets the job done, by any means necessary.

So until I get a better feel for how the classes work, I am picking the bounty hunter, and I am getting kindda psyched about too :D

Monday, September 26, 2011

Feeling weird about how Swtor was announced

For anyone who might've missed it: SWtOR has announced it's release on Dec 20/22 (depending on where you live).

Firstly I am thrilled to see that Biowares pricing people have discovered that there is a difference between the value of euro and usd  so I won't feel robbed every month. yea!

Now the part where I feel weird.

For so very long, the word about a release date was a unified "You will know well in advance when the game is coming" examplified with Stephen 'Rockjaw' Reid telling us all to stop reading into everything and

 I've said before that an announcement as big as release date will be so big, it'll come thundering towards us and we'll all hear it long before it arrives. That train's coming... but so far, I'd just say we've laid down some early track.
The whole train thing even became a twitter joke
 Rockjaw: Someone sent me a hat. I won’t tell you what it is, because knowing you lot, you’ll freak out. But person who sent it? It’s here.  (July 1. 2011.)
Rockjaw: Disclaimers: Hat does not imply anything. It is merely a hat. No train is coming (yet). Do not panic. Do not adjust your set. (July 1. 2011.)
 What i'm getting at is this, when we for so long had been told that we would have no doubt when a big announcement like the release date was coming, only to have it sprung on us, what else can't be believed.

I am sort of willingly naive when it comes to marketing. I realize that there is no greater joy than the joy of expectation. So when biowares representatives claim to be on the level and then do a 180 and go against what they have been telling us, I cannot help but feel that my trust in the bioware comunity reps have taken a blow.

"Wait, you are pissed that they gave us a release date? What is wrong with you??"

yea I know, it may seem weird to some, and I am not pissed, I'm just not feeling a great need to trust anything bioware reps say anymore. "We care about story" -no, don't buy it. "we want to make a great game" - like you did with DA:O ?

To me, it is like this, your favorite uncle comes by and say

"Hey kids, I've got some candy for ya! I ordered in online, and they haven't send it to me yet, but i'll let you know when it comes so we can all enjoy it together"

Then a week later you go into your living room and see a great stoking big bowl filled with candy sitting there
"Oh yea" your Uncle says "candy came yesterday".

Now part of you is happy (cuz theres candy) - but would you trust him the next time he makes a promise?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dwarves are classy!

I have a confession to make, for the last 3 months I’ve… done something.

 I've re-subbed wow. 

What got me back? The undead 1-20 experience.
 I read so many places about how great it was, story and quest and game-wise, that I got the free level play thing and went back in. Well before I had gone from 1-15 I had already resubbed and was back on the Alliance side on my Death Knight tank, testing out the new ZG.
Then our Retardin happened. I won’t name names here, suffice to say that he is a dick with arms. Arms that can type on keyboards. I hate him (not really, it’s supposed to be a funny intro to the next part). Mostly I hate him, because he knows me all to well, for someone who is supposed to only know me through my toons in raids.
What he did was this: He looked at our guilds achievements and noticed that we where missing two “classy” achieves. One for pretty-boring-jumpy-freaks aka night elfs, and one for Heroic-awesome lager-drinking-super-beings, aka Dwarves.
He then noticed that both where missing the Mage-component and then he scoured the guild-lists for suckers. What he did to convince one of our lovely healing priests to roll nelf mage, I’ll never know. I just pray that no unborn virgin-children or unicorns where hurt. But the fact was, that when I returned to Sempher fi, she was well into her 70’s loving fire in dungeons. Now what he did to me… That was just down-right diablolical. 
Oh disclaimer: the last two sentences are most likely completely made up, this is just how I imagined it. It may not even have been his idea, nor something he did consciously. As a matter of fact, I have no way of knowing that the priest herself didn’t get drunk of her face and decided to roll a smelly nelf.

Back to the story.
One day while playing on alts, I got a /w from our Retardin. “hey long time no see” It started. He then went on to talk about a mix of old times in raids. Good old times, fond old times. Times of when I had time to raid. He commented on that fact, that I did not raid any longer, and what a shame that was. And then it began.
Again, this is just to make an amusing anecdote, I doubt he is a scheming evul genius, but this way it just makes for a better story, and regardless, the important thing is, that this is how it *woked* on me.

-          Come to think of it, he did manage to play ret even back in Vanilla (sometimes) so he just might be an evul genius.   

