Friday, November 26, 2010

How this expansion makes WoW feel to me

This was sooo much not stolen from anywhere else... I swear.

But this picture really did hit home for me, for two reasons:
1) I am very much a kid of the Calvin and Hobbs generation (this was the last official one he ever drew)
2) It really nails the feeling I have in WoW atm


  1. Oh my god - I love this strip so so much! it's the very last one of the series, did you know?
    I'm a C&H worshipper and just when I looked out of my window this morning, the world was covered in snow for the first time. it was absolutely magical.
    and it fits really well to describe whats going on in WoW at the moment, I had the greatest time last night exploring Kalimdor and Gilneas. Think I have to share some of it today. :)

  2. I did know, thats why i ... ehh wrote it... just read under point 1.
    But let's not have that come between us!
    It is a magical and grand time, soon to be utterly ruined by the actual expansion and the damned race that I somehow cannot seem to get myself untangled from. I am a sucker for any comptition, the leveling race is most definetly one of these for me.

  3. Love, love, love Calvin and Hobbes. SO MUCH!

  4. Awww Dwism.. you're sooo cute :P

    It was snowing as I left for the airport this morning (I'm back home visiting my parents).. and that is just so apt.

    Apart from the sad feeling when I saw Loch Modan, I enjoyed running around going squee :)

  5. "...soon to be utterly ruined by the actual expansion and the damned race"

    well then, learn2untangle?
    seriously, I know what it's like and I've blogged about it myself, but I really am seriously intending not to race this time. and I know I can. :)
    your post kinda inspired me to share some of the fun I've had so far, so thanks for that.

    and /blush @ that first line...errr, I've actually done this before - when it comes to brackets, I have a tendency to ignore them lol.

  6. I doubt I can Syl. I tried the same for both Wrath and TBC, I just get caught up in it. I will try again, but I know myself too well i'm afraid :D

  7. Spot on!

    I recently got me the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection, three heavy hardcover books, and I am about halfway through the second one - they are pure win =)

  8. I love C&H. That's a perfect comic for the state of the game, too. Thanks, Dwism!