Thursday, December 2, 2010

Conflicting emotions

So this is almost the conversation I had with my boss boss this morning.
This play has 3 people in it, me, my boss' boss and my brain. We will call my bosses boss Tom.

Tom: So Dwism (yep that is like totally what they all call me at work), we are having a kind of important meeting next Wedensday evening. It is about our future budget and some pretty important people will be there, can I count on you to be there and make input on the Y and Z cases?
Brain: NOOOO YOU TWAT, we already have a 10 hour day, filled with screaming kids and boring work, please just say no and go the fekk home.
Dwism: Oh sure, totally. I'll be there.
Brain: MORON
Tom: Good, super listen I want to talk to you about....
Brain: You do realise that this Wedensday will be the 8th right? The day after release of Cataclysm.
Dwism: [twitches]
Tom: Are you okay?
Dwism: Totally, I'm great. Go on
Tom: blah with work blah*
Brain: Say you got something important. Your aunt will die and need to be buried, or you are planning to get snowed in. ANYTHING. You have looked forward to this day for a frikking year, and now you will be at work not playing. AND you have an early morning so no late night gaming either. loser.
Tom: blah blah
Dwism: mmmh totally.
Brain: Your guild will kick you, you won't be their go-to-death-tank anymore
DWism: [Blurts]Oh like I was that in the first place, Sol totally has that spot, he's brilliant, and can make the times plus I only did 10 manned in wrath
Tom: what who?
Dwism: eh what?

/end scene
So yea, Cata will be. Just. Great. Great. Great great great great.

*note: it wasn't boring, it was just work stuff


In other news, Thanks to Consider (see my blog list) I have found the perfect leveling specc


  1. Haha :) Argh.. don't bosses _know_? :P


    It'll all still be there when you do have time :D

  2. It's one night Dwism. I'll spend 2 weeks abroad right after the Cataclysm release as I will. I'll be so far behind when I'm back in January. It's bad timing, but how was I supposed to know when I booked this trip like nine months ago?

    Anyway: I have discussions with my brain as well, telling her to shut up and look forward to the holidays without worrying about wow.

  3. @issy: this just in: I get to work Saturday too

    @lar: My sympathies, I hope you do not suffer from the competition-maniacy that I do!

  4. hehe I felt like that until yesterday when I sat in a job interview, unsure of when I might have to start. seems I have to wait at least another week though (if I'm successful...) which means the coast is clear for cataclysm! =D