Erhm hrrrrm. Then it began. “The guild sure could use that achievement for the guild perk it gives”.  ”Man if only we had someone who wanted to level a Dwarf mage, I guess it is because we don’t really have any Dwarf lovers left since Thorixus left the guild”.
 Okay I am actually 100% certain he didn't say this, but it adds flavor. Thor was a beloved guild member and Dwarf connoisseur who would battle me and a dwarf hunter in guild on who thought that Dwarves where the most awesomest race ever (we all won, when you play Dwarf, it is win for everyone. Never forget stoneform).
Well if nothing else, it reminded me of all the great times I had had with my dwarf alts, and Dwarf playing guildies. I remembered names like Brandi who I have not seen play since back in vanilla. So emotionally I was hooked. Who would defend the proud Dwarfes in guild, if not me? Whom,whom I ask?!?

And then came the final blow. The sucker punch. “it would really mean a lot to the guild and I know [raid leader] has been asking for it, for a long time.” Oh right, [raid leader], the guy who taught me to tank, and whom I feel I owe so very much to, in terms of learning to play, raid and love! Well at least play raid and tank… ehhm.
So I was emotionally hooked, I felt indebted-ly hooked, and I am and always will be a tank. So when I see a damsel in distress (in this case, my guild) and I can rescue her (my guild) I jump to it!
I know I have what has sometimes been described as the “white knight” complex. The biggest feeling I had when I stopped raiding was, that I felt like I let down my guildies. They had been there for me for so many years, and now this baby came and I couldn’t make any of the raid-nights, or weekend 10 manned raids any longer. I felt terrible. For months after I had stopped. I never really missed the game, itself, I missed my guildies. So when I got the chance to return the favor, to feel like we where square on me abandoning them to be an ugly boring adult. AND I got to help dwarves look good AND I got to feel like I was contributing to the guild and not just leeching of their guild-rank perks. Well, had I really any choice?
My old level 40-something human mage was deleted and dreamster  was born.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Well not so little, I think its sort of a big conspiracy. But I do believe that Warlocks will love this news: Mages are effing boring to play.

Frost is really a fun spec, if it wasn’t for that elemental being. Not only did it stand on top of me all the time (like I was a warlock or something), but it has little to no use whatsoever. At least on my hunter I could use my pets to something more than just a dot. Why Blizzard implemented that … thing, I’ll never understand. Now I get why they have been so uptight about no other classes getting a pet.

Fire. Fire is horrible. At lower levels you oneshot targets with fireblast, making all the dot mechanics useless, and at higher levels.. ugh. No control and combustion is just. Well anyone who claims to love combustion (with or without combustion helper addon) are… not me. It is a fighechty twitchy playstyle that just makes for so much un-fun. The aoe in dungeons is fun, at least compared to frost and Arcane, so just a little more fun than watching grass grow.

Arcane. Fun..ish. Id rather play my hunter or lock for ranged, but it beats shadow-priests imo. I never got that whole “burn/conserve” rotation in game, since solo, you never had that issue, and in dungeons I still topped the charts without worrying. But I could see that as a fun thing in raids.

So I am sort of sick of myself and proud of myself for making it to 85 (well before that smelly nelf, who had a 70-something level headstart on me). Decked out in Heirlooms and not playing very often (so I had rested bonus a lot of the time) it took me a combined 3 days and 3 hours 40 min to go from level 1-85

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lack of great class choices for Diablo 3

My biggest problem with the upcoming Diablo game, isn't that I am more excited about GoW (a frikking shooter) than a franchise I litterally spend my entire youth playing. It is not the fact that the only Beta-invite I seem to be able to get my hands on is in a mail asking me

To secure your place among the first of Sanctuary’s heroes,Please use the following template below to
verify your account and information via email.
* Name:
* Battle.account name:
* Password:
* Country:
* E-mail Address:
Thanks and see you all in the Burning Hells!
No, my biggest problem is the fact that none of the Classes hold *any* interest to me. None. I'd rather (much much rather) be playing any of the three followers 
Enchanter, Templar & Scoundrel

 Than I would the 5 classes. None of them seem at all interesting to me. 
Which Doctor
Looks like someone has seem one too many "vodoo is magic for black people" documentaries. They look daft and remind me of something out of 'Resident Evil V'. I could not see myself enjoying playing that for any amount of time.

Demon hunter

"It's a cross-bow thats a machine-gun, and we'll have two because reloading is for suckers". It would make the producers of Van Hellsing hide in shame. 

