Friday, November 19, 2010

Intermission: Fortune-telling time

 So having a wee bit of writers block, following my "way too big a mouthfull" posts series about the look back at WoW before Cataclysm. I thought we could all use a little bit of a time-out.

So I had a little go at the brand new Fortune telling site that Blizz has released.

And it is heaps of fun. There are mentions of Double-rainbows, And diablo (see below)

You are put through a little quest consisting of 10 questions, where your answers determine your class. The questions range from sincere to.. well silly (whoa double rainbow, what does this mean?).

But in the end, the result is hauntingly close to something I mentioned earlier 

After that experience I decided to try my luck with some a fortune teller. The results... hauntingly scary. 


  1. Haha cool :D

    You are such a girl, Dwism :P

  2. PS: I got druid :P


    *You will meet a mysterious dark-winged stranger who will burst forth from the crust of Azeroth*

    Now how far-fetched is that...? :P

  3. I'm not sure what you mean by me being "such a girl". If you refer to the fact that I will never sleep again...
    Well GNOMES WILL FRIKKING EAT ME. Who can blame me.

    If you refer to the fact that I took time out to have my fortune told.. well. Uhm. NO YOU! (/runs away).

    aaaaaaaand getting myself in trouble here: If you are calling me a girl for having writers block: Show me a girl who has trouble with not stopping speaking, and i'll show you a girl who has her mouth filled with.. food. (get your mind out of that gutter!)

  4. @second post: didn't i tell you it was freakish? Also I found that if you take it again and change your answers, you get new questions!! Dammit, there goes my afternoon.

  5. Haha, the *girl* was teasingly aimed at the fortune telling thingy :)

    I would never sleep again if I thought gnomes were going to eat me either.. that's freakishly horrific :D

    and *laughs* at the girl with mouthful :P I'm actually very quiet and say very little in real life.. hence my love of the PC :)

    I'm sorry you're struggling with the writers block, but this was a very welcome diversion for me with everything that's happened :) x

  6. I found it an incredible fantastic distraction on a friday, also :D

    (writing this post too)

  7. Heh I got to be a warrior too...but then I've always been a bit of a battle priest, so it fits! =P

    As for my fortune - "flames will engulf your intestines" that's just lovely, I actually had indian food for dinner last night.

    Great link, thanks for mentioning it! =)

  8. Being a former priest, I can do nothing but agree. The step from the stereotypical warrior/protector, to the (only) healer/protector is a very short one :)

    As far as the fortune.. eery

  9. I got the same: warrior class (after all, my main is a warrior and on every RPG game I've played I've always started with a warrior) and then eaten by gnomes. Very well, I'll try my best to be so indigest and give them a good case of chronical aerophagia.

  10. Kurnak, you are such a wannabe!

  11. I suppose it goes without saying that I was a mighty cowadin, smiting and (self)-righteous. FOR JUSTICE!

    Also I'm totally unsurprised you get eaten by gnomes. Whenever I think of the name Dwism, I think ... that guy is going to get eaten by gnomes one day.

  12. Also I should be on the lookout for new beachfront properties...whut?

  13. Druid here... Someone is trying to tell me something. I won't tell you about my fortune here. I think I'll save it for a blog post!

  14. @ tam: my wife said the same thing about that name... and Iam jacks complete lack of surprise about you as a pala. With regards to the fortune, I have had an epiphany on those..
    @ lar; you tease

  15. Oh my. It seems my bravery and straight-forward handling of exciting events is rewarded!

    No one stops a man who'd loot his own friends and bring down a mountain to kill a man. Rogue it is!

    Apparently food at SI:6 is bad, though... my intestines will be engulfed.

  16. Hmm... the psychic thinks I'd make a good paladin. Good thing that's what I was planning on playing in the Cataclysm. The fortune suggests I move to Theramore to avoid being turned to stone. I guess that fits the Paladin, but it means I'd be playing Alliance instead of the Tauren I'd intended. Silly conflicted fortunes.

  17. Oh, and picking the exact same cards in the same order (though with slightly different timing) provides a *completely* different fortune. Just sayin'

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