Friday, December 10, 2010

It's all about the elements baby!

I am going to get into my feelings about Cataclysm as a whole very soon (tm), suffice to say that the first draft was titled: "Meh".

That is not what this Friday evening post is about. It is about me "getting it". Hopefully I am not the last person on the face of Azeroth to get this, but the theme of the expansion is very much

The four elements
So far so good. In The shattering (the book), the elements play a very large role too. Especially how the 4 elements (water, earth, air and Fiiiire) play with each other.
(soon (tm) i'll get into the two books Shattering and Stormrage)

So anyways. today i found out that there is even MORE about the elements in the expansion!!

in this Alchamy post , Lylirra explains to us that:
We've recently seen a few questions regarding the functionality of Transmute: Living Elements and whether or not its effects are truly random. There's definitely some behind-the-scenes magic to this particular transmute, so we wanted to provide a bit more explanation on how it works.

Typically, when you use Transmute: Living Elements, you will receive 14-16 random Volatile elements (Volatile Air, Volatile Earth, Volatile Water, or Volatile Fire) in exchange for 15 Volatile Life. If you use this transmute while in one of the new Cataclysm zones associated with the Elemental Planes, however, the element into which your Volatile Life will transform will be predetermined. For example, if you use Transmute: Living Elements while in Uldum, you will always receive Volatile Air for your efforts.

Here's a list of the affected zones and their corresponding Volatile elements:

Additionally, alchemists with Transmutation specialization will always receive bonus Volatile elements when completing this transmute. The bonus will be random, though, regardless of which zone you are in.
TLDR: Each zone in cataclysms 4 new zones have an elemental Theme.
MH: is FIRE (they are burning the world tree)
Vashj'ir: is water (I know, I am as shocked as you are)
Deepholm: is earth (again a "well Duh" moment)
And Uldum is Air: (by now I was thinking "why didn't I see this sooner???)

So there you have it. They seem to have actually put some thought into the zones, beside the imidiate story that goes on there. I for one, did not see it coming.



  1. ...I had no idea, I am ashamed to admit! thanks for this, actually makes it all a little cooler :D

    I'm also just starting to transmute volatile lives for skill-ups after 500, so this overview was helpful.

  2. "I am going to get into my feelings about Cataclysm as a whole very soon (tm)"

    so when's soon? You're still alive?