Wizard is the "We can't call them Mages anymore because we used that name in WoW, and we can't call them Sorceress no more because we want male options too". All I hear is 'You are a wizard Harry' whenever I see the name. Also, keeping with the negative, I've never enjoyed any form of casters in any game I can recall. So lets move on to some more likely candidates for the type of player I am. 

Would I have liked him more in full plate with a shield? yes. Do I like the idea that he reminds me of Logan nine-fingers? More than I can explain here. Unfortunately I fear that so many years ago in Vanilla, dealing with fury warriors wiping everything, has vanned me off any class that is all about wielding as big a phallus as possible. It does look as though he can dual-wield, but anything that class do will - in my eyes- just be a poor substitute for the old D2 paladin.

So that leaves me the


(He knows Kung-fu) Okay so I was a huge fan of the monk in the old games. Only thing that bothered me, was the fact that (as I recall it) they couldn't gear up, and there is something to be said about gearing up in a game all about item-drops. Well that has all been fixed now! So why aren't I overhyped for this class?
Why haven't I watched the trailer to bits? (Other than the fact that compared to some of the other classes, this one just looks plain stupid). I dunno, maybe it is because that whenever I look at swtors classes - and want to play each and everyone badly- or look at Diablo 3's frikking compaion classes and want to play them so much more than the actual classes. I'm left wanting.

I think the point of D3 is that I am no longer a teenager playing Diablo. Since the last game I've grown up. This game seems to be made for 12 year old boys (about the age I had when the first game came out). I mean, just look at this trailer
Clearly made for someone who is either a kid, or want to pretend to be one.

I guess that is fine. Not all games should be made for every demographic, and this time around, and I don't fit in with the target audience. Shame really. I grew up on these games. These games are the foundation for me still playing Blizzard games. I loved em, and it always saddens me to feel I've outgrown something.

Guess I'll keep an eye for Tobolds lovely blog and his talk about the Beta. If an old man like him can love (or even like) the game, then maybe I can too. For now, out of lack of better choices, I think I'll be playing the Barbarian. At least he looks my age...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Huttball, my new favorite sport

I've never been one who went nuts for pvp. This Vid changed my mind (go to source and see it in high def and on full screen).

Also I really love the reasoning behind adding what some people call an 'immersion breaking' game-type.

Originally Posted by 
Why the **** are Imperials and republicans playing a game of football against each other?

That's the question I have for Daniel Erickson and his writing staff.
Hey Folks,

Totally fair question. I wrote Huttball personally and gave it my big stamp of approval. Huttball came from a request by the pvp team to have a mode that could mix sides in the event of unbalanced factions. So it's not Empire vs Republic playing insane death sports, it's anyone who wants to win some prizes and flex their muscles going to Nar Shaddaa, gambling center of the galaxy, and blowing off some steam. Story is important but so are alternate, setting-appropriate activities that give some depth and variety to the world and the gameplay experience. There is a crazy Hutt that likes running huge arena events for his amusement. Your choice if that's the way your Bounty Hunter enjoys spending his downtime.

Hope that helps,
Daniel Erickson
Lead Writer
Star Wars, The Old Republic
I'm honestly okay with this. Just look at the latest soccer world cup. Plenty of countries who do not really like each-other square of. Or remember back to the olympics of the cold war era? Russia and the US had some of the most memorable games during that era. And the republic and Empire are in a cold war, there is a peace treaty, so imo everything looks good!

Beta-weekends, now in Europe too!/Rockjaw/status/104602048481341440

It never even occurred to me, that Europe might get screwed yet again on beta (I've no numeric proof that 'we' got screwed over the first time, but I hear about Americans in Beta, and I'm not, so there is that!), but good to  know that we will get some semblance of beta-access as the US. It is important for me, for mainly two reasons:
1) I want to try out the different classes before launch, to get a feel for them, so I don't "waste" my limited play time on rerolling, and thusly falling behind my other friends playing.
2) I want to have my not-so-commited-yet friends over and frikking show em the game. There is only so much the gameplay vids can do for people who are not yet sold (at least those of my friends who are not yet). So I figured that showing em actual gameplay (not letting em play, because thats not allowed as I understand it), would do wonders. So Bioware, if you want more sales, gif beta-weekend access. thanks

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things that worry me about #swtor

Tobold talked a bit, this morning, about what he calls single-playerness. In short, it is all about whether or not it is good for an mmo to have strong single-player questing elements only (Me reading into what he wrote, most of his post is about how important it is to get in on the launch to see content when it's crowded or when the worlds have dried out).
And it got me thinking about a tid-bit of information - or rather two tid-bits combined, that really nags me about Star Wars the Old Republic.

