Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whats to hate about Night elfs? (also there seem to be a new patch)

To sum up how everyone has reacted to the new patch:
My mana is bugged, I've contacted GM support, but no answer (in trade chat of course)


Patch takes time to download 
Addons do not seem to work 
Whoa, I have sooooo many classes, and I cannot get all them working right yet, this is going to take a long time. Because I have so many classes, and they are all dual-specced.
I have a tree-healer and I never realised that it was really a Night elf


Patch takes time to download
Addons do not seem to work
Whoa, I have sooooo many classes, and I cannot get all them working right yet, this is going to take a long time. Because I have so many classes, and they are all dual-specced.

I do have a tree healer And you know what, I did know it was an elf. And I also remember when they implemented that stupid tree form. That was horrible. Thank God I can actually see my frikking toon now! Why is it that the most daft model in the history of everything in WoW, is being mourned when removed???

What is wrong with you? What makes the below seem like a brave soldier of the horde/alliance? Fighting the good fight, protecting the weak, killing the Lich king. You rolled an Elf/Tauren. Play as one. And if you rolled after this model was implemented, I am sure that Totalbiscuit has some choice words to you.
And if you rolled a druid in order to play as a tree form. You are most likely some sick sick freak. I can see you know. Leather suit, gag-ball and posting on the official forums, begging for gnome druids so your main can continue to be a gnome. Oh yes.


....Whats with the hate of Elfs?

They are cool. They are awsome. They are shadowy fighters. They are this

OH yea... 

And do you want to know where this pic is from? DOTA 2!

DoTA 2 is in the making. And it's valve behind it.

Valve. DoTA. Valve.

How can you not be happy? Plus tree form is gone! And all classes are yummie new, and glorious and fun and its friday. The only thing is that my addons are still screwy.


  1. Hehe, I figure I'll get over it. Unfortuantely the NE WoW looks pretty far from the one in DOTA2 imo. The male ones are worst, but the females are pretty bad as well. I don't know how to put it. Like... they're more childish than cool if you get it? Too little shadow, too much of lollypop colored hair and silliness.

    Maybe I'm secretly turning into horde?

  2. Ooooh that DOTA 2 looks shiny..

    *bounces like a nelf*

  3. I have a dirty dirty secret. I do sometimes enjoy playing a night elf male. It is not something I'm proud of. Calli keeps mocking me, every time I roll one. I am a dwarf at heart, but I do think (especcially the male ones) that Nelfs are cool.
    I also think that the blood elf males are not very Effeminate (although I know I am pretty alone on that stand point).
    I think that Legolas as portraied by Mr Bloom, ruined Elves for a lot of people. They are a pretty cool race, with a long and proud heritage. And yes, the females do bounce (not the good parts, just their feet) every now and then, but that is just to keep blood flowing and staying alert. ready to pounce!
    What - on the other hand - was a silly and horrible thing, where the tree-form. It was believed to be a JOKE when it got implemented. I remember vividly people talking about april 1st and when "will that placeholder cuddly-gawd-awfull-model be removed?"
    But it was not a place-holder (or at least it was one that lasted for a very very long time), it was an ugly tamagochi'istic nightmare. And we should all be thankfull it is gone.

    You will get used to it.
    I am reminded of
    - If all you have known are these huge-eyed FREAKS, then yea, it will take a while for you to get used to. But soon, you will be taken seriously again!

  4. @issy, it does... and its Valve!!

  5. Well, I do knew it was a nelf... after all the only way of playing druid in Alliance (until new combos are released in 4.0.3) is to roll a slim hips, long pointy eared character.
    I always thought tree form was too simple. Bears and cats at least got an overhaul, new models and fur-hair colour correlation, while all trees remained the same (ok, moonkins too, but I consider moonkins aberrations of a sickly drugged mind). New tree form will address the hair-leaves colour correlation, but the new model it's somewhat bulky (uses the orc skeleton) and people has started calling it the Hunchback of Notre Dame form.
    I think healing form should have a permanent shapeshift (after all, it's the druid signature), but instead of a tree, some animal. It's hard to associate an animal with healing... maybe some kind of snake (due to the Caduceus sign), but snakes re also icons for poisons and an antropomorhic form would end looking like a naga... well, that wouldn't be too bad I suppose. And no, a carebear is not acceptable for healing form.



  7. "I have a tree-healer and I never realised that it was really a Night elf" -

    rofl xD

    that was great. I never understood it either, treeform looked like a rotting vegetable imo and if I was a druid, I'd much rather see my char and gear! oh well..
    As for nelfs (and belfs) I'm actually with Larísa, I don't like them in WoW and they're usually not too awesome in other games either.

  8. I'll stick by my first reply to Larisa, and say that movies like LotR ruined elves. (just like twilight destroyed vampires)

  9. Mmm not a good choice, best one should be a mammal or at least a non-aquatic animal would make more sense (since you're most of time not inside water). Looks like all health-related animals are aquatic (like surgeon fish), I can't think now of a good terrestrial animal for healer form.

  10. /applaud

    Finally, someone else who's excited about not being stuck as a tree all the time. I am a proud night elf druid. And now I get to look like one.

  11. I am glad tree form is gone. >.> Everyone I know is sad about it, but wow, I can see my armor now! I don't look like a grumpy, wilted piece of broccoli! This is cause for celebration! And I love my Night Elf.

  12. @Dwism

    Ah but that's correct. tolkien established elfs as this rather arrogant and ethereal race far away from reality and I always felt that made them rather weak - the conservatism, leetness and isolationism. not very heart-warming, is it.

    they have a haughty air in wow too and they're definitely otherworldly compared to the other alliance races, with way too much pathos for my taste, by elune! even the spacegoats seem more down to earth than the nelfs. :P

  13. @Syl: eh... but if Tolkien's wrong, where is your source for the "right" way to see the night elves? I don't quite get it tbh. Where do you think we should get our inspiration for the "true" night elf?

  14. That reminds me of a friend of mine who got so pissed of at left for dead 1, because !zombies can't frikking run!!"
    I know Tolkien invented Orcs, but did he invent elves too? I can't remember

  15. It depends on your definition. Elves have been around in German mythology for ages, just check wikipedia. Tolkien just put it into a package. One sort of package.

    When I checked wowwiki, it says that the night elfs are based on The Drow in Dungeons & Dragons. And they in their turn are created by Gary Gygax, based on old folklore...

    I guess it depends on how you define elf and nightelf and the general fantasy elf concept floating around.