Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Allright children, step aside, time for the big boys and girls to have some fun

When they said that "the Shattering" was an early Christmas present to WoW fans, what they really meant was:

It is *just* like frikking Christmas, meaning that we start of bored out of our skulls looking on as the little ones get to unwrap their presents first, whereas we big boys/girls, get to sit on our hands waiting for our turn.

Well the little kids have had their fun already. Now give us end gamers our expansion, dammit!

Last night, I logged on to level my hunters new pets to 80, and got to get a good look at our guild list. It was a decent night, considering the time of year, there where quite a few people on.
None of them where in Northrend. They where all out getting their "Un'Goro Crater completed" achieves. It is sort of what Spinks talked about, the new zones aren't really *meant* for us (the max level toons). And do not get me started on the complete and utter laziness and dickishness that is the "yea well Outland won't change, screw you who cares about story or immersion, because the money are with gamers, that never make it past level 30, so we are pandering to them" - attitude that Blizzard has shown.

Seriously. You get 60 levels of re-molded content, that is up to lore, then 20 levels of "back in my day" boring grind, in order to get to the last 5 levels of new stuff? Blizzard, did you really think nobody would notice?

If it is a "design choice", then give us the "design choice" to skip dead content. At 60 let me skip to 80.

Back to the point
It's weird because I really never get sidetracked... Anyways:

The Shattering feels like an old Christmas song, that (extremely loosely translated) says that "You should let Sine get to open her present [ahead of time]". It is a sort of silent truce between parents and small whiny children:
You get to open your present ahead of everyone else, now STFU
Oh and to all you non-civilized readers (US and UK, this one goes out to you especially) Every normal society opens their presents on the eve of the 24th after
a) a big ol' meal and then
b) 2 hours running around a big decorated tree singing songs only half the people remember... and they only know half the words.

 Just like the pegans who invented Christmas intended it to.

Right, so the whiny little children get to have one present opened ahead of everyone else, while we get to sit and wait.
Just like in game. Here you will see an very very VERY old mage, running around in the level 20 zones completing lowbi quests and keep repeating to himself "I am having fun, I am having fun", while he patiently waits for his turn at the presents.

Only a week to go now, before the rest of Azeroth get their turn at opening presents. And I cannot wait.

Merry Shattering, and to all a happy Cataclysm.


  1. Bah humbug!
    Having picked my holiday so I arrive back home about 30 mins before Cata is available (how sad am I), I'm missing the kids being sick with excitement :P Being a big kid myself, this is AWFUL :P

  2. I got you beat, do not worry Issy. My holiday starts on friday the 10th and then I got no other plans than gaming and present shopping! I luuve being an adult :D

  3. Haha, well, I am extremely fortunate that apart from cleaning the house and cooking(which I have trained the 3 year old to do), my leisure time is pretty much the same at home as it is on holiday :P
    Happy holidays :D

  4. I am loving 4.0.3!!! I have been making low levels of each race to see the new intros and test the starting areas for any changes. I have resisted the urge to go complete quests in the new areas with my main (I will do it at some point - it's achievement points darnit) - but will wait until I've gone through it once or twice with my planned new alts. To me it is already Christmas - not quite sure what to call next week... ;-)

  5. But I AM having fun! The John J. Keesham quests in Redridge had me crying with laughter, quite literally! Most fun I've had playing WoW in months, honest!

  6. Just a heads up, Blizz stated in an interview that they want to change outland and northrend.


  7. @anon: Just like "dance studio" I'll believe THAT when I see it. Blizzard sometimes are so very very full of shit, and this 'promise' smells very much like another load. So to speak.

    But I can promise you that if they do something about it, I'll be the first to cheer em on

  8. "Oh and to all you non-civilized readers (US and UK, this one goes out to you especially)"

    OI!!! :(

    "Just like the pegans who invented Christmas intended it to."

    That would be 'Pagan' then, Mr Civilised! :)