Being separated, yet together.
What I mean by the above, is that on one hand you hear about the different types of quests you will encounter during your leveling, and end-game:
Quests will be the primary means of advancement for your character. In SWTOR, there will be several types of quests:
Class Quests: These unique quest chains are specifically related to your class, and are meant to be experienced alone, but can also be completed with a group. Those quests are extremely relevant to your character's story and only you can change their outcome and the finale. Each class has an unique chain, and none of it is shared with others.
Side-quests: These quests are not directly related to any particular chain, and they can be started and finished solo in a relatively small amount of time. They still do give rewards and will be important to the advancement of your character. Like all quests in this game, they will have different outcomes depending on your choices.
Being a MMORPG, SWTOR also focuses heavily on multiplayer interactions. Many quests will have you looking for a group of other real players. The group size is slightly smaller than in most similar games (4 players maximum), and the game will feature a soft trinity system that allows players to pick their favourite role while still mantaining a certain flexibility within the group.
World Quests: World Quests are the multiplayer version of side-quests. They will feature single quests or very short chains, built for easy pick up and play, and meant to be played with a group. Your choices will still matter, but only one player will be able to pick a choice per dialogue. A random dice roll decides which player is allowed to talk (This mechanic is true for any kind of quest that is being played within a group, exception made for your personal Class Quests).
World Arcs: These epic quest arcs range from four to ten quests -sometimes even more- and feature epic storylines, big decisions, hard fights, and may have you playing them multiple times on different playthroughs in order to complete them, due to their length. Like World Quests, World Arcs are meant to be played with a group of players.
And on the other hand, you hear about how the various classes will start of and level through, not only different areas, but different *planets* alltogether, and when they are on the same planets, (as seen in the above qoute) the different classes will be doing their own unique and glorious class-specific quest-line.

We have seen how the agent, moves from planet to planet, infiltrating Hutta camps and seducing innocent, while it's starting planet best buddy, the bounty hunter is busy with 'The Great Hunt'.

Examplified from these two previews from PC GAMER The Imperial agent and The Bounty Hunter
and like Tom playing the bounty hunter said
Rather than run between my story and Josh’s Imperial Agent one, it made more sense to team up with a fellow Bounty Hunter.
By the way, those two previews are a great read, so if you haven't already, go read em :)
Anyway, the Imperial agent and his real life friends (well colleague) the Bounty hunter, are on the same frikking planet, and even *they* cannot find an incentive to coop. Imagine if one of em had chosen the Sith warrior!
So you can team up with other people playing your class, because you will be going the same places. Will that only be for the Class quests? How will the side-quests add up?

RL example; I've talked Mrs Dwism into getting the game too. We will be goodi two-shoe Republic peeps. I'll be the no-bs-trooper, and she'll be the smart-well-spoken Jedi-mage.. ehm consular. How will that work out? Will we be able to go off for two hours and do our class-stuff, then meet up at three-fifteen on Alderaan for some world-quests? Or will she be spending 45 minuttes waiting for me? Or will she have to go with me on my "learn to throw grenades" schooling, while I have to grudgingly attend a hearing on the treaty of xyloligguuu 15, because that is where her class quest takes her? so that instead of teaming up, we will be dragging each other down taking twice as long to level?
By the looks of it (at least the way I see it) we will have to level to max, then go around doing stuff together, so our class-quests progression do not get neglected, since we have been told that abilities, speeders, unique and super important stuff, lies within those class-quests.

And another thing
Did you see the class trailers? Especcially the EFFING Sith warrior part??  That is *my* future class Bioware, and he looks like every 12 year old jackass-adhd kids wet dream. "OMG leik wow cool, a mohawk and he likes has two liteswords, and his hate nows no bunds!"

That is *not* the class I want to play. That is something, Nelson Muntz wants to play. Ugh. Look at that Vid. He jumps all over the place. Everything else looks so damned great in that trailer, except that red-skinned devil-lookalike with a mohawk. Looks like what some 57 year old childless PR agent would make up, if he wanted to create an evil-cool guy that "kids theese days" would think where "aw33